Trophy Wine - Recap

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There is a delivery in an armored car. They are delivering wine to Bing Cullman. He is the wine importer. He talks to his wife and gives her a present to open after she has her photo shoot. That night, they have a small get together where they have some wine tasting.

While at the photo shoot, Shane was not happy about the fact that Avery (Bing's wife) was gone for an hour. She asks him for a ride home. Bing doesn't feel well and he goes down into his wine cellar. He feels even more ill. The cellar door is slammed and locked. He wants to get out and he starts to panic and also makes as much noise as he could.

Eames and Goren get called to the crime scene. Bing was found by his butler. He's dead. Major case has been called by the mayor to get them to do the work, because they have a personal and working relationship together. Eames notices that the safe is open. It is also empty. Goren notes the scratches on the victim's hand which show that he did try to get out by banging on the cellar door.

When they ask Avery, his wife, what she had been doing last night she told them that she was home at around 11 and went straight to bed. She just thought that Bing was in the cellar and it was nothing new. Then she says that the butler found his body. His butler's name is Loy. She tells them that Bing had some health problems, but that was the average for a man his age. They want a list of meds. She also tells them that while their marriage wasn't picture perfect, they really did have a nice marriage. She felt that it was better than most marriages.

The next person that they speak to is Loy. He tells them about the wine tasting. He tells them that there was wine that was delivered by armored car. It was super rare. He also tells them that there were a few guests that were there for the tasting. One was Ev Dilahunt. Apparently, that's who Bing sells his wine through.

The detectives go to speak to people of interest. They go to the auction house to talk to Dilahunt. It turns out that these bottles of wine were extremely rare as they were made by George Washington. There were only three bottles, even though it was said by the butler that there were six. There were even Washington's initials engraved on the three bottles that were delivered. He says that he gave the wine the best score and then went on to buy the other two for 350,000 in euros. He could only say that Miss Balon was there, but the rest of the people in attendance must be kept secret.

The detectives go back to the office, where they go over what information they have acquired. They discuss it with Captain Hannah. They say that he had the blood alcohol level of 1.9. They also found out that he had the medications that he normally takes in his system. However, they had found that there were traces of Viagra on his wine glass. Viagra and nitrates are known to induce a heart attack. They are beginning to believe that he may have been poisoned and left in the wine cellar to die.

They looked into the background of Avery. They found that she has absolutely no record, but there is a hit on her mother. Her mother who lives in Nebraska has quite the record. Her criminal record shows that she was in jail for both prostitution and drugs. It turns out that Avery is the vice president of a company called Wellman Media.

The detectives go to speak to a man named Mason Kent. They question him about that night and the tasting. He says that he intends on bidding on the wine at the auction. Goren is curious to see the wine cellar that he has, but he is denied. He wants to "limit the vibration" in the basement. The detectives go on their way, but Eames thinks that Kent is hiding something. Goren thinks the dude is just being cocky.

Goren meets up with Dr. Paula Gyson. Goren says that he really trusts Eames a lot. The doctor asks him about their relationship. She wonders about whether or not he has seriously romantic feelings for her. He tells the doctor that it is more like a sibling bond. He also finds it offensive that the doctor thinks he can't just have a good friendship with his partner. She questions him about his dating habits. He hasn't dated in more than a few years at this point. He has dealt with so much drama and his job doesn't really allow for much of a relationship.

Eames is at Avery's and she brings up the fact that Dilahunt gave her husband quite a bit of money for the wine, but now there is nothing. The safe was empty. She tells Eames that the butler was the only one that was allowed down in the cellar. She also tells her where she can find him as he is taking a few days off.

The police grab Loy and bring him in. He is being interrogated about the money. Loy says he found Bing dead and he took all of the money. He says that his mother is very sick and thinks that the money would really help her to get better. He is in shock over the death of Bing. He also says that he thought Bing was fine when he left the house.

He heard a bit of an argument between Bing and Dilahunt. Bing wasn't happy that Hutton wasn't there. He said that if he goes down, they all go down. Apparently, Hutton was at all of the tastings but didn't show up to the the one they just had.

The detectives go to talk to Hutton. He says that he couldn't go, because he wasn't feeling well and he couldn't really smell. He also says that he is suspicious that Bing was actually trying to sell counterfeit wine. He didn't want his name to be a part of that. They do end up finding out that the wines were not real.

The detectives decide to question both Dilahunt and Mays at the same time. Eames tells them that Dilahunt has been buying many lots of wine from a man named Arnold Binder. Arnold Binder is Bing Cullman. They would give the real wine at tastings, but sell the fake wine. Dilahunt says that they did argue, but there is no way that he killed him. He tells them that Bing was still alive when he went home and that he saw Avery with a "handsome young man" when he left.

Later on, Eames and Goren go and talk to Avery. She tells them that Shane is actually one of her models. He gave her a ride home, because she was slightly intoxicated and didn't want to drive drunk. She also says that there were SIX bottles of wine. One was opened so that people could try it. There are three other bottles unaccounted for.

Avery drives to Shane's apartment. She tells him that Bing is dead. Now they can be together. They embrace and kiss. They then go to talk to Kent with a warrant, even. They can now go check the cellar. When they go in, they find the missing three bottles. That is when he decides to tell them that he got Bing to give him three of the bottles on the side so that they could cut the middleman out.

Kent has a file with him. He gives it to them. He tells them that Bing was the "Bernie Madoff" of their world. He had someone watching Bing's every move. There was even a picture of what he says was where he would bring women back to sleep with that he "sublets from Arnold Binder". They go to the apartment and there is a huge picture of Bing and Avery's wedding. Underneath the picture, it says "Dumbest day of my life". It also turns out that he has been using an escort service and hanging out with an escort named Emily.

Emily was under the impression that they were in an open marriage. She also told the detectives that they were very careful to not mix nitrates and viagra when they were together. It turns out that Avery has a different story to tell now. She says that she did it and that she is happy that he is dead.

Goren has reason to believe that she is actually lying. There were no nitrates in the glass of wine. They noticed that she was also renting another apartment for the past sixty days. They go to the apartment and find both Shane and Emily there. They also find Bing's viagra. The detectives think that they were setting it up so they could end up with Avery's money. She says that Bing knew about Shane. She also says that Bing was in the process of leaving Avery.

The detectives go back to talk to Hannah. He thinks that they really don't have anything. They talk to Shane as Avery listens in. He says that he was hired by Bing to give her the attention that she wasn't getting at home. The marriage was basically a lie. He didn't want to sleep with her, but told Bing that he did so he could get a large bonus. He says she's old and weird. He also says that they were close to having sex, but she wigged out and left before it got to that.

Goren asks Avery about the pre nup. Pre nups typically run out after ten years. That is when it goes 50/50. There was also a fidelity clause, but not for both of them. Just for her. Goren goes through her handbag. There are keys to Bing's secret apartment. They think she may have seen the divorce papers in the apartment, because there was talk of her affair in them. Shane did lie about sleeping with her. It turns out that she DID kill Bing.