The Mobster Will See You Now - Recap

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The local mobsters are having a cook out and they are talking about what may be going on with their next job. Joel has realized that he is facing criminal charges for one of his "jobs" and he is being black mailed by a man named Les Tarney because of it. If Joel gives him three million dollars, he won't be charged. Joel goes to speak to his partner and she wants to tell Henry about all of it. Joel asks that she doesn't tell Henry. Henry has to take his friend Dom to the hospital and it seems that Les has been murdered.

All of the detectives and crew are at the crime scene and identified him. Les was an Associate Inspector General for the US Department of Health. The medical examiner says that he died three hours prior at around eight pm from being choked. The woman that found him was his fiancee and she was in hysterics. At first, the examiner thought maybe he choked on something but the fiancee said that he had to have been murdered by someone. Det. Stevens even saw that the plate he was using was turned weirdly. They decide they have to really investigate it.

The fiancee is Julia Hiken and they decide that they need to question her. She tells them that he never came to pick her up when he was supposed to. So, after his not showing up she decided that she was going to go over there and she opened up his door to find him dead. She claims that she is an RN and just knew he was dead and that he must have been murdered. Nichols disagrees with her by saying that he thinks it was just an unlucky accident. She thinks that someone did it because he had a bit of a project going on that was going to upset a lot of people however she had no clue what it really was. When the forensics crew is looking around they find a pill that doesn't match anything that he has elsewhere.

Joel and Shelly (his partner) are talking about what happened to Les. Shelly seems pleased but it is a possibility that he may have talked even when she said that she wouldn't mention it. He claims to not have said anything and that Henry is nothing like his father and would not have done this. The morgue examiner has done an autopsy and learned that his stomach was completely empty, but he had meat lodged in his throat. He was drugged with a pill that makes it really hard to swallow. The pill that they found on the floor was something that is supposed to help with congestive heart failure and he had a healthy heart.

The mobsters that were at the cook out are all at the hospital visiting Dom. He is unconscious and Henry is truly upset and sorry that this has happened. The detectives are at their desks and the ADA comes and Callas introduces him to Nichols and Stevens. He had received a call from Health and Human services because they have been getting a lot of threats. The threats are coming from that are opposing the health bill being passed and they also talk about what happened in regards to the medication that would prevent him from swallowing. Callas wonders if he had gotten it from his girlfriend.

Julia is sitting in the interrogation room and pretty upset by what the detectives are asking her. She tells them that Les wanted to get a beta blocker as they calm him down for when he is nervous about meetings. She said that she stole the pills and that he was told by her only to take two of the pills but he ended up taking three of them despite her request.

The detectives go to his office and find out about what meetings he had. There was a meeting scheduled at 5:30 with a man named Joel Silverstern who was a doctor. The fiancee said that Les loved making people feel like crap and had no qualms about it. They talk to Joel and he says they were looking over merger guidelines. They see a photo of a horse and they (they being him and Shelly) do bet on the horses.

Stevens is then alerted that forensics has found something that will be helpful. They go back to the "office" and learn that there was definitely something up with the plate. The victim could not have cut his food the way that it was turned so it had to be done by some other person. They theorize about what could have happened. Maybe he was choked, maybe he wasn't. They also decide to charge Julia for giving him drugs. Nichols has a hunch that Shelly and Joel know more and may have even been behind it

They have Julia back at the room and she denies killing him and even warned him about the pills. Joel is at his office and drops his pen. He goes to get it and there is a tap under his desk. He tells his partner and realizes that Henry probably did it and knew about what was going on. The detectives have found out that the doorman at Julia's home saw her leave 45 minutes after the murder. Unfortunately, she posted bail after they had her in custody and went off to kill herself.

Nichols isn't too pleased with that and Stevens has done some research to find out that Joel's company is mob affiliated. They go to Rikers to talk to Henry's famous mobster father and he says that they haven't talked in years. He tells them about investing in a hospital and says that their friend Dom was in the hospital from collapsing over heart problems.

Henry is questioned by the detectives about Dom. He tells him to ask whatever medical questions at the hospital. They look around and notices what was said to be a gift. It was a gold stethoscope. Later on, they find out that Joel has been mugged and beaten pretty badly. The detectives go to the hospital while he is there and they tell him about how there were claims on losses. He tells them about his room being bugged and he wanted out so he was probably given a lesson with the beat down.

Nichols is starting to think that it is a possibility that Dom was a part of the murder. There are a lot of disagreements between the detectives and the ADA. Eventually, Nichols is attacked by Getty--the ADA--because he asked if people are sleeping better since a woman that had nothing to do with the murder killed herself.

After much detective work, Stevens figured out that Henry may know a pretty nifty chokehold that could kill someone without proof. Nichols seems to be fenced about who should be arrested--if anyone should. The ADA demands that someone gets arrested for this and it should be Henry. Nichols tells him that he DID make a promise to Henry that Dom wouldn't go to jail and then after that Henry isl ed off.