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Street Revenge - Recap

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The episode begins with a victim telling Benson that someone raped her. The perpetrator was white and was wearing a hoddie. The press makes a field day of it. Later at the precinct, Munch carrying a sketch of the rapist wearing a hoodie comes in, saying “you can’t sketch what you don’t see. The whole gang is doing all it can to find the rapist. The Captain wants the streets crawling with cops, to catch a hold of the rapist. The captain then tells Benson to come along with him to help him handle a community meeting as she managed well with a reported earlier. At the meeting the captain is given a tough time, regarding the rapist. Benson intervenes and handles the queries the common man has about the measures being taken by the police.

Meanwhile in the night, a woman walking alone down a street is accosted by a man wearing a hoodie. He then proceeds to rape her; just then a guy wearing a black bodysuit and covered from head to toe comes and bashes up the rapist. Later, the near victim gives a police statement; she tells Novak and Amaro how the rapist had knocked her down, but this other guy stopped him. She then describes how her rescuer was dressed like a superhero. Later, the captain is briefed about the progress his guys are making regarding the case. Meanwhile, they check some video footage and see a hooded man, in it; once again his face isn’t visible, but he wipes a metro card and passes through. The captain decides to track down, the guy through the metro card he used.

Later, at the NYC department of education, they are told by a lady at the counter that she doesn’t have time to match a metro card to an employee, as 135,000 people work there. Amaro speaks to the lady nicely and she agrees to check the details, but says it will take time. Later, Amaro and Novak meet up with an Asian woman, whose card it is, and she says her son Andy sometimes borrows her card. Later Benson and Fin pay Andy a visit. They see marks of injuries on Andy’s face, as he plays basketball with his friends. Fine is sure Andy is their guy. Just as Andy is called by Fin and Benson, he throws the ball at them and makes a run for it. They manage to catch hold of him, and pin him down. They find a switchblade in his pocket. Later at the precinct, the captain is informed that Andy’s DNA matches the blood from the last crime scene where he was beaten up by the vigilante.

But they can’t pin the other crimes on him, as there is no proof. Therefore Andy confessing is the only option. Amaro and Fin then question Andy. Andy confesses to them that his victims wanted him to rape them. Amaro asks him which girl he liked the most, he says the first one, but isn’t able to answer what she was wearing or how she looked. Outside they tell the captain that Andy isn’t their guy. He is just a copycat. Meanwhile, Munch calls them to see a TV news report, with the reporter telling the camera that the rapist is still at large, and the reporter shows the camera, a letter he has received to that effect. The letter is from the rapist says “the NYPD can’t catch me, the copycats can’t touch me, batman can’t stop me”. Attached with the letter are three pages of details, only the rapist would know. Later, the captain is baffled at the fact that Andy has made bail despite his blood matching the DNA of the last crime.

Turns out, Andy is a Jehovah’s Witness, and his church posted his bond. Meanwhile, the citizen community is angry that Andy has been granted bail. The community declares holding a ‘Slut Walk’ to protest the rapes. The guys are baffled as to how the rapist left no DNA or traces, which would incriminate him. Munch presumes the rapist could be a maintenance man, and knows well how to clear his tracks. The captain orders the team into action, and tells them to recheck all the details, and look at records of sex offenders and such. Meanwhile, Amaro is keeping watch on his wife, meeting another man at a restaurant. He gets a call and leaves. Next, Andy is shown injured and hanging by his hands; Amaro arrives at the scene and meets up with the gang.

It turns out Andy was jumped by five vigilantes, calling themselves the ‘Justice League’. They also see scribbled on the ground JLNY-1, NYPD-0. Later in the hospital, Andy describes his attackers to Fin and Amaro. But he can’t manage to give many details; there was also a woman in the attackers. Meanwhile, Andy’s mother and a lawyer come to the hospital, the lawyer hands the guys a copy of the lawsuit he is filing against the police, for violation of civil rights. Meanwhile, the NYPD beefs up security, just as the slut walk is about to happen. They also send out, undercover female cops, as bait, down lonely lanes. Suddenly, Novak walking down a lonely lane hears the cry of a man for help, from inside a building.

Just then Fin comes in his car, saying they have got a call, and for her to get in. Meanwhile, Novak and Fin find out that the person crying for help is one of the vigilantes, who is injured, and his friend Fantastica who is one of the vigilantes is lying at a distance, and has been stabbed. Later at the hospital Fantastica who doesn’t remember anything, is informed that she was sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, the guy vigilante is questioned by Amaro. He tells Amaro how he saw the rapist jump Fantastica; he had a brick in his hand. He tells Amaro how, when he yelled at the rapist, he came at him and stabbed his shoulder. The guy Stuart says, he and Fantastica had nothing to do with beating Andy up. He then tells Amaro how he saved the girl Andy was attacking from being raped.

One of the guys from the citizen community comes in and reprimands Stuart for playing vigilante. Later, Amaro meets his wife and asks about where she was the previous day during lunch, she lies that she was with their daughter in the park. Meanwhile at the precinct the guys discuss all that is happening, Amaro comes up with the theory that the rapist might have infiltrated the group of vigilantes. Hence he knew where they would be at any point in time. The captain tells them that Henry’s restaurant has been the hub for these movements, and he sends the guys to get a list of all the vigilantes. Henry isn’t very forthcoming, just then Amaro sees poultry shears Henry’s kitchen table and remembers Stuart telling him that the man who had attacked Stuart had done it with the shears. Then, Amaro leaves to deal with a family issue. He then meets the guy called Jason, who was meeting Amaro’s wife earlier, for lunch.

He then questions Jason about the lunch, and punches him in the face when he lies about it. Amaro warns him to stay away from his wife, and leaves. Meanwhile, just as Henry gets into his car, a masked person comes and breaks his car windows and assaults him. Few other masked persons join him. He is brutally beaten with the attackers then running away. Meanwhile, the cops find locks of hair in Henry’s car. They later question Stuart about beating Henry up, and he denies it. Amaro and Novak question Stuart further and he tells them that Henry raped Fantastica/Leslie. He also heard Henry say “you think you are special bitch”, the same line that has been used by the rapist, with all his victims.

Later, it is confirmed that the DNA from Leslie’s rape kit is a match to Henry’s. Later, Amaro tells Henry what they found. Henry says he didn’t rape her; he was having an affair with Leslie. He is shocked to hear about the locks of hair found in his car. Later they question Leslie, and she tells them she had to lie as Henry is married. She tells Fin and Novak that Henry never raped her. She tells them, Henry tried to stop her from joining the Justice League, as it was too dangerous. Later, when Henry is questioned, he maintains he has no idea about the locks of hair in his car. He then reveals to them that, at the nights of all the crimes he was with some or the other woman, one being from his own kitchen, the other his wife’s sister and the third being Leslie.

Later, they find out that Henry’s alibis check out. Meanwhile, Amaro’s wife barges into the office livid at what Amaro has done. In private she tells Amaro that she is not cheating on and that she and Jason just talk. She also tells him that she has been seeing a shrink, for her issues. Meanwhile, the guys now focus on Stuart, as he has no alibi for Henry’s beat down they also discover that the wounds on Stuart’s shoulder were self inflicted. Amaro and Novak then take Stuart to the scene where Leslie was allegedly raped by Henry. At the scene they question Stuart, who isn’t able to give them proper answers. Stuart slowly realizes that they are on to him; Amaro aggressively questions Stuart about what he has done, bringing him to tears. He tells them he never meant to hurt anyone; he just wanted to impress Leslie. He just wanted Leslie to look at him as a hero. The episode ends at this point.