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Trophy - Recap

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Two men discover a dead body in the laundry they're processing. The ME
approximates the time of death as two days ago. She'll know more once
she's back in her lab. The victim's extremities are bound with pink
silk-covered electrical cords.

Elliot and Liv question the guy who hauled the laundry. He had an
unexplained period of time between the pickup at Mercy, and the next
one. He was playing doctor with his girlfriend, a nurse. She tells Fin
that she didn't do anything wrong. Somebody covered her patients, nobody
was in any danger. She says Joe in housekeeping is a bit creepy, though.

Fin and Elliot touch base. The load of laundry with the vic in it came
from peds. There's no way she was a patient there. When they view the
security tape of the truck, they see a guy in a black sedan pull up. The
security guard wonders how he missed that. The guy takes a body in a
blanket out of the passenger side rear door.

They got a name on their victim. Samantha Millerton, 23. Loitering,
resisting arrest - mostly political rallies. She was with an
environmental group called Clean, Collective Living Environment of
Artists for Nature. They are headquartered on the lower east side.

Elliot and Liv question a young man at the headquarters. He shows them
some footage of Globe Oil's slimy CEO, Nicholas Turner. They were
protesting his refusal to clean up the damage his company has done. He
tells them he prefers to get the garbage off his own property first, and
orders his goons to remove the protesters by telling them to "Collect
the garbage." Samantha made a piece of art comprised of garbage that was
taken from Turner.

When questioned, he says that the silk-covered electric cords were from
two lamps his wife had. One broke, so they both got tossed. On the night
in question, he claims that he got home from a fundraiser at 2:00 a.m.
and found "That terrorist" picking through his refuse. This was the
third time he caught her, so he called the police. She took off running
before they could arrest her. Liv asks if she could have gone through
the corporate garbage. Turner doesn't know. He tells them to check with
security, and bugger off.

Globe Oil doesn't have security cameras, so they check the Times Square
security camera, and see her at 3:08 a.m. The same guy, same car, same
hoodie as showed up on Mercy Hospital's footage kidnapped her. The
vehicle is a dead end though; the owner was a Thomas Gambel, age 64 and
he died nine months before. Liv & Elliot approach his son, Jason. He got
the house, his brother Henry got the car. He tells them he has Henry's
address inside, and volunteers to get it for them. He then closes and
locks the door behind him. A few seconds later, three shots are fired
through the front door and Liv calls for backup. Ell shoots the lock
off, charges upstairs, and knocks Jason back down. He has a box that Liv
opens while Ell is cuffing him for the attempted murder of two police
officers. She finds a bracelet made of bottle caps that looks like
Samantha's work. She also finds several other items, and realization
dawns that Jason Gambel is a serial killer.

While Liv and Elliot question him, he claims he's never killed anyone.
Cragen interrupts their questioning to put Fin on it instead. Elliot
isn't cleared for duty until he sees Dr. Wong for his mandatory psych
evals. Fin talks to Jason about the time he did for embezzlement. How
his female boss screwed him over, and he spent seven years in a cell
thinking about how he was going to repay her. Jason says he hasn't seen
her since he got it. Fin figures that's why Jason took out five other
girls instead.

Jason tells Fin he never leaves home, except to walk to the corner for
groceries. Elliot thinks they should talk to Jason's parole officer.
Cragen asks if the gunshots affected his hearing, because he's not
talking to anybody except Wong. Liv tells him that they are on their way

The parole officer is no help. He calls Jason a nervous wreck of a
loser. Thought maybe he was back on the junk, but his drug tests came
back clean. Last time he was at Jason's house, there was a padlocked door.

They remove the padlock, and check the basement. It looks like a torture
setup. Mattress covered with plastic, instruments of torture, it all
looks very bad. Fin interrupts, and it can't wait. They got a hit on one
of Gambel's victims, the owner of the engagement ring. She was pulled
into an alley and raped. The only thing the perp took was that ring.
Jason has an alibi. He wasn't born yet. Joan Arliss was raped in 1970.

Cragen talks to the new ADA. They matched all the trophies, and with the
exception of Samantha Millerton, every case was 40 years old. Jason's
attorney arrives. He will tell them what he knows about the earlier
crimes in exchange for immunity on the Millerton case. The ADA tries to
play hardball, but his attorney just says she'll pass the information

Fin found a picture of Jason's dad to show to the rape victim. Cragen is
furious that Elliot still hasn't gone in for his pysch eval. No time
like the present. He heads for Wong's office, while Liv leaves to
question Joan Arliss. She can't though. Joan is in the final stages of
dementia, and has been for two years. Liv says she made a mistake, and
tries to leave. Joan's daughter Vivian follows her to the car and gets
the rest of the story. Her mom was raped in February of 1970. She was
born in November of 1970. Nine months. She slams back into the house.
Her son yells at Liv that now her mom will get one of her headaches and
take those pills. Liv follows Vivian to the back yard and finds her
taking her mom's medications, mixed with beer.

Liv tells her she doesn't know that she's the child of a rapist, but
Vivian says yes, she does. She does know. Her mother has hated her her
entire life, she couldn't stand to look at her. she never held her hand,
or told her she loved her, or sang to her at night. Why didn't she put
her up for adoption, or abort her? Why did she have to ruin both their
lives? Liv says she's asked herself that exact same question. Her mom
told her when she was old enough to understand. But because Olivia's mom
didn't get the support that she wanted, she drank herself to death.

Vivian's heartbreak goes deeper when she realizes that her dad wasn't
her dad. Liv tells her her dad is her dad. Vivian asks how it happened
and Liv fills her in. Joan went to a local college. She didn't graduate,
because she had her baby. That's Vivian's fault, too.

When Liv gets back to the precinct, she tells Dr. Wong that she thinks
Vivian is her half-sister. Her mom went to the same school, and was
raped around the same time. Wong tells her he wishes she would have
talked to him right after the shooting. Liv says she's not imagining the
details. He agrees, but how she's processing them isn't rational. It
would be a very long shot for Vivian to be her half-sister.

Elliot finds Olivia looking at a picture of Vivian side-by-side with a
picture of her father, Joe Hollister. She says there is a resemblance.
Ell tells her it's not possible, but she believes it is. Her father was
a junkie, and so is Vivian. She wants to do a DNA test. She grabbed one
of the beer cans out of the garbage. She and Elliot brainstorm about the
case a bit. Why is Jason so scared to go back to prison? His last cell
mate. Is that where he got the trophies?

Fin says that Walter Burlock was Gambel's cell mate. Burlock got out of
prison two weeks ago. He never checked in with his parole officer, and
didn't register as a sex offender. So where's he been? Maybe living with
Gambel. It fits the date that Gambel flipped out on his parole officer.
Maybe Burlock paid Gambel a visit, stole his car. Liv asks Fin to pull
Gambel's financials.

Burlock is running a tab at a strip club, on one of Jason's credit
cards. They arrest him and take him in. He talks down to Liv. In the
next room, Jason's attorney tries to get a deal for him. Elliot shows
him Burlock in the next room. He's terrified. His attorney gets out his
prison medical records, detailing all the damage Burlock did to Gambel
while they were incarcerated. Gambel says he didn't fire through the
door, Burlock did. Burlock kidnapped and raped the girl, he heard her

The ADA declares the interview over. Because they broke into the home
where Burlock was staying, they violated his reasonable expectation of
privacy. Until they get her new evidence, they both go free. As the ADA
is leaving, she almost knocks over Vivian. She's a bit of a mess. She
wants them to take her blood for DNA so she can find her real father.
Her mother died last night. Liv tells her to get some help. As she's
leaving, Live finds Burlock talking to Vivian's son, Calvin. He's so
busy running his mouth that Vivian realizes this is probably the man who
raped her mother. He says something snide about her being afraid of him,
but she physically launches herself at him, berating him and screaming
expletives. He gets on the elevator and leaves. She asks why Liv didn't
tell her. It's because she thought their mothers might have been raped
by the same man. But she did a DNA test. Vivian is not her sister.

Liv and Ell are watching Gambel's house. Burlock has taken it over.
Gambel is in a nearby motel. He comes back, and finds Burlock dead.
Vivian probably killed him. A friend of hers was at Vivian's house. She
doesn't know where she went or when she'll be back. She shuts the door
in Liv's face. Liv returns to the precinct and finds Calvin waiting for
her. Ell says he's got something to give her. She goes to Calvin. His
mom abandoned him. She told him to bring her the envelope, and when he
ran out to tell her Olivia wasn't there, she was gone. The envelope is a
notarized transfer of parental rights. Vivian made Liv Calvin's legal