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True Legacy - Recap

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A man that runs a food truck has been found dead. He was found in his trunk at an airport. His name was Ryan Foley and he was shot and the shooter even left the gun in there. They go back to the office and they talk to Callas. They tell her that they have a gun, but it isn't traceable. They also tell her that he had been divorced for five years. He has no children and there was no seeming bitterness. When they questioned his office, they would not say where he went because they did not know. They look into the records of the airport and they see that he had changed where he was sitting on his way to Miami. He changed and he sat next to a woman named Angel Caldera.

Nichols and Stevens go to question Angela at her apartment. She is there married to a man named Rick. She did know the victim, but just through business. Her job (she is special counsel for the Senator's campaign and his daughter in law) would use him for catering. Rick shows up and she tells him that Ryan was murdered. He tells them that he has his own thing going for work and doesn't work for his father. The weird thing that the detectives did notice was that when Rick had touched Angela, she would cringe. Nichols figures that she possibly had an affair with Ryan.

Angela is speaking with her mother in law about how her sister is very ill. The senator shows up and asks if the speech is ready. Rick tells Angela that maybe they should have another kid. At the office, they have found footage showing the person who is driving Ryan's car. That person is wearing a gold Rolex and they can't see the face. They also got some partial prints that turn out to be Angela's. They theorize that they may have been lovers and then the re-election occurs and they need to get it dealt with.

At Angela's, she looks upset. Her husband asks if she was crying and she says she is okay. He tells her that she's not looking at him and asks what is up. She tells him that she is just really tired. He is concerned and asks that she'll never leave him and she says she won't. The detectives meet up with Angela at a playground. She is being told about what evidence they have come up with and Angela tries to get them to stop because her son is there. Stevens threatens to bring in the tabloids and she says that the victim left Miami early. She received a text message a few days later. He had sent her a text telling her that he would like to see her and said where she could find him. When she got there he was there and dead. She panicked, threw the keys in the trash and ran away. She then says her husband has no clue she was having an affair and even if he would have known his family wouldn't allow for her to leave him. She even went to see a lawyer and he wouldn't represent her because of them.

The detectives go back to major case and they tell Callas everything they've learned. They have also found out that her husband, Rick, is an only child. He has never worked in politics and they have Angela in the forefront. They think that due to her ethnicity, it would open up how many people support the senator. There is even a campaign photo of her and her son, but her husband isn't in it. Callas demands that they talk to Rick and see what he knew about. Stevens says she promised that Rick wouldn't find out, but Callas doesn't care--she feels it needs to be done.

When the detectives speak to Rick he says that it is just a rumor. He tells them that she would never cheat on him or ruin their family. He also tells them that she went to Miami because her sister was having surgery. They tell him that it was confirmed that they shared a hotel room and he then wondered if they thought that he was the one who killed Ryan. They ask him his whereabouts and he has a somewhat solid alibi. He says he took their child to school, went to bid on a job, and afterwards he spent time with his mother and son that afternoon.

Afterward, they went to Foley's truck and there is a woman named Mrs. Dugan working there. She tells them that the Falafel King has taken over most if not all of the territory they had since Ryan had been killed. Not only that, but their trucks were vandalized while he had gone on his trip to Miami. The Falafel King had told her that he was in Miami with Angela and she let the victim know what she heard.

After that, they went to go speak to the Falafel King. He tells them that he is not in the habit of playing dirty. He says that all he does is work hard.They think that it is a possibility he told Angela's in laws what was going on. They ask if he did and he pretty much scoffs. They are now curious about whether or not the Senator has something to do with all of this.

They go back to the prescient and they talk about all of the information they have on the senator. They realize that he met his wife at Columbia and then find that her father is General Omar Castillo. They begin to believe that she is the one that helped build her husband into the senator that he is today.

The detectives go see a live campaign appearance and they ask Victor about the victim. His wife's brother is there and he is wearing a gold Rolex. She says that the Rolex had belonged to their father and they ask Victor about what was up between him and the Falafel King. They ask if he had a deal about Angela and Ryan and then Marta (his wife) came up and threatened them.

When they go back to the office, they look into Marta's brother. They see he was arrested for beating someone to death and it was turned into a self defense case and his charges were dropped while the senator was a lawyer. They wonder if the senator owed his in laws for being able to become the politician he is today. They also wonder if Hernando is now the guy who makes all the "problems" go away.

Angela has decided to leave Rick and he uses physical force to try to get her to stop going. He is violent and the police break into the house to get them to stop. Marta gets a phone call and they tell her Rick has been arrested for attacking Angela. Her idea is to post bail and make their support public, but their support isn't for him--it is for Angela.

Angela blames the detectives for shaming him. They say Victor had known about this already. Nichols says they can get her into witness protection, but she says that her father in law is very powerful. She's scared of him and they wonder if he had been trailing her for a long time. They look to see if there had been other torrid affairs and try to match records of her travel and Hernando's.

Angela goes to Victor and Marta's to pick up Bobby. Victor thinks that he should stay with them and he doesn't want her to leave, either. He wants to have her go to see a doctor for mental issues and it will save the race because it will be used to cover up what really happened. She thinks that Rick won't have it and Victor asks if she thinks she really has a choice because she doesn't. He kisses her after asking whether she was sorry for what happened and Marta sees it all.

The senator launches a press conference and asks that the people pray for them. The detectives are watching it on television at Major Case and they realize that Angela would get on trips and sign up under her maiden name. Oddly enough, the senator was always there. They think maybe her husband may be in denial and decide to interrogate him. The detectives talk to him about how his father was involved and how he had to know about the affair between his wife and father. He tells them he knows that nothing is happening between them. He goes on to tell them about how his mother is amazingly convincing and Victor would do anything for her. They have pictures of his father and wife together and he is understandably upset. The lawyer wants him to calm down, but he demands that he leave because he is really his father's lawyer and knows he can't trust him. Rick asks what is going on in regards to Ryan's murder and if his father is going to be arrested for it. Nichols tells him that they can make it true.

Rick goes to Victor's office and he tells his parents he wants compensation and to take Bobby away from them permanently. He asks her for 500,000 dollars and she tells him they'll get it for him that evening. That night, Hernando comes to give him the money. When they walk away he turns to shoot him and the cops come out to stop it. Hernando is arrested for attempted murder.

After all of that the detectives go to the Senator's home. They have Rick, police, and Angela with them. They know that Marta is the one in control, not the senator. He's just a mouthpiece. They also tell her they know she actually wanted to kill her son. Marta is shocked when Angela appears and she thinks she's been completely betrayed. The detectives tell her not to worry as she never really strayed. They say they like to help troubled women and they took her in and mentored her.

Marta breaks down and tells them that when Angela called her, she had to have Ryan killed. She also had to have Angela see his body so that she knew that nobody left the family. Angela asks her about having known she was sleeping with her husband--why didn't she kill her? That is when Nichols tells her that she had to live due to being the mother of Bobby and that he had real promise as opposed to Rick. Marta knew that Bobby was really Victor's child and she had planned it out that way.