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Spectacle - Recap

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A handful of students watch a woman being raped on a live feed. Nobody
called the police until it was over. Elliot and Liv question the campus
security about the tape, and where the feed originated from. The
perpetrator had a knife, and an intricate tattoo on the inside of his
right forearm. He notes that the Pembroke dorm is closed for renovations
this semester. They start a search. Liv finds the room. Over the bed is
a message; a red monkey with the words "See no evil" painted underneath.

CSU tells Olivia and Elliot that the room was wiped clean. They got
nothing. He couldn't have cleaned up that quickly, so their guess is
that he recorded it earlier.

Cragen arrives to send Olivia to Chicago on an outstanding case where
the ADA has an extradition on the perpetrator. Fin shows Elliot a
picture of the perpetrator walking the victim past the security cameras.
He is wearing a black ski mask. Cragen's going to have the dorms
searched, as there is a chance the victim is still on campus. They're
also going to run still shots past the students, see if anybody can
recognize the victim.

A blond tells Fin she doesn't think it's a student. She bases that
knowledge on it being a small school, and her working in the admissions
office. Fin doesn't buy it. One of the kids says that several people
have that tattoo, but when he asked one what it meant, he became quite

One of the officers tells Cragen it is possible it wasn't a student,
because they didn't use the campus feed in a normal fashion. They hacked
into it. Whoever it was is a pro, he made himself a system administrator
and scrambled the IP address. It appears that only the campus was
exposed to this video. Why? Huang says to create a spectacle. He's
looking for attention. Could be any one of a number of reasons he's
looking for said attention. As to the tattoo, he thinks they were going
for "Try or die", but the tattoo actually reads "Pie or die". Fin got a
match in the database, a 22 year-old ex-student named Carl Cooper. He
lives a few blocks from the school. The day after he was kicked, he was
arrested for sexual misconduct.

Fin and Elliot approach, and he tries to run. He doesn't get far, and
they bring him in for questioning. Fin goes to check the apartment, and
Elliot finds a bag full of Adderall on him. He says he can't
concentrate, he's perfectly entitled to have the pills. Elliot questions
him about the sexual misconduct, and he again claims he's misunderstood.
Carl denies all knowledge of the girl who was raped, despite the fact
that his tattoo matches the one in the picture. He says it was a
fraternity thing. Dozens of guys have the same tattoo. He hasn't been to
the university since they kicked him out, and he didn't rape or kill

Fin announces that he tosses Cooper's apartment, and there was no sign
of the girl. Bad news, as always - the ADA says the tattoo isn't enough
to get a warrant for the frat house. The Adderall was obtained legally,
and they didn't catch him selling it. However, it was prepared for sale,
so she's going to try to get on that. Fin and Elliot return to Westmore
University to question Cooper's frat brothers.

One of his frat brothers says Coop was so out of control, they actually
started referring to it as "'Cooping' a feel". They have a code of
conduct there, low as it may be. Elliot asks about the Adderall, and the
kid says it's the new caffeine, "When's the last time you pulled an
all-nighter, Brah?" Elliot responds "Last night. Brah." They show him
the photo of the girl being raped. He walks over to the wall of shame
and pulls a photo from it. Her name is Lizzie Harmon, and she attends

When they get to her apartment, there's no sign of forced entry. He
either talked his way in, or she knows him. The apartment shows signs of
a major struggle. The same sign as was shown above the rape bed is in
the apartment, but now it has "hear no evil" added. Cragen arrives, and
Elliot tells him that a couple of nights ago, some of Lizzie's neighbors
heard a scuffle. But just like the video, nobody called 911. CSU says
there's all manner of evidence this time, but no indication that the
victim was wounded in the apartment. Fin showed her picture around.
Everybody knows her by name, but nobody saw her getting dragged out.
Elliot sees a surveillance camera on the front of the building next
door, and they check the footage. They now have another picture of a
masked man. He didn't take her out the front door, so they have no video
of her leaving. Carl has an alibi for Lizzie's abduction, so he's in the

Cragen wants every past and present inked member of the fraternity to be
questioned. Fin says Lizzie's mother just walked in the door. She last
spoke to her daughter shortly before she was abducted. She says there's
nobody, but then she remembers that Lizzie said she did start seeing
somebody, but he wasn't her type. He kept calling her though. She
doesn't have a name for this person.

Fin's working off Lizzie's phone. There were dozens of calls to the same
five numbers, and they were all numbers of disposable phones. Fin found
the store the phones were purchased from and got pictures of the people
who bought them. Elliot recognizes one of them as a student he talked to
during questioning, Gregory Engels. Cragen will have campus security
detain him.

Lizzie comes online, Westmore University Intranet (run into the
precinct). She's tied to a bed, almost nude, and screaming for help.
They're going to try to run a trace to get her locale. Cragen says
Engels is studying computer science and nobody's seen him since this
morning. He didn't even put up a firewall this time, so they find his
location immediately. Elliot and Fin head out. The apartment is empty.
Greg set them up. There's a laptop, and on the screen are the three
monkeys. That screen leaves, and Lizzie reappears. The computer guy back
at the precinct tells them that Greg setup the laptop and broke into the
wifi network of a law firm in a nearby building. It may not be as big a
wild goose chase as Elliot thinks. Huang tells him that Engels and his
brother lived in foster care in that building. The foster parents are
dead, and his brother was abducted outside that very same building two
years later. Elliot remembers that case, it went cold. Gregory finally
snapped, and as Huang says, "There's your monkey."

So what does Lizzie have to do with all this? Control. He's finally in
control again. While they talk, Elliot gets a text. "I'm done playing
games. If you want Lizzie back, come alone." CSU told Cragen that Engels
fingerprints are all over Lizzie's apartment. As Cragen issues orders,
Elliot texts back. "Come where? Who is this?" "You know who. Drive north
and I'll send you directions." He then sends an image of the monkey, and
writes "Leave now! I'm watching you." Elliot eyeballs the room and sees
security cameras on top of several laptops. He must have hacked into the
precinct's computer system.

Elliot stops the car in an abandoned area and gets out. The first thing
he sees with his flashlight is graffiti that says "Monkey see, monkey
do." He takes a freight elevator, and gets out, gun drawn. He calls
Greg's name, and he promptly steps out. He doesn't have a weapon, he
says - Elliot is in no danger. "Yeah, well; you're under arrest. Put
your hands in the air." He's holding an iPad. Elliot asks where Lizzie
Harmon is, and he turns the Pad on. Streaming video show her tied to the
bed, like before. Greg says he has an accomplice. If he doesn't get a
signal from Greg every two minutes, he'll kill Lizzie. Elliot asks how
he knows that's not an old video. Lizzie might not even still be alive.
He taps the screen, and his partner slaps her. Elliot asks Greg what he
wants. He pulls a file out of his jacket, and his little brother's
picture is on the front. He wants his brother found.

Computer expert is trying to crack the laptop, but Greg is amazing at
encryption. He almost gets through, but hits another minefield. Very
frustrating. Fin tells him to get through it. He needs to know why Greg
is using Lizzie like this. He's going to keep working on it. Cragen asks
after Elliot, and Fin doesn't know where he went. Cragen tries to
contact him, but his phone is shut off. Greg told him to, so he shut it

Greg did the whole monkey thing just to play with their minds, frustrate
them like he's been frustrated for years. He tells Elliot to read the
file, threatening to slap Lizzie again if he doesn't follow through.
Elliot starts reading. They only looked for two weeks, until some other
tragedy took the front burner. Elliot says he'll help him, but not like
this. Every cop out there looking for Lizzie could be looking for Jason.
He says that if anything happens to him, Lizzie dies.

Fin and Cragen continue to try to figure out where Elliot went. Fin
finally tells Cragen about the possible texts he saw Elliot reacting to,
and Cragen goes to get Elliot's provider to cough up his text logs.

The computer expert calls Fin over. He finally broke into the records
and found a lot about an abduction, but not Lizzie's. Greg wrote
everybody he could think of to beg for help, but nobody did. Jason is
all he has left, and he doesn't even have him. Elliot goes over the last
day they were together. Greg and Jason were on the street. Where were
their foster parents? Getting high off the money they received for
allegedly taking care of the boys. He got money for taking out a
neighbor's trash, so he was going to buy Jason an Italian ice. He was
knocked down from behind. When he got up, Jason was gone and a car with
no license plate was speeding away. They recreate the day as he recalls
it. All the people he knows were there. Saw the whole thing. Didn't say
or do anything to help. Elliot explains the Bystander Effect. Nobody
else does anything, because they think somebody else will.

Elliot tries to get Greg to let Lizzie go, and he promises he will find
Jason. Greg tells him to find Jason, or he swears he will kill Lizzie.

Back at the precinct, they put everything together and realize Elliot is
with Greg. The computer expert says the texts came from one of the burn
phones, and he's going to try to track it to Greg's location.

Elliot tells Greg he can't see the answer to his brother's location.
What can Greg remember about Jason. He remembers a few things, including
Jason calling him "Gig" because he couldn't pronounce Greg. Elliot tries
to get Greg to understand he was only 12, and he shouldn't feel guilty.
Greg says he doesn't feel guilty. Elliot reiterates that the agony he's
experienced for the past eight years is the exact same agony he's
putting Lizzie's mother through right now. He has Elliot's attention. He
needs to let Lizzie go. Where is she? He gives Greg his word that he
will work Jason's case. Then Cragen arrives, and Greg destroys the iPad.
He tells them "She's dead. You killed her."

He leaves in handcuffs, refusing to tell Elliot where Lizzie's body is.
He talks to Cragen for a few minutes, and then Elliot joins Greg in the
police car. He tries to get in his head some more. He thinks Greg just
wanted revenge on the NYPD for not finding Jason. He doesn't care about
anything anymore, not even if he lives or dies. So why is he crying?
She's still alive, isn't she? One last time. Where is she. Greg doesn't

Fin, Greg, Cragen and Huang go to work on Jason's cold case. Elliot says
that if they find Jason, they find Lizzie. The witnesses are
re-interviewed. They all have different stories. Green station wagon,
beige sedan. One of them says "Other than that boy getting grabbed, it
was a normal day." Liv returns and gets brought up to speed. One of them
mentioned a Mrs. Penner, and she was never mentioned in the original
case file. Might Jason's kidnapper be a woman?

Elliot questions Greg, and he says Mrs. Penner wasn't there that day,
she was with her folks. She'd been all broken up since Danny Penner died
of leukemia. He was only three. He said she was crying and screaming
that all she wanted was her little boy back. They think Miriam Penner
has him. Everybody heads to her house. She tries to bolt, but they
block the car in. She drugged Jason and buried him in the back of the
car. They take him out and arrest Miriam.

Greg tells them where they can find Lizzie. She's all cozied up with the
head of the frat house, the one that pulled Lizzie's photo off the wall.
It was all a set up to force the police to help Greg. She was never
raped or kidnapped, no harm was done. Tell that to Lizzie's mom and the
dozens of cops that have been looking for her. Greg takes all the blame,
but says it was worth it. He just wants to see his brother before they
take him in. Greg is overcome, but Jason barely remembers him. They hug.