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Season 16

344 :16x01 - Girls Disappeared

Sergeant Benson juggles work and her new role as foster mother to baby Noah Porter. Amaro, now working the traffic beat in Queens, arrests an underage prostitute with connections to Noah’s mother Ellie, who was "greenlit" by her pimp and brutally murdered. Amaro’s undercover work sets off a chain of events that puts everyone connected to the case - even baby Noah - in danger. Meanwhile, a new detective assigned to Manhattan SVU starts off on the wrong foot.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Jayne Houdyshell as Judge Ruth Linden | Michael Kostroff as Attorney | Emma Greenwell as Ellie Porter | Amina Robinson as Officer D'Bora Maresko | Peter Scanavino as Detective Dominick "Sonny" Carisi, Jr. | Lobo Sebastian as Joaquin Menendez | Manny Perez as Angel Perez | Alexa Mansour as Luna Garcia | Laura Gomez as Selena Cruz | Lenny Venito as John Gatto | Gavin-Keith Umeh as Little Tino | Bronwyn Reed as Lucy Huston |
Co-Guest Stars: Sara Contreras as Alminia Aguilar | William Oliver Watkins as Uni | Maria Rivera as Carmen | Chelsea Lj Lopez as Missy Brooks | Ciara Renee as Sra Perez | Angel Romero as Miguel
Director: Alex Chapple

345 :16x02 - American Disgrace

Basketball superstar Shakir "The Shark" Wilkins announces his partnership with the Orion Bay clothing line, owned by billionaire Orion Bauer and his daughter Cordelia. But the SVU intervenes when Orion press rep Carla Cannon tells reporters she was raped by Wilkins. When more women come forward, Benson and Detective Carisi disagree on the authenticity of each woman’s story, and Barba takes a shaky case to court. Meanwhile, the case takes Rollins to her former precinct in Atlanta, where ex-colleagues bring up old memories.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Stacy Keach as Orion Bauer | Sandy Duncan as Judge Virginia Farrell |
Guest Stars: Teri Polo as Cordelia Bauer | Peter Scanavino as Detective Dominick "Sonny" Carisi, Jr. | Henry Simmons as Shakir "The Shark" Wilkins | Kelley Missal as Carla Cannon | Elizabeth Marvel as Counselor Rita Calhoun | Myk Watford as Captain Sam Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: Lakisha May as Tiana | Patricia Noonan as Macie-Lynn Pearce | Al Trautwig as Himself

346 :16x03 - Producer's Backend

Amaro reports to the scene of a car crash where Hollywood starlet Tensley Evans tries to flirt her way out of an arrest. Amaro's by-the-book handling of the situation gets him back on the SVU squad, just in time to investigate Tensley's latest offense - the statutory rape of a 15 year-old boy. But Benson suspects that underlying issues may have led to Tensley's downward spiral - is the victimizer also a victim?

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Stevie Lynn Jones as Tensley Evans | Peter Scanavino as Detective Dominick "Sonny" Carisi, Jr. | Brian d'Arcy James as Adam Brubeck | Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Donna Evans | Ron Rifkin as Defense Attorney Marvin Exley | Gary Milner as Dennis George | Drigan Lee as Brody Clark | Robert John Burke as IAB Lieutenant Ed Tucker | Dennis Boutsikaris as Dr. Jim Durant | Aida Turturro as Judge Felicia Catano | Tabitha Holbert as Assistant D.A. Rose Callier | Bronwyn Reed as Lucy Huston | Linda Emond as Dr. Emily Sopher |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaitlyn Bausch as Maude Peterson | Hoda Kotb as Herself | Josh Saviano as Counselor Don Taft | Jonathan Marballi as Officer Tommy Ryan | Mark Boyett as Tom Miller | Tommy Nelson as Gregory Miller | Jazmyn Richardson as Janae

347 :16x04 - Holden's Manifesto

New York City bike messenger Holden March creates a video diary of his troubles with women. Talk soon escalates to action, and the SVU scrambles to find his manifesto before he commits another violent act. When Rollins and Amaro come face to face with Holden, they find out just how dangerous a desperate man can be. Meanwhile, as Benson balances the responsibilities of motherhood and career, the new Deputy Chief of SVU calls her leadership into question.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: John Karna as Holden March | Peter Gallagher as Deputy Chief William Dodds | Antoinette LaVecchia as Adriana March | Joe Urla as Thomas Eldridge | Katie Henney as Jean Asher | Nicole Balsam as Haley Morton | Sarah Clements as Gwen Young | Bronwyn Reed as Lucy Huston | Christine Toy Johnson as Dr. Lee | Miguel Govea as Catignano's Manager |
Co-Guest Stars: Thedra Porter as Chantal Jackson | Ann Arvia as Principal | Kathryn Hayek as Leah Simms | Emilie Miller as Mrs. Syncovich | Daniel Mogan Shelly as ESU Officer | Charle Webb as Janelle | Elanna White as Betty | Max Elk as John Brewer | Charlotte Durkee as Student

348 :16x05 - Pornstar's Requiem

Evie Barnes answers a modeling ad hoping to make some cash for tuition, but the job quickly spirals into online pornography. When her classmates discover her double life, they cross the boundary between fiction and reality. Even though she’s not the one on trial, Evie is forced to prove her innocence in court.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Hannah Marks as Evie Barnes | Peter Gallagher as Deputy Chief William Dodds | Delaney Williams as Counselor John Buchanan | Max Ehrich as Daniel Pryor | Harry Zittel as Justin Adams | Richard T. Jones as Judge Oscar Briggs | Casey Brown (2) as Matt Cooper | Kathleen Chalfant as Hudson President Rogers |
Co-Guest Stars: John Leonard Thompson as Bob Barnes | Jonathan Strauss as Producer | Karl Jacob as Nate | Brian Russell as Process Server | Polly Adams as Jury Foreperson | Emily Donahoe as Lisa Barnes

349 :16x06 - Glasgowman's Wrath

Best friends Perry Gilbert and Mia Harris sneak into the woods with Mia’s young sister Zoe in tow. Their search for the mythical Glasgowman leads to a series of violent events, leaving Zoe gravely injured and the other girls missing. While Detectives Rollins and Carisi work to locate the suspect, Sgt. Benson digs through the stories to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Yvonna Kopacz Wright as Dr. Darby Wilder | Jayne Houdyshell as Judge Ruth Linden | Dashiell Eaves as Officer | Chloe Csengery as Perry Gilbert | Will Harris as Charlie Dorsey | Griffin Matthews as Leslie Connolly | Jeanine Bartel as Barbara Gilbert | Tricia Paoluccio as Robin Thornhill | Stephanie Kurtzuba as Joan Harris | Mina Sundwall as Mia Harris | Oona Laurence as Zoe Harris | Jessica Phillips as Assistant D.A. Pippa Cox |
Co-Guest Stars: Tony Campisi as Counselor Steve Roth | Jodie Lynne McClintock as Nancy Earnst | Joanne Baron as Counselor Diane Schwartz | Matthew Montelongo as Rick

350 :16x07 - Chicago Crossover (2)

Sergeant Hank Voight and Detectives Erin Lindsay and Jay Halstead track a child pornography victim to his last-known whereabouts in New York City, where Sergeant Benson and the SVU squad get a new lead - evidence of a livestreamed pornography "club" that caters to its subscriber’s shocking requests. When Lindsay discovers someone from her past is involved, she hopes it will help lead them to the site’s ringleader, but tensions between Voight and Benson could threaten the case.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Sophia Bush as Detective Erin Lindsay | Jesse Lee Soffer as Detective Jay Halstead | Jason Beghe as Sergeant Hank Voight | Lou Taylor Pucci as Teddy Courtney | Isabel Shill as Jocelyn Cerpaski | Mark H. Dold as Bob Clinton | Danny Mastrogiorgio as George Turner | Frank Deal as FBI Agent O’Connell | Donnetta Lavinia Grays as Lina Bagley |
Co-Guest Stars: Sal Rendino as Deputy Warden Barberi | J.T. O'Connor as Don | Paul Mauriello as Daddy Bear | Christian Goodwin as Henry Thorne | Martin Markaj as Justine | Brandon Curry as Shadowy Figure | Joshua Warr as GQ
Director: Steve Shill

351 :16x08 - Spousal Privilege

Detective Tutuola comes across leaked security footage of a violent domestic dispute in a parking garage, showing sportscaster A.J. Martin hit his girlfriend Paula. While Fin and Benson investigate the couple's lifestyle and history, Paula pushes back to keep her relationship and family intact. Benson turns to ADA Barba for help to convince Paula that her world doesn't have to revolve around A.J. Meanwhile, the case has an interesting effect on Rollins and Amaro's relationship.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Jeb Brown as Officer Denard | Chad Coleman as A.J. Martin | Meagan Good as Paula | Elizabeth Marvel as Counselor Rita Calhoun | Jefferson Mays as M.E. Rudnick | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Reverend Curtis Scott | David Dinkins as Judge Chet Baker | Korey Jackson as Brian | Lisa Kron as Judge Robin Schaeffer |
Co-Guest Stars: Hoda Kotb as Herself | Ian O'Malley as League Official | Nik Walker as Former Teammate | Brian Richardson as Jury Foreperson | Sebastien J. Antoine as A.J. Martin, Jr.
Director: Sharat Raju

352 :16x09 - Pattern Seventeen

A rapist attempts women in several cities and a backlog hampers the investigation.
Special Guest Stars: Harry Hamlin as Atlanta Deputy Chief Patton |
Guest Stars: Peter Gallagher as Deputy Chief William Dodds | Peter Hermann as Counselor Trevor Langan | Myk Watford as Captain Sam Reynolds | Samantha Futerman as Annie Lin | Lou Martini, Jr. as Dr. Joseph Conklin | Jayne Houdyshell as Judge Ruth Linden | Bronwyn Reed as Lucy Huston | Michael Kostroff as Attorney | Lizzy Declement as Beth Burns | Kelly Briter as Assistant D.A. Bartell | Josh Pais as Deputy Commissioner Hank Abraham | Jordan Lage as Albert Beck |
Co-Guest Stars: Ebonee Noel as Ashley Miller | Skyler Dubow as Noah Porter | Bradley Dubow as Noah Porter | Ras Enoch McCurdie as Usain | Thedra Porter as Chantal Jackson | Susan Louise O'Connor as Lauren Burns | Madeleine Rose Yen as Nina Carr | Sydney Lucas as Ryann Catalano | John Thomas Cramer as Mike Catalano | Tim Hardiman as Inspector Hardiman | Julia Kelly as Jennifer Catalano
Director: Martha Mitchell
Writer: Kevin Fox

353 :16x10 - Forgiving Rollins

Atlanta's Deputy Chief Charles Patton and his newest detective, Reese Taymor visit New York for a law enforcement conference. When Reese is found unconscious in her hotel bathroom, she cries rape at the scene but changes her story when Sgt. Benson arrives. When Rollins uncovers a personal connection to the suspect, ADA Barba seeks her help in the courtroom and she’s forced to confront the demons of her past to stop a dangerous predator.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Harry Hamlin as Atlanta Deputy Chief Patton |
Guest Stars: Peter Gallagher as Deputy Chief William Dodds | Delaney Williams as Counselor John Buchanan | Jenna Stern as Judge Elana Barth | Myk Watford as Captain Sam Reynolds | Dreama Walker as Detective Reese Taymor | Becky Ann Baker as Vivian Dodds | Yvonna Kopacz Wright as Dr. Darby Wilder |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Massino as ConElectric Worker #1 | Brian Michael as ConElectric Worker #2
Director: Michael Slovis

354 :16x11 - Agent Provacateur

Fifteen year-old Madison Baker sneaks out of her uncle's home to meet breakout movie star Scott Russo, who invited her to a party via social media. Later that night, a patrolman finds her in an alley, sexually assaulted and barely alive. Sgt. Benson suspects Russo and his manager, Lydia Lebasi, are covering up the crime when security footage from the party goes missing. When gossip site mogul Lenny Simmons airs the stolen footage, he refuses to give up the source material and ADA Barba takes him to court to find the truth.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Shiloh Fernandez as Scott Russo | Patti LuPone as Lydia Lebasi | John Pankow as Lenny Simmons | Jeremy Jordan (2) as Skye Adderson | Jack Noseworthy as Matt Baker | Madison Grace as Madison Baker | Jolly Abraham as Doctor |
Co-Guest Stars: Carolyn Baeumler as Ivy Baker | Joel Brady as Officer Nolan | Teresa Moore as Catalina Soren | Kareem Savinon as Turrentine | Stephen C. Bradbury as Judge Colin McNamara | Joselin Reyes as EMT #1 | Carsey Walker, Jr. as LMZ Guy #2 | Eric Meyers as LMZ Guy #1
Director: Alex Chapple

355 :16x12 - Padre Sandunguera

Amaro's father, Nicolas, asks his estranged family to attend his marriage to 28-year-old Gabriella Nunez, and despite their volatile past, all but Amaro agree. When a fight breaks out at the wedding and Nicolas is put in handcuffs, Amaro becomes a witness in a case that could expose family secrets and tear his family apart.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Armand Assante as Ernesto Amaro |
Guest Stars: Aida Turturro as Judge Felicia Catano | Joseph Lyle Taylor as Counselor Mickey D'Angelo | Katty Velasquez as Gabriella Nunez | April L. Hernandez as Sonya Amaro | Ivan Hernandez as Javier Arenas | Daniel Zacapa as Luis Nunez | Robert John Burke as IAB Lieutenant Ed Tucker | Nancy Ticotin as Cesaria Amaro | Nikki M. James as Detective Gail Dunbar | Caris Vujcec as Detective |
Co-Guest Stars: J. Bernard Calloway as EMT Himes | Alison Fernandez as Zara Amaro | Clay Drinko as Rab Convers | Samatha Jones as Jury Forewoman

356 :16x13 - Decaying Morality

Benson and Rollins find a teenaged girl crying in the street, her clothes torn. Jenna Davis says she was raped in a pizzeria bathroom by Jerome Jones. Jones has a criminal record as well as a pending lawsuit against the NYPD, but with little evidence to go on, the SVU releases him until an arrest can be made. With emotions running high, Jenna’s father takes the law into his own hands with a decision that will change their lives forever.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Haley Lu Richardson as Jenna Davis | Kamal Angelo Bolden as Jerome Jones | Jamie McShane as Jenna’s Father | Paul Adelstein as Dr. Neil Alexander | Eva Kaminsky as Marcy Davis | Jason Cerbone as Counselor Desappio

357 :16x14 - Intimidation Game

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358 :16x15 - Season 16, Episode 15

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359 :16x16 - Season 16, Episode 16

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Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1999
Episode Order: 24
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