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Disciple - Recap

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A man who seems to be on Death Row has been given his last meal. It is a pizza and he shares it with the priest. He notes that at that moment he says jump and they ask how high when he is on death row but it was the other way around for nine years. Serena (Stevens) and a man named Marcus are talking and he is glad that she came. The man is about to die and has something to say. He looks at them and tells the family and friends that while he has done a lot of killing and enjoyed it--he did not kill the particular girl that he is dying over. Serena tells the family that he is just seizing the last moment he can to be hurtful. The cops then give him the needle and he passes away.

In a parking lot a man locks up gates. He gets a phone call from his wife and he says that she should take "him" to the emergency room and that he will meet her there. He leaves and then they show a man in a car dead with a broken window. Nichols and Stevens get notified that the man had his pants down around his ankles. They decide to meet up with the local hookers and show his picture. One of them found him familiar, but he wanted a quick and easy and she was booked. Callas thinks that it was the wife. They have prints tied to a hooker and decide to go to her home and talk to her. When they get there, the woman they are looking for is not there. She has a baby and a woman is staying with the baby. She explains in broken English that they take turns taking care of the baby. Nichols asks about a man and she tells him that there isn't one--they are together. She asks if she is dead and Stevens says that she doesn't know. Nichols says that she could call her and the woman says she does but she doesn't answer.

They are back at the office tracking the woman's cell phone. They track the cell phone and find it in the brush of a park. There is a phone and then they find the other victim. She may have been strangled. Nichols think that this may be a copy cat of the Son of Sam. He also notes that David Berkowitz is up for parole soon. The medical examiner is telling them that she was probably raped. Stevens realizes that while it is a copy cat it isn't the Son of Sam--it is the condemned man's MO. Nichols talks about how he said he wasn't the real killer, but Stevens says it was the last ditch effort of a condemned man. At a gardening store or green house, a man, his son, and a seemingly autistic man named Ernie are eating lunch and then Ernie has to go back to work. Ernie is coming off a bit agitated. The man's soon says he likes Ernie and he says he is a good man. Then the son tells him he wants to be like him (his father).

While the detectives are doing their research and trying to crack the case, the father of the young boy goes to get a young hooker. He pays her and then she says to meet at a different block as she has to go get some drugs. He tells her that he can save her the trip and hands a little baggie to her. Marcus shows up to see Stevens and it seems that Marcus was her mentor. He asks her what the issue is and she explains that the current attacker's MO is the same as the dead murderer. He tells her that she shouldn't dig for the victim's body. Stevens snaps on him and figures out that he must be sitting on the autopsy photos. She tells him that either he gets the photos to her or they dig the body up to compare wounds.

Back in the car where the father of the young boy is--he is letting the hooker shoot up and then prepares to kill her. He does so and puts her in a freezer with blood leaking out of it. Back at the office, they realize that the victim's wounds match. This would prove that the man put down would have been innocent. Stevens goes to Chicago to ask questions about him. She talks to the chaplain. She tells him about the rape/murders and asks why during the execution he tapped his pocket when the condemned man (named Elvis) asked if everything was in order. The Chaplain tells her that it is because he asked to mail a goodbye letter. She asks for the name and address and she gets to work. Nichols and Stevens drive around. He tells her to keep an open mind. She is very personally invested in the previous case.

They end up at a foster home and the foster mother remembers a Dale from ten years ago. She says he would be about twenty five and that he made a run for it when he was fifteen. She said that he was a pain in the butt and weird. She tells them about the life coach. She said that she would have sent him back to county sooner had he not hooked up with his life coach. He helped him a great deal. Stevens tells her that he should have gotten a letter there about five months ago and the foster mother says that she would probably have it there somewhere. The letter that was written spoke about how he won't take credit for the last one because it was Dale's genius that did her in.

Callas gets a call about a missing hooker and then they show Dale feeding a bag of flesh through a wood chipper. They haven't found the body though they have been looking. They put together that Dale may be a landscaper. They think he may have used Elvis' name with something and find a landscaping business called "Elvis'". Dale, his girlfriend/wife and their son are at the carnival. Their son is riding the Merry Go Round and Dale is talking about how happy he is having a family and a job he loves. He asks her what is wrong because she is a bit distant. She tells him that she found drugs in his sock drawer and he pulls it off smoothly. He tells her that he takes it off of Ernie, the autistic man. She tells him she thinks he should let Ernie go and he disagrees. He tells her that all Ernie needs is one person to give him a chance.

Nichols and Stevens drive up to the business and begin to look around. Nichols sees the freezer and it smells awful. He says that if the smell is any indication then he'd hate to know what is in there. Ernie shows up and they think he is Dale. He tries to run but then he submits. He says that he is just Ernie and Dale helped him not do drugs. He went on to say he knows drugs are bad. They bring him in and talk to him and he says he doesn't have a license. Stevens finds that strange and he says that it is because he is "special". He says he was always special ed, he's good with numbers though. Nichols asks him if he knows the combination to the freezer and he says no and that Dale only knows it. He accidentally tells him the combination and they enter it. He says that everything in there has been mulched.

Dale comes up and says he will deal with this. He tells his wife he loves her. They discovered human remains after they arrested him. Stevens wants to know if he killed the original victim. Nichols decides to interrogate. Dale feels righteous in killing the hookers. They want to know why he picked someone who was not a prostitute. He wonders if Elvis picked her for him. Nichols hits him right in the heart by saying Elvis picked the wrong boy to control. Stevens asks if Courtney screamed. He tells her that she did but then she asked God for the strength to forgive him and he stopped. Elvis is the one who killed Courtney. Dale apologized and said he'd never fail him again and he hadn't until now.

After the case, Nichols and Stevens talk about if things are okay. She thanks Nichols for Marcus and her because he helped to prove Elvis did it. He tells her that he is just very happy to have been wrong.