Three-In-One - Recap

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The show opens with a woman showing a man pieces of art by a five year old. They are all absolutely fantastic and the man says bring the artist so that they can meet him. Another man--a lawyer--is being checked out by a doctor and he is absolutely healthy. A woman gets out of her car and goes into an apartment. She asks if the painter repainted the trim of the place, because it is still wet. She is attacked by the painter who stuffs something in her mouth and puts a bag over her head.

Nichols and Stevens show up and the woman has been found by the city inspector. The man they talk to say it was rough as opposed to most murders. When they go into the basement there is art on the wall in blood. The blood is used to make an angel with weird numbers next to it. They think that she has been dead for three or four days. Stevens says that there was a visitor because of a sandwich that was dated the day before. It also says "ples stop" spelled that way as if it were done by a child. They think it was a dyslexic, left handed adult or a 4-7 year old child. Callas thinks that they are wrong.

The examiner says that there was trauma to her face, broken teeth, and the murderer seems to have experience in dissection. There is an incision that was done accurately and caused intense internal bleeding. She also found wounds that were post mortim. He uses the blood for his art work.Nichols gets a phone call and is told that the victim's husband is there. He identifies her and never thought that would happen to her. He is asked if there were any problems but he says that whoever did that couldn't be someone that they knew. They were living separately, but there was no bad blood between one another.

She was getting the apartment ready for the new buyer. There is a lot of dust in the apartment and see someone's foot prints. They think that it may be a crime scene and have CSI coming in. It looks like she was dragged into one of the rooms. One of the CSI people come in and says that they found a tooth in the bathroom. There is a smear on the mirror and Stevens thinks that those prints would match her.

The doorman/security says he remembers a painter's van, but doesn't remember who drove it because he was helping one of the resident's with her groceries. He says that there is a camera, though. Elsewhere, a man is driving a painting van to a large house. He finds a bit of a mess of toys and seems to be bothered by it. He cleans them up and says "the last thing we need is trouble from the doctor". Nichols, Stevens, and Callas are all watching the video and see him taking the victim out over his shoulder, but he is hiding his face. The woman had facial surgery four years ago.

The detectives go to the insurance doctor and asks if she was in good health. He says that she was in good health, but it was routine. He went to Granada for college due to not having much money. They ask if she had interruptions and he says she was on her phone most of the time. Nichols asks how many the doctor sees a day and he says 25-30 people a day. He takes this as his opportunity to get out of the situation, but Nichols asks if he is married. The doctor says he is not married and does not have kids. Nichols sees something in him.

Nichols thinks that there was something really creepy about him and the detectives go to the realty company she worked for. She ran the realty place and they talked to a woman under her. The victim is not into coddling children. She is all for strict discipline. They go to the doctor's home and find that there is a child's room upstairs. They look through the room and find that the "child" is a fantastic artist, also. They find a picture of the doctor and his aunt. They are confused by the connection and Nichols thinks that the doctor may have multiple personality disorder.

He goes to the school where his "child" would be going to school. He ends up having an episode and thinks that the lady there is talking about discipline and being nasty. He has a bit of a panic-y moment. He switches to "doctor" from being a regular man and tells the woman she should address him as doctor. Nichols thinks that the doctor might have dissociative disorder. They meet up with a doctor that thinks that multiple personalities are fake. He thinks it is a preventative way to help get out of trouble that they might get into the future legally.

Nichols decides to get into touch with his father who is not that easy to deal with. He is a trained psychologist/psychiatrist that can actually help with the issue at hand. Nichols plays the piano and his father comes out and says he hasn't heard what he was playing in a while. They hug and it is a bit awkward.

He asks if Nichols met miss right and he tells him that he hasn't. He asks if it is a police matter and he thinks it involves dissociative disorder. He tells him that Sanderson was consulted and his father called him (Sanderson) a failure in every part of the industry. Nichols tells him that it is urgent. The doctor/painter/child has driven to a boat location and parked his van. He pulls out a body in a sheet and puts in the trailer.

Nichols' father tells him that the child part informs the doctor. The doctor persona kills the victims, but in reaction to the fears of the child. They realize that the child wrote please stop because the child felt bad. They realize that the doctor is the psychopath, not the child. Nichols father tells them that the doctor was created due to protection that was needed from them being abused. The house painter seems like a fantasy father figure and the doctor is actually dominant as opposed to the other two personalities. This is while the man is killing the woman that was working at the school.

Nichols tells his father that the drawings are of pandas. He tells him that he chose mellow colors while drawing that. They need to find the home that he is at. The man is torturing the woman a bit and she asks him if it is about the boy. He was hearing things, though. He tells her that the boy needs to be protected by someone that would discipline children because discipline leads to cruelty. He is also drinking out of a little sippy cup.

Stevens has found a flyer for a special camp for emotionally disturbed children. The flyer has a picture of the panda he draws a lot. They get a phone call and the van was spotted on 23rd st and lost in traffic. They say there is something that he wants and he's going to come back for it. The officers go to the office with CSI looking for it. They find more drawings and the Panda is riding a bus. When he goes in he is arrested. He asks what is going on and says he is just there about a painting job. The man doesn't remember the detectives because he is the painter, not the doctor at that point. He says that he doesn't know who the Terry Meyers is although the name is familiar.

Nichols' father is asking him questions. They ask him who gave him the painting job. He asks about the boy who draws the pictures and about the doctor. He asks if he painted when he was a boy and he says that he did. The man becomes uncomfortable and nervous. He tells Nichols' dad that things were said by the teacher that scared the little boy. He asks if Tommy tells him he's afraid or he just feels it. He tells him that he loves the boy and the boy values the love not the discipline. He asks who protects him and he says the doctor is there. He doesn't like what he does, however. He tells him that he can send him away and Nichols gets uncomfortable by that. He asks if he'll really be gone and it seems that the man is the little kid. He needs to know where the woman is so he asks. Nichols asks if he wants a soda or anything and "Tommy" tells him he is hungry. The doctor knows where the woman she is and they are fighting over that because his father is doing something different than what they have to do.

Nichols needs to save a life. He also tells him that it is a cop out if his father leaves. His father worries about being cross-examined. They talk about the trouble that the "boy" had been in. Tommy says that they are lies and that he isn't bad anymore. Stevens plays the bad, disciplined woman and it seems that the doctor has been brought out. The doctor says the boy will never be disciplined, never again. They corner him with a lot of questions and asks if it is possible for Tommy to meet the teacher that loves his work. They ask where she is and he says where he grew up in a bus/RV. He says that his aunt died a year ago and was afraid. They also need more information. The man attacks Nichols' father and says that he will not touch "the boy" and will "kill him" if they do.

Stevens has figured out where the RV is through where they rent some space and they find the tree with the angel and the woman who is still alive. The next day, the father goes in to meet up with Nichols and read the newspaper. His father says that everyone is reading about what he did. Nichols tells his father that he is keeping his name out of it. He thinks that they have been cured relationship-wise. Nichols has finally gotten approved by his father for what he wants to do with detective work. His parents want to come visit the next time he plays in his jazz band and it ends on a nice note.