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Theatre Tricks - Recap

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The scene opens and it is opening night for “Nine Circles”, a play. The audience gets involved by wearing animal masks. Meanwhile backstage, Ted Scott, the director, brings flowers to the star of the show, Megan. She smiles, but when he leans in to kiss her, she declines. Later, Megan is acting when suddenly a person in a goat mask comes up behind her and another in a hawk masks hold her arms. They begin to force Megan into having sex. All the while, the audience watches thinking that it is all part of the play. Afterward, Olivia talks to Megan. She is shaken from the encounter and tells her about the man and how he choked her. However, she can only describe them by their masks. Olivia talks to Ted and he says that it is his fault. He says that one of the audience members must have gotten too caught up in it all. Back at the station, the team of detectives begins to find the audience members who were there. Olivia and Nick talk to Megan again, but this time at her apartment. Her roommate, Holly, is there and she is taking care of Megan. She says that she moved to New York six months ago and that is when she got into acting. She can’t believe why this happened to her.

Meanwhile, Fin and Amanda go to Estelle Robert’s place. She was one of the women who bought tickets to the performance four nights a week. However, they find out that Estelle is a 60-year-old woman. She says that she doesn’t know anything about the play and that Amanda sees that Estelle has a son. They find massive pictures of Megan and that there is a video feed of Megan’s place playing on his computer. They go back to Megan’s and she says that the man is Jason Roberts and Megan knows him as her IT person. They bring Jason into the interrogation room and he denies being the one who raped Megan. He says that he videotaped the performance. On the tape, they find out the identity of the man wearing the hawk mask, the one holding back Megan’s arms. Amanda and Fin go to talk to the man and he says that he is a theater critic that got “caught up” in it and that he thought that the incident was all part of the act. He says that the man in the goat mask had cufflinks with “sustained” engraved on them. Amanda and Fin find out that the cufflinks belong to Judge Gerald Crane. Nick and Olivia talk to the Crane and he denies being part of any rape. He says that the sex was consensual. He says that they had arranged it with Megan as a way to fulfill her fantasy. Crane’s lawyer gives the detectives evidence that shows that Megan and Crane were in contact via email and Megan emailed instructions for the public rape. They see that they met on “Sugarbabyz”, a website where older men can find younger women.

Olivia goes over to Megan’s again and asks about the website. She denies knowing anything about it and that she doesn’t even know Crane. The detectives go to Jason’s and ask if he created a profile to get back at Megan for something. He says that he didn’t, but helps them by telling them that the fake emails came from a coffee house. They find out that it is right across the street from the theater. After they get more evidence and a video, the evidence points to the director, Ted Scott. They talk about Ted and say that it was a nice touch to involve everyone in the audience as a way of getting revenge on Megan for turning him down. Fin and Amanda come into the station and tell that they know that Crane was the judge who was sitting in the divorce proceedings of Ted’s. They realize that there is more to the story. They bring him in and he says that he didn’t orchestrate the rape and that someone is setting him up to be the criminal. Olivia talks to Crane again and says that Megan wasn’t the one sending the emails and that he was set up. Crane is shocked and says that he can’t believe he raped a woman.

Later, the detectives sit and try to figure out the connection to it all and that leads them back to the website “Sugarbabyz”. Crane points out the women who he met. Holly is one of the roommates that Crane dated. Amanda and Nick go to Megan’s place and find Holly helping Megan move back in. They say that they have Ted in custody for setting everything up with the rape. Megan says that she can’t believe it and then Holly says that Ted was always stepping over the line with her. Amanda then tells Holly that they know that Holly knew Ted from “Sugarbabyz” and that Holly and Ted went out several times. Holly tries to cover up the fact that she was seeing Ted by saying that she needed money, but they continue by revealing that she also had a sexual relationship with Crane as well.

Holly looks at Megan and admits to being jealous of Megan and all of her success that she has had. Holly says that she was the better actress, but she kept being passed up because Megan was more attractive to everyone. She says that she was tired of it and had to make her way to the top somehow. That is why she went out with the men and slept with them. She says that she wanted Megan to know what it felt like to be abused and dirty. Megan is shocked that Holly would do that to her. She says that she thought that Holly was her friend and Holly looks back at her and says that it is about time that something bad happened in Megan’s life. Megan is crushed.

Captain Cragen comes out and tells the detectives that the District Attorney is going to be charging Judge Crane and Holly with rape. He says that Crane will most likely plead out, but Holly will be getting 25 years in prison time. Amanda walks up to Holly who is in her cell. She is plain faced and tells the detectives to wait a moment. She comes out looking beautiful and the paparazzi are all pushing in to get the best shot of her. Holly smiles to the cameras and Amanda looks at Holly, who is happy that she got her “15 minutes of fame” and they drive away. The episode ends.