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Rescue - Recap

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A bunch of drunk, partying kids are writing in black marker on an
unconscious girl's face. The party's hostess, Jill, arrives and throws
them all out, then tries to waken the girl. She's non-responsive, and
there's a lot of blood behind her head. The team gets called in. Fin
points out a shattered mirror with blood on it as her starting point.
Caitlin crashed the party and nobody wanted her there. She tells Elliot
she'll get him her guest list.

Calvin wants to go to work with Liv. She refuses, because he'll be bored
within 10 minutes. He doesn't think it's as boring as school. She tells
him someday he'll look back and remember school as the most fun he ever
had, and he makes a crack about her being able to remember back that
far, but then turns serious. Does she think his mom is dead? Olivia
doesn't believe so, she's doing everything she can to find his mom and
dad. It would help if he knew anything at all about his dad. He knows
his name is David, and that's it. He shows her a picture he made of her,
and he signed it Calvin Benson. She ships him off to school.

Elliot asks how long she's going to play mom. She wants to give Calvin a
break, he's been through hell. She did take a swab for DNA, though; see
if they can track down his folks.

The detectives find out that Caitlin died, and go check in with Dr.
Warner. Caitlin died from the blow to her head. There was sex, but could
be either rough or rape. Also can't tell if it happened before or after
he knocked her out. And the liquid in her vagina is neither secretion,
or lubricant. It's blue.

Caitlin had a "Lay List", which was a power point presentation of
everybody she'd slept with in the past two years, greatly detailed. It
was just a goof, until somebody leaked it and her life went into a
tailspin. Most of her friends dropped her on Facebook, and she even lost
her job at an ad agency. So how did she wind up at a party with
everybody that hated her?

The first guy they talk to tells them he doesn't know who invited
Caitlin. The marker on the face bit happens to anybody who passes out at
a party. It wasn't personal. Besides, he owes her a debt of gratitude
for being voted biggest penis. He's gotten a lot of chicks from that!

The next guy had the opposite experience. He's a photographer, and she
said that he was shooting with a really short lens. But he didn't even
know she was at the party until Danny told him. He was taking pictures
the whole time, and they can check his timestamps to prove it.

Liv and Elliot talk to the next guy. He's on his lunch break, and
doesn't have time for this. Caitlin gave him rave reviews, but she was
just a one-night stand at work, involving a bottle of tequila. Caitlin
had also stated that it was too bad he had a girlfriend. So looks like
he had a motive. He tells them that "we" didn't do anything to Caitlin.
Meaning he and his girlfriend. She turns out to be Jill, the one who
threw the party. She's talking a good talk, until Fin shows her the text
they recovered. "Caitlin, sorry I left you off the list. Forget the
haters. Come to the party." Jill says she didn't mean for her to die,
she just wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone. Jill confesses.
When Caitlin went to throw her coat on the bed, she followed her. They
had a verbal altercation that turned physical when Jill shoved Caitlin.
She hit the mirror, and crumpled. Jill put her on the bed. Elliot
believes her.

Cragen gets a report from Dr. Warner about the blue substance found
inside their victim. It's the transmission gel used with defibrillators,
and silica powder from a latex medical glove. One of the paramedics
raped her.

Of the two paramedics, one is squeaky clean. The other is Clark Tinta,
31. In 2007 he raped his girlfriend. By the time the uniforms got there,
she'd changed her tune and claimed that they were just roleplaying. Just
last year, a young hit-and-run victim came to in the ambulance with his
hands in her crotch. He blamed it on the bumpy ride. He gets off on
forcing himself on injured women. Cragen tells them that until they know
otherwise, the paramedics are their brothers in uniform and are to be
treated as such.

The paramedics are told of Caitlin's death. The alleged perpetrator
refers to her as a cutie. Tinta says that O'Doole was in the back on
that run, but he doesn't remember anything. Liv asks if they can check
the paperwork, but Clark says they're in a big hurry. The horn goes off
to prove him right, and they head out. Liv and Elliot are aware that
both men lied to their faces.

When they get back to the precinct, Munch tells them O'Doole wasn't as
squeaky clean as he originally appeared. Seems that every time he was at
a scene, valuables were found to be missing after the fact. So they are
both dirty. One rapes, one robs. Cragen wonders why nobody had caught
him til now, but Munch sets him straight. O'Doole is under investigation
for the thefts. When he told IA about the rapes, they gave Munch
everything they had and told him to go with God. Cragen tells Elliot to
go ahead and get O'Doole to roll over on Tinta. The others are to go
with CSU and investigate the robberies.

Munch and Fin question an older couple, the Donohos. He'd had a heart
attack, which she deemed a panic attack. They're being forced to sell
their house because of some bad investments. Around midnight, she
noticed that her wedding ring was gone. She assumed that somebody from
the open house took it, rather than the paramedics who came to get her

O'Doole sticks to his story. He never left the front of the apartment.
That certainly doesn't explain how one of his pubic hairs came to land
in the bathroom off the master bedroom, 15' from the ring's last-known
location. He tries to talk his way out of it, but they go in for the
kill. They know Tinta was in the back with Caitlin. He claims he doesn't
know what's going on back there. Elliot says if he doesn't know, that
makes him the biggest idiot in the world. But if he does know? That
makes him an accomplice. He says he's an idiot. But there must be a way
to make this right. They tell him to help them nail Tinta. Liv has to
leave for Calvin, so Elliot recruits Fin. When he goes to close Liv's
desk drawer, he finds the DNA kit. She never sent it in.

O'Doole tries to get Clark to talk. He sings like a canary. Caitlin was
nice, but that cutie in the car wreck last week? She was sweet. O'Doole
was wired, and Tinta gave them everything they needed. He throws a table
at Elliot, and heads for the ambulance. He jumps in the back and gives
himself an air embolism.

Elliot shows up at Liv's. One of the prints from the old couple's
apartment was a match for Calvin's mom. Elliot tells her that junkies
hit up open houses all the time, looking for prescription drugs. He
wants to go back and talk to the Donohos, but Liv deems it a wild goose
chase. Elliot sees right through her. She wants to keep Calvin. She
doesn't want to find Vivian. He tells her about the swab, that he knows
she didn't send it it. She says she must have forgotten to send it in,
she'll do it right now. Stabler tells her he already did. As they are
leaving, the ADA and Cragen stop them. Liv needs to back away from the
case, conflict of interest. The discussion is cut short when Olivia
takes a call. Calvin just got into another fight, so they win; she's
leaving. They take Elliot off the case as well, so Fin and Munch head
for the Donohos.

Mr. Donoho recognizes Vivian's picture. He asks why Olivia didn't fill
them in on everything. She just asked all the same questions not 20
minutes ago. She faked the call from the school, and started the
investigation herself. Liv finds the taxi driver who picked up Vivian
and Sarah from Donohos, and he aims her at the South Bronx. When she
arrives, she finds Vivian. She's in really bad shape. She wants Liv to
leave, and Liv wants to put her under arrest and get her help. Vivian
tells her that if she just lets Vivian go, she can keep Calvin. Then
Calvin will be happy, right? And Liv wants him to be happy. Elliot shows
up and tells Liv it's her decision. Liv takes Vivian into custody.

They question her about what happened with Burlock the day he died. She
tells them, she nailed him with the cast iron skillet, and killed him.
Cragen arrives and removes them from the room. Cragen reams them both a
new one. Sarah arrives, and turns herself in. Vivian didn't kill
Burlock, she did. Vivian says Sarah killed Burlock because she thought
it would take her pain away. Fin asked if it worked, but she says no.
She'll never be free of the pain. The ADA tells Liv & Elliot that she'll
charge Vivian with stealing from the Donohos. At the very least, she'll
get court-ordered rehab. Liv says Vivian got money when her mom died.
She'll make bail in five minutes, and be back on drugs in ten.

Sarah's bail is set at $300,000. Vivian promptly meets it, and gets her
out. She stops to talk to Liv, and says she's glad she's there. She
wants to see Calvin. Liv says it's not a good idea, but Vivian proclaims
that she's his mother and she loves him. More than she loves Sarah, or
drugs? Liv asks. She needs help. Vivian says that not everybody can be
helped. Some of us are just too damaged. Gunfire breaks out. Sarah has
been shot. Jason Gamble was shown on camera as running into the garage.
He was Burlock's cell mate. Jason says he saw a man shoot Sarah three
times, then lean in the car and spit in her face.

Dr. Warner says Jason is telling the truth. The DNA sample is a
half-match for Calvin. The man who shot Sarah is Calvin's father. David
is waiting for them to come and turns himself over. He killed Sarah for
getting Vivian back on drugs.

A man from the county comes and takes legal rights to Calvin away from
Liv. Vivian arrives, and Liv assumes she's taking him back. The county
tells her that Calvin's dad gave custody to his parents. He doesn't
want to go, he fights off Vivian and throws himself in Liv's arms. As
they cart him away, he's screaming Olivia's name.