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Inhumane Society - Recap

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A prisoner is being visited by a man that tells him that he looks good. He asks if he is done with him. The visitor asks him what he is going to do when he gets out and they mention something about how he is going to get out in two months and he did something to make everyone hate him. The prisoner tells him that they are right to hate him because he had something good and threw it away. They flashback to a boxing gym. When he is about to box a group of people come in with a pitbull. The man demands that they tell them to go away. The kid in jail went off with them instead of practicing and went to a place called Maraschino Cherries. They ended up at a dog fight and it seems that they have all gotten busted by that. His friend Little Ron ended up ratting on him.

He ends up out of jail and the friend that ratted him out shows up when he gets out. He tells him that he didn't have a choice because he was looking at serious time. Danny tells him that if he comes near him again he will be dead and the owner of the boxing place picks him up. Next thing you know Ron shows up and thrown to dogs that were seemingly staying at another home with a man played by Ralph Macchio.

The detectives go to visit Danny and ask about Ron. They ask him all kinds of questions and he tells them that he doesn't violate his parole. The medical examiner says that he was on some sort of drugs. Stevens doesn't think that there was homicide. They think that it was just the dogs, but there was also a snap that would have caused the dog to die if they caused that kind of pain.

Austin catches up with Danny and he is on parole so he can't speak to him or hang out with him. Danny's alibi was being at church for ash Wednesday. Danny talks to Austin and tells him that there is no "we" because he still thought they were a crew. Austin and Little Ron's girl are hooking up. They are talking about how before he left he said he wouldn't take any body blows. Austin goes and talks to the owner/coach and he says he's not there for training and pulls a gun on him.

Austin was there to see Ron die, because he got set up to be there. Austin has not been to his apartment since Ron died. Austin and the coach do not get along and they seem to be fighting over something. Austin tells him that he already killed Danny "in his head" and is done. They think that he was killed due to snitching.

His ex girlfriend gets interrogated and she tells them that he said he wasn't going to get body blows from someone who hits livers. Danny has a press conference and gets a lot of grief for being in jail. The detectives go to talk to Danny. He tells them that he met up with Austin to tell him to leave him alone. Austin wanted money when he met up with him.

Danny and the coach are training and talking about how he is fast. His coach tells him that he shouldn't pray to the God of mercy because he is who makes him who he is. He tells him he knows he didn't kill him. That night someone ends up beating Austin to death that night. The witness tells him that he was thrown out of a van. The van was white and had a bubble window on the side. The examiner believes that there were two different people that were involved with beating him to death. She also says that whoever did it had talcum powder on the bottom of their shoe.

Nichols tells Stevens his father was a fan of Ali. Nichols is watching a boxer that is having headaches and blurry vision. He also figures out that he is a liver puncher. He tells him that the "vegas nerve" controls all of the vital organs and everything sets down except for the brain, plus broken ribs. Instead of the knock outs being the KO's, they were TKO's instead. They start to believe that Sal, the trainer, is the one who was the one who did it.

Nichols gets a phone call and is told that there is a van that pulls up to the gym. It is stolen. He kicks the van and waits for someone to run out. It is the other guy from the gym that trains named Jesus. They bring him in to interrogate. He tells them that Austin wanted to mess everything up and wanted to get a piece of the money that Danny might be making. He also says that Sal would fight and die for them and that he would do the same. Sal has called Jesus bait, however.

Danny has to go to a fight and there are people picketing outside. Nichols goes in and so does Stevens. They look really, really nice blending in with them. They go in and knock on a door. Sal answers the door and tells him that his fighter goes against the other guy. Nichols says that Sal had Jesus beat the life out of the men. Danny had no clue about that. He let Ron stay awake to watch the dogs bite him to death.