Palimpsest - Recap

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Nichols has gone to London and he meets up with a woman who remains nameless and he is talking to her about one of his cases. It was the murder of a man that was a collector and seller of rare books. Nichols knows these men and while it appears pretty simple, it really isn't. The murderer made it look like they stabbed each other with swords in some sort of duel. Their medical examiner tells them that both men bled to death. Nichols sees that the one man would've had to use his sword in a hand that he had no control over. This is quite strange to the detective.

Nichols meets the one guy's daughter--Lenore. He has known her for a while and she's pretty much floaty. She's elated that he is there but he tells her that he is there because her father has been murdered. It turns out that Nichols was family friends with Palmer (Lenore's father, one of the victims) and they had quite the history. He says that his father had Lenore as a client and she had the signs of schizophrenia.

Stevens talks to Callas and she thinks that Nichols is too biased and affected by what is going on in the case to remain objective and do his job right. The caretaker comes up to Stevens and gives her a camera. He was told that in the event of his death that he must give the video to the police.

Palmer's nephew was the executor of his estate and his name is Merrill. He tells the detectives that his uncle was up to his eyelids in debt. He tells Nichols that he is in Palmer's will and he'll receive his prized chess board. Lenore will get most of what is left. In the video, the man tells us that he is being blackmailed by a man named Dylan. He says that if he ends up dead it will probably be by Dylan's doing. He also says that he wants his daughter to be able to keep the house because that is where she thrives. The medical examiner comes in says that she thinks that the scene was actually staged. The men were knocked into their heads and those blows were debilitating. They were stabbed after they were knocked out. They notice that Lenore is dancing and acting like she is in playland. While Nichols tells this story he says that he loved her and still does for what she was. He wishes she'd cop to the crimes so he could leave. Back in time, Lenore doesn't believe that her father is dead. She thinks that he has just gone away and she is unsafe. He seems to baby her a bit and Stevens doesn't think that'll help in that situation. They go back to the squad room and tell their boss that the ME says she thinks the whole thing was staged.

There are two people that come in and they are upset. Regina and Bernard say they were the victim's friends and claim that Dylan only wanted to sell stolen books and sucked the life out of everyone. He also blackmailed the people after that or he would make it known whether they had the book or not. Palmer had allowed Dylan to blackmail him and even take Lenore for his own amusement. Steven then gets a phone call stating that there is a moving van there where the murder has taken place. Merrill is moving everything out and the detectives get frustrated. He talks to Lenore and she says that her cousin is a thief. She is clearly manic and tells Nichols that while she can't marry him, they can become lovers. She says that Dylan and someone she has never seen but comes at night as there. She thinks that they can look for the mysterious man if Nichols comes to her house one night.

Stevens tells Callas what is going on and Nichols is there too. Merrill, Bernard, and Regina are fighting and they are trying to get Bernard to show what is in his coat. He has stolen a book.

Bernard is being interrogated and he tells the detectives that they have been making sure they took care of him by pilfering. Regina shows proof of a checkbook.

Regina and Bernard also informs them that Lenore has been living the same exact day day in and day out. Merill just wanted to control the estate and wanted to get rid of both Lenore and her father.

Callas tells the detectives that Merrill may be disbarred. He has set up many of his clients to get robbed blind by Dylan. The detectives have been invited to Palmer's wake. The detectives, Regina, Bernard, and Celeste show up. Nichols is talking to Lenore and she tells him that her father bought a much loved, rare, one copy book called "The Lost Licinianus" and even though she's seen it a million times she can't remember it or where it is. Nichols asks her permission to look for it himself.

The detectives go to the library and they look for the book. While looking, they hear something. They go seek the sound and find that Palmer's close were being put away.

It seems that it was a set up to get them on a bit of a chase for the book. Nichols decides to talk to Lenore and they end up having a quite personal conversation. She tells him that she understands why he left her and it is okay. She is fine the way things are. He tells her that a lot of things are going to happen that will confuse her but no matter what this will be home to her. After that, he gathers all of the others so that he can tell them who murdered the men.

He snaps back to present time and he says that he didn't really know if he was correct but all of the pieces were joining together. He goes through all of the people there in a very "who done it" sort of way. He finally says that it was the caretaker--Celeste because only he knew about all kinds of details that most people wouldn't. It turns out that the book is anti-God and he is trying to get this obscure book to burn because it denounces everything that Christians believe. In the end, Nichols says that Lenore was his first love and maybe that kind of love never goes away.