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Learning Curve - Recap

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The episode begins with Fin’s son introducing his partner Alejandro to John. Alejandro and Fin’s son want to get married, and they want John to help them with how they should spring this news on Fin. John tells them to just be honest and tell him everything upfront. Alejandro then walks down the pavement in fairly pleased mood, after having parted ways with John and Fin’s son. Just then a few guys jump out of a van, put a bag on his head, throw him into a van and drive away. They then throw him into a room, and tell one of the guys to beat him with a baseball bat. Later at the precinct, Fin’s son comes and falls into his father’s arms crying. Fin is baffled by this behavior of his. Meanwhile, Alejandro gives his statement while lying on a hospital bed, badly beaten up.

He reveals that he was beaten, sodomized and then left for dead on the sidewalk. He then tells Nick and Olivia that of all the guys he saw two of them. They were Latino teenagers. There were four teenagers in all, and they were speaking Spanglish. They knew his name. He then describes the van, he was taken away in. Alejandro then tells Olivia and Nick to not tell his family about the assault. At the hospital Fin is visibly surprised to know that, Alejandro and his son Ken are about to get married. Later, Casey briefs the team that a similar incident had taken place a few weeks ago with another homosexual man, outside a gay bar. The other victim too was Dominican. Olivia meanwhile tells Fin that the Captain doesn’t want him in this case.

Later Nick tells Fin that one of the victims saw an X tattoo on one of the guys, hence they are probably looking at a Dominican gang called BX9. Nick the gives Fin a file of mug shots and tells Fin to call him if he Ids someone. Fin asks Ken if Alejandro hung out with any gang members. Ken tells Fin that Alejandro is a stylist and didn’t have any such connections; Fin then decides to check out if his family might have such a connection. Later, Fin and Casey barge into Alejandro’s cousin Marisol’s house. Fin then comes out of her bedroom with a gun in his hand, claiming to have found it inside. Fin then tells Marisol to call her boyfriend. Later, the boyfriend César is questioned at the precinct. Nick tells César, that he probably didn’t want to beat up Alejandro, but he was made to do it using a baseball bat. He says he did nothing with the bat. Meanwhile, Marisol is questioned by Olivia about the gun, and so is César. They both say they know nothing about the gun. Nick then tells César that he believes him; he then says he will tell his sergeant that it’s Marisol’s.

César is shocked to hear this and admits he lied about the gun, and accepts that it’s his. Nick doesn’t accept this and says that, till César tells him what really happened to Alejandro the gun is Marisol’s. The guys responsible for beating up Alejandro are then brought in. Alejandro and the previous victim identified them all. Meanwhile, another guy is picked up from the streets in similar fashion to Alejandro’s. The victim Rick later tells Nick and Olivia that he is not gay. He also tells them that he wasn’t sexually assaulted. He was called ‘fag’ and ‘Homo’ but he doesn’t know why, as he isn’t gay. He says he doesn’t want to press charges and just wants to go home. Later Olivia and team look into the Rick case. They discover that Rick is separated and proceed to question his ex-wife. She tells Olivia and Casey that Rick isn’t gay. The wife tells them that she wasn’t happy with Rick leaving Wall Street to become a teacher. She also informs them that Rick recently quit as a teacher too.

Later Olivia and Nick pay a visit to the school Rick used to teach at. The principal at the school tells the two that, the reasons for Rick leaving are confidential. While leaving the two see a photograph of Rick, with another teacher. She is then questioned by the two, and is told that Rick was lucky to be allowed to leave quietly. She tells them that, the second she thought something was going on she went to the management. Later at the precinct, Rick tells the duo that two weeks ago he was called to the principal’s office and told that, some student had made an accusation against him. He doesn’t know who the student was. Olivia and team decide to check with the less financially well off families sending their kids to study at Rick’s previous school; as Rick wouldn’t have dared to mess around with a kid from a well off family. They zero in on a family from New Jersey. Casey and Fin then meet the father of the child studying in the school. Mr. Gaberdelli the father of the child admits to the two that his guys beat up Rick, as Rick had molested his son.

Later, Mr. Gaberdelli’s son Luca is questioned by Nick and Olivia. They tell him that his father could go to jail for assault. He then reveals to Nick and Olivia that Rick called him after school, and told Luca that he would look out for Luca if Luca looked out for him. Rick is then arrested by Olivia and Nick for the sexual assault of a minor. At the precinct Rick maintains his stand that he is innocent. The team then plans to find out more about Luca and his performance in school. Later a fellow teacher of Rick’s who Nick and Olivia had met earlier, tells them that Luca had confessed to her that Rick had told Luca to put his hand on Rick’s penis. When Luca said no, Rick started touching himself. The duo then talk to another teacher, who gives a slightly different version, where she says Rick made Luca touch his genitals.

The duo realizes that the stories the teachers are giving and the whole incident as described by Luca, seem to differ. Nick grills Luca about this and he breaks under pressure and fumbles with his answers. Olivia and Nick then realize that Luca is lying. Later, Luca comes in and tells Olivia and team that he was lying as he was afraid of being kicked out of school. It was actually Ms Parsons the head of the upper school who is the real culprit. Luca tells them that Ms Parsons made him have sex with her. She made him have sex with her twice. Once it was in her home. Luca then describes her house from the inside. He then describes certain details about her body, as he had seen her naked. He specifically tells Nick about a birth mark in her inner thigh. They then verify all the details given by Luca by scanning Ms Parsons’ house.

At the precinct when Parsons is questioned, she panics and then falls to the ground unconscious. Later she is let out on bail. The team in the meanwhile has found out more details about Parsons. Later, Olivia and Casey meet up with the principal of a previous school Parsons was teaching at. The principal tells them that Parsons had a nervous breakdown when one of her fellow teachers who she was close to, left and got married. Parsons could possibly be a lesbian. Olivia in the meanwhile receives a message telling her that Parsons tried to kill herself. She is on suicide watch and has been admitted to a hospital. Later at the hospital Parsons tells Olivia that Luca has never seen her undressed and has never seen her house. She then admits to Olivia that she and Natalie, a teacher at the school are dear friends.

She then tells Olivia that she saw Natalie and Luca get close to each other. Natalie had promised Parsons that she would stop her illicit relationship with Luca, but she didn’t. Luca accused Rick right after Natalie admitted to her relationship with Luca, to Parsons. He did it in order to keep Parsons quite about it. Luca knew if Parsons tried to expose his lie, Natalie would have been destroyed. Later Natalie when questioned pins it all on Parsons and denies everything. Meanwhile, John comes in and tells the team that Luca has lost it, and taken Natalie hostage in the biology lab. Later in the lab, Nick as a negotiator tries calming down Luca, telling him that Natalie did all this to him, and that it is Natalie who is a sexual predator.

Luca tells Nick that he wanted to run away with Natalie to Montreal, but she instead told him that they had to stop seeing each other and that he couldn’t tell anyone about this. It is then shown that Luca is sitting with a knife pointing at this throat, with Natalie lying dead on the ground in front of him, in a pool of blood. Luca tells Nick that he loved Natalie. Nick then gets close to Luca and takes the knife away from him. Meanwhile, Fin talks to Alejandro in his hospital room, and welcomes him as his son in law. The episode ends at this point.