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Traffic - Recap

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A couple wakes up in bed and they are lovers. The man is much older than the woman. They have small talk and he invites her to the party that night. She says she can't go because his wife will see them. There is a man that comes in to talk to the man when he is at his office. He ends up losing his temper over a cover and destroying everything in the office.

The woman from the bed shows up at her apartment and her blonde haired friend tells her to hurry up and get ready for the party. She tells her friend that she isn't going. She says that she doesn't feel well. Her friend offers to call her doctor. In a bedroom there is a man and a girl or woman dressed up in a school girl's uniform talking. The man asks if she's been bad and she says she was really bad. He tells her to tell him exactly what happened. She turns around and shows him her back side. He says that she was really bad and says she must want a spanking. The girl or woman tells him that she deserves it and wants it. Turns out she is a prostitute and the man is a doctor. She gives the money to her pimp and then more girls are introduced to him.

Now there is a party and they are talking about this woman's blog. She is talking about the Russian mob and they joke around. The man from the bed shows up and meets up with a woman named Trisha. He tells her that her blog will not be able to publish. It was only meant to be one and done. They get into a quiet disagreement and he walks away to make an announcement. He thanks them all for coming and Trish gets a text and it doesn't look good.

A party goer is wasted and goes to splash his face. He comes downstairs looking for him to apologize and the finds him dead. The man that found him is telling the detectives that he doesn't remember anything after the party because he blacked out. The man had blood on his shirt. The coroner thinks that he was probably stuck by a blunt object on the front temple. They find an award that might have dried blood on the base.

The woman from the opening scene wakes up to find both of her parents are there. She wonders what her father is doing there and her mother tells her that Connor--the victim--is dead. Nichols, Callas, and Stevens discuss the situation and updates one another. They wonder if it was a lover's spat. They wonder since the leader of the magazine is now dead, who is filling the spot. The woman that had been denied for a lengthy blog on the Russian Mafia has succeeded Connor James.

So, the woman's name is Patricia and she is talking to the detectives about how the stockholders requested that she be his replacement. She does tell them that Connor was straight and dug Frank but in a professional way while Frank was a bit obsessed. She tells them about the day before when Frank trashed a room over being told he had to fix his work. She then throws a weak excuse to try to brush off the law.

They are back to doing some research and learn that Frank has a record including assault. His prints were even on the weapon that was used. When interrogated, he mentions he may have actually touched it at one point. They talk about how Connor appreciated Frank but Patricia doesn't. While he is being interrogated Dimitri--the pimp--is told someone was arrested and to keep his mouth shut.

While the detectives are in the office of the victim they read some information and then notice that there is even a note to "Mia". Mia turns out to be Patricia's daughter who goes to NYU and is also a fact checker. When Patricia comes in she talks about how her husband was an attorney that wouldn't provide defense for the Russians. She says she was home at one and her daughter and ex were home.

Nichols reads over the essay that Mia wrote and felt that the praise was deserved. Stevens starts to consider whether Mia is pretty or not. They wonder if both Conor and Mia were attracted to one another and go to the memorial service. At the memorial service they notice that Mia is pretty and then they ask the article about the mob and then he says he spent the night at Patricia's which means that he has a corroborated story.

Frank is at Riker's Island and ends up being stabbed to death by a man that thought he looked familiar. He did live long enough to be able to say who did it, however. The detectives go to talk to the suspect of Frank's murder and his name is Ivankov. They searched his bunk and they found a shank there. Ivankov speculates that Frank was murdered by a homophobe. He is already is about to be extradited despite the fact that Nichols knows he is paid to kill people.

The detectives are trying to find an actual connection between the essay that has been written and the mob. They also believe that the murders are connected to one another. The detectives speak with Connor's maid and she tells them that he was always romantically linked with people of the female persuasion. Nichols notices a chest that wasn't there before and she told them that she moved it before the party. The chest was full of a lot of inappropriate materials such as many pictures of women that look like prostitutes and sex DVD's. They also see a DVD that has the name Mia on it.

They figure that that is why he cut the Russian Mob blogs. Nichols and Stevens go see Patricia and ask to speak with her daughter. The detectives tell her that she was sexually involved with Connor as well as many prostitutes. Patricia's ex husband walks in and asks if that is he ended up saying the piece wouldn't work. They still want to speak with Mia but the father doesn't allow it.

Callas wants the detectives to get Forrest on a material witness warrant. Nichols thinks that an arrest will keep Forrest away from his family so he can divide and conquer. They notice that there was a phone call from Mia to her father and had they all been at home together then she would not have had to. As they are contemplating whether it was a cover up or not they receive a phone call from the medical examiner. She tells them that she figured out that there is a pattern from holding the award.

They bring in Mia, Patricia and Forrest in for questioning as they have issued warrants for them. They question Mia and Patricia separately from Forrest and say that he may have helped cover up the murder of Connor. They have denied any part in his murder. The cops tell her that they tracked her cell phone's GPS. Mia gets worried and wants to talk to her father.

Patricia is in the interrogation room complaining about everything. She tells the detectives that she knew that Mia liked Connor and tried to warn her about him. She knows Mia wasn't home but doesn't believe Mia did it. This is getting a bit harder and Nichols decides to bend some rules. Callas thinks this will be a career ender. They pit both Forrest and Patricia against one another and Forrest ends up saying that his wife found out about the affair and attacked Connor about the affair. He also hit him a second time. He then admits he murdered Connor by dealing the final blow.

Nichols' gut tells him that Patricia didn't do it. He interrogates Patricia and tells her what her husband said. She tells him that he is trying to make sure that he saves Mia from what she did. They provide some evidence and notice that she has been wearing clip on earrings and they also notice that it looks like a real earring had been pulled out. Her mother went on about a text that he supposedly sent to Mia talking about her first orgasm in great detail. Unfortunately for her they have the text and all it said was that she had fantastic writing and that she owed nothing to her mother as she suppressed her talent.

Nichols explains that Patricia was really the one who dealt the fatal blow to Connor. He talks about how she first blamed her own daughter and then her ex husband who still cared greatly for her. Patricia begins to really figure it out and Nichols reads her rights.