Lost Children Of The Blood - Recap

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In the beginning, there is a class with a woman who seems really sick and pale. She goes back to her dorm and her sister has called to ask where she was last night. She tells her that she should tell her dad that she is getting straight A's. The girl the night before had gone to a goth club with a guy. A man comes up to her and says he could make her his next meal. He ends up taking her away from Kyle. They seem to be hooking up and another man gives him a pill. The man she is with gives her a drink that is red. The man she is with is overdramatic and creepy. Kyle is searching for her and walks in on her having sex with him. When it is done Kyle is so high that he chokes her and kisses her. Her sister looking for her and goes to the dorm and finds her dead on her bed with blood all over her.

Nichols and Stevens are looking into it. They think she may have had penetration and slight bruising on the neck. Nichols finds a "goth queen outfit". They find a giant book called "The Red Book" by Karl Young. It was an "influential unpublished book in the history of psychology". It was all disturbing thoughts written down and put away. The victim's father and sister show up and her sister says that she was always different. She felt it was just a fashion statement. Her family does not know anyone that she hung out with. The victim--Sarah--hated political life with her father. She wanted something else so she went somewhere else to find it.

Callas, Stevens, and Nichols talk about how she skipped a lot of classes according to the other student's, but a psych class really held her interest. Nichols wonders if she was intrigued by it because of her issues or what else could it be? He thinks maybe it was her professor. They speak to her professor, but get nothing out of him excluding their equal penchant for the more detailed psychologies.

They go their separate ways and Nichols and Stevens talk about how she was a great student on the outside, but goth when? Nichols tells Stevens how his valedictorian ended up marrying a biker even though he could never imagine that. That just means you never know. The girl's father is on television making a statement while the detectives are getting their work done.

They got her phone records and found out about Kyle and brought him in. He tells them he's still adjusting as it is unreal. Nichols says it was unreal kind of like a page taken out of the red book. He admits to giving her the book. Stevens asks if he saw Sarah last night and he lied. He told her that he pulled an all nighter studying. Stevens asks why he even bothered since they know he dropped out last semester. He says he liked Sarah and is upset over what happened but they haven't been in contact. They call his bluff again and tell him that his cell tried calling her the night before around 7pm. He says that they met at a club and then went their separate ways.

Kyle goes to the club to talk to a man named Virgil about the drugs and his behavior. He wants to know what happened further, because he doesn't remember much more than an argument. Virgil thinks it is "cool" that he made a break through in reference to the possibility he killed her and offers an alibi. Kyle says he wants to know for himself. Virgil says that what he did was a beginning and Sarah is a part of his past.

Nichols and Stevens go to the medical examiners and she tells them that they got a match for the semen in the victim. His name is Jeremy Parks and he had just gotten out of jail for selling club drugs. They want to do a tox screen, but the ME tells them that all of her blood was drained from her femoral artery and the blood that was seen didn't belong to the victim.

Nichols tells Callas that there is a previous case in Florida that is like this one. The victim from that case was raped and drained of 45% of her blood, but still got away. Callas tells them to call the authorities down there to get more information. Nichols and Stevens are watching security tape and see Kyle and he is very wasted walking into his own place.

Stevens tells Nichols that they tracked down the blood that was in Sarah's vomit and it belonged to a West African man. He is Duffy negative (a blood type that is malaria resistant). They have been looking for him, but the blood bank has not seen him and they think that he may be selling his blood on the black market. Prices have gone up with the vampire crazy. Nichols and and Stevens goes to man's house and he is there with his wife and baby. They tell him that they know that it is hard for a young family to be taken care of and they know that he is Duffy negative. They ask if they know Jeremy/Antoine. He says he does know him and he sells to him because he knows he is clean and he likes that his blood is rare. He says they meet up outside of the clubs and he wears weird clothes from another time.

Nichols and Stevens are at the club. The club owner goes up to them and asks that they don't show the badges since it is bad for business. Nichols asks if there are people that drink blood there. She says that some do drink blood because people go there so that they don't have to hide who they are. It is for self awareness and they ask her who "Jeremy" is and if she's seen him. She tells them that he goes by Antoine Lebron and that he has bragged about having a loft and gives them the street.

Nichols and Stevens show up at what seems to be religious proceedings. There are many people around this man giving them the blood to drink. They are all dressed like monks except for him. They want to talk to him. He says that he will but only in front of his "followers". The detectives tell him it is either alone or downtown. He tells Stevens that he did sleep with the victim as many offer themselves to the leader of a coven. Nichols asks if he can look in the mini fridge and he notices that it is all blood. He looks disgusted and asks if he thinks he is a vampire and is basically like "You drink human blood?!"

They are downtown and the man hisses. They don't take him very seriously and tell him that they found where he got the fangs. The man says they are wasting his time as they only have six hours left to hold him. Stevens says that once they match the blood he has with Sarah Price's that they'll hold him longer. He tells them that he didn't kill her. Stevens says that the DNA matches. That is when Jeremy tells them that he didn't say he didn't have her and claims she was a willing participant.

Nichols asks where Jeremy met her and he says that they met at the Holy Mother. He says that he saw two "beautiful people" that were new, riped to be picked. They were Sarah and Kyle. He debated back and forth whether he wanted Kyle or Sarah, but he picked Sarah to drink blood and have sex with. Stevens asks Jeremy about how he only reports $45,000 a year but seems to be living pretty well. He says that it is because he gets paid for "love in vein" by the bored women of the upper east side.

He tells them about an alibi with a woman named Michelle Linden. Sarah's father busts into the interrogation room. He tells him about how they had a home and a family. Jeremy says he doesn't take them, parents like him send them to him. After that, they go to speak to Michelle Linden. She denies knowing the man and asks what she could possibly want with him if her husband is the president of a bank. Nichols tells her that he has given her as an alibi for murder. She says that it is ridiculous because she was at an event.

Stevens asks how she got to the event and says they have their own driver and Stevens says they'll have to speak to him. Nichols notices she is wearing a thick pearl choker. She tells him that it was her mother's. She doesn't want to show the mark on her neck but he says that she could be in danger so she should show what she is hiding. She shows him and says "I know what you must be thinking, but it is very intimate. It feels different than what I'm used to." They ask how she met him and they met through a friend. She told them about Virgil. He has snuck into the "church". Virgil seems to be in charge instead of Jeremy. He has given him his "own blood" and they pray.

Nichols and Stevens have looked into Virgil and his name is really Jonathan Parish. He has been arrested for lewd behavior. They equate arousal and death. It seems that his father was in prison. His mother was a model citizen working at a meat packing place. His behavior is the same that can name the beginnings of a serial killer.

They are told that "Virgil" works at a funeral home getting the bodies ready. He tells them that he met Sarah but was more interested in her boyfriend. They were "pretenders" as he says. They ask him where he was between 11pm and 2am. He says he was home alone. Nichols talks about how it is funny how his mother bled dead pigs and he is working with dead people. He says that it must be hard to be a pariah. Virgil says that they should show more respect because everyone will end up with him or someone like him. Stevens mentions something about vampires, but he says "does anyone really know what vampires are?"

After work, Virgil is blood letting Kyle and then pouring alcohol on his wounds. Nichols tells Callas that he is delusional, psychopathic and in his own mind he is a real vampire. They have realized that Virgil is running things. Virgil is talking about how he banishes his soul from his body as he drains his blood. He tells him that he is brave unlike Sarah. He then records a video saying he is doing this by his will and he is a seeker and releases his blood for others to share. He then bleeds himself to death and it is cloaked with transcendence.

The cops are there and find that Jeremy was there. They say that the tubing had both Kyle's and Sarah's bloodtypes. They tell him that they believe is innocent and is being framed. They are showing him Sarah's dead pictures. Nichols says that Jeremy must have feelings while Virgil has none. Jeremy tells him that he has strength from something they will never understand.

Nichols explains to him that there are three key steps in psychopathy: Assessment, manipulation, abandonment, and they don't say the last one. Antoine shows up when he is ravaging a woman. He is there with the cops and Virgil says he is beyond envy and not disappointment. He says he always knew he was weak. Nichols tells him that all he has is delusions. They tell him that planting evidence breaks a family bond that he believes he constructed. They bring him in and he says that his power is undiminished. They tell him that they are mentioning a plea. He says he wants a trial and says "knowing he's eternal means he has nothing to fear". Nichols tells him that it's going to mean nothing when he is in a cell with no human contact, no hope for parole, and they walk out.