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Rhodium Nights - Recap

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The episode begins at a party with drugs and women. Three guys in the party sit and chat about the current economy, while girls give them lap dance. One of the guys is informed about there being some issue. It turns out the cops have arrived at the party. Two of the guys go to have a talk with the cops. They tell the guys that a neighbor called in with a noise complaint. The guys promise to keep it down and the cops leave. One of the girls then takes a guy into the bedroom to share a few private moments. Then just as they begin making out on the bed, they discover a girl’s dead body buried underneath the coats, and jackets lying on the bed. Later, Olivia is informed about the whole case, and also that the party was being hosted by cable news host Clayton Hannigan.

She is then informed by the uniformed cops that the guests at the party panicked and all of them tried to cram themselves into the elevator. Now they are all trapped in the elevator, as it’s stalled due to overload. Clayton, the cable news host who discovered the girl’s body lies to Olivia and Nick that, he found the body at the bottom of the swimming pool. Rollins and Fin comes and tell Olivia and Nick that some of the most high profile people are trapped in the elevator. They include the likes of NFL players and secret service agents. One of the guys is the police commissioner’s son. He is later questioned by Olivia about who the victim came to the party with or was hired by. He tells Olivia to question Clayton about it, as he has no idea. Olivia and team are baffled by the fact that no one present at the party seems to know anything.

The Captain tells them to tread lightly saying “the harder we push the quicker they lawyer up”. Fin and Rollins are later informed that the victim did not die of drowning as there is no water in her lungs. She in fact died of an overdose of a drug, which is used to cure sea sickness and other related diseases, symptoms of which the victim does not exhibit. It is also revealed that the victim does not have any physical injuries except abrasions around her ankles. To identify the girl, the serial number of the victim’s silicone breast implants is checked. Meanwhile, Fin is told by one of the cops who had gone to the party on the neighbor complaint that he received a call from a girl with a Latin accent who said that a girl in the party had overdosed on some drug. It was while he was on his way to check it out that; he received the report of the death.

Meanwhile based on the implant, it is discovered that the victim was a 16 year old girl called Maggie Murphy from Winnipeg. The Captain then tells Rollins to go back to Clayton’s house for clues, as the body was moved which makes it a crime scene. Later the commissioner’s son comes in with his lawyer, as he has been summoned for questioning. The lawyer hands Olivia a USB drive containing the footage of the party, which proves that the commissioner’s son wasn’t with the victim at any point in the party. He then tells Olivia that he saw Maggie making out with another woman, who was tall, tan and brunette. There is 8 hours of footage which Nick, Fin and Rollins go through. Rollins on the video then observes Maggie exit the living room at 3.25am. She is seen staggering towards Clayton’s bedroom and is barely able to stand, which means she was already on her way to die with the drug overdose.

Clayton is then seen heading towards his bedroom with a girl, after sometime. The captain feels that’s too little to go by, to convince Clayton to come in. Nick meanwhile comes in with the information that the vomit from Clayton’s sheets tested for the drug that, Maggie had overdosed on. The captain tells Olivia and team to get Clayton to the precinct. The captain also warns Olivia to play her cards close to the vest, as really big people are involved in this whole thing. Later, Clayton tells Olivia and team where he actually found Maggie and what really happened. Clayton tells them that he did not call 911 immediately after finding the body because, the secret service wanted to escort a few of the guests through the service elevators, where there are no cameras. Clayton then gives them the name and number of the girl he was with that night.

The girl Clarissa is then brought in for questioning. While she waits for her attorney she tells Nick that, she hasn’t seen him around unlike many other cops. Later, after her lawyer arrives, Clarissa tells them that she knew all the girls at the party except for Maggie. She also tells them that she is an escort and gets paid for going to dinners and parties. Her booker, Bart Ganzel who is at home in the meanwhile, is told by a man that they have to get out as quickly as possible, and just as they are about to leave Nick and Rollins come in. The man with Bart asks to see a warrant and then assaults Nick, Nick hits back and handcuffs the man after overpowering him. Turns out, the guy who punched Nick is an undercover cop, and he apologizes to Nick for hurting him. Olivia comes in and the guy named Cassidy and she, shake hands. He is then asked about the girls and tells them all he knows. Cassidy is then questioned about him and Ganzel readying to leave just as they were arriving, and who is it that tipped him off.

He answers the question cryptically. Later, Ganzel tells Fin and Rollins that Maggie wants one of his girls. He also tells them that, he questioned every one of his escorts and they swore that they didn’t know Maggie, except one girl called Anya, a tall, tan, brunette girl. The team later finds out that, Anya a 23 year old Colombian girl has flown back to her native country. Fin and Nick find out that she left in a hurry, the morning after the party. In her apartment is found the drug that, Maggie had overdosed on. The captain and the team then brainstorm if it was really an overdose or if Maggie was deliberately murdered, and what could be the possible reasons for the murder.

Later Olivia and Nick pay Cassidy another visit, and are informed that Anya was the top girl for Delia Wilson who runs another escort service; till she was taken away by Ganzel. Delia it turns out has the most high power client list, whereas Ganzel has the hottest girls. Clarissa in the meanwhile tells Nick that Bart and she are engaged. Cassidy also tells Olivia how Delia got goons a few months ago to Ganzel’s loft and threatened him to leave her clients alone. He warns Olivia to deal carefully with Delia, as she has big contacts. Wilson when questioned at her farm tells Nick and Olivia that, she runs a matchmaking service and that too as a hobby. She also tells them that she has never heard of Anya or Maggie. She tells them that she has never met Ganzel, let alone threatening him. The captain meanwhile shows Olivia photos of him with another woman that were slipped under his apartment door. The photos are from when he was working undercover. He tells her that although the photos are legit, out of context they look bad. He is hence planning to escalate the matter upstairs.

Meanwhile, the SVU is called to investigate the death of a former governor, as his pants were unzipped and put on backwards. The governor was working on his memoirs. His assistant informs Fin and Rollins that, while working on chapter seven he keeled over. She also tells them that the governor was getting a massage when working on the book. The assistant was later called by the governor’s aide and the two dressed him up, as he was naked, and it then by mistake that his pants were put the wrong way. Nick and Olivia later find out that the former governor was actually murdered, by the overdose of the same drug that killed Maggie. The masseur is then called in. She denies killing the governor. She tells them that the governor was already dead when she got there; according to her the governor was lying on the couch naked and neither moving nor breathing.

She tells them that she called Iris, her booker at the agency, who told her to just leave. Later, Iris is shocked to know that the governor was murdered, and denies knowing anything about it. A lawyer comes in and tells Iris to stop talking. She tells the lawyer to go away and tells him that “I am not taking a fall for this”. She is ready to talk to the detectives alone. She then tells them everything about Delia. Later Delia is arrested by Nick and Olivia for promoting prostitution in the third degree. Later in court, Delia’s lawyer tells the judge that Delia simply runs a matchmaking agency and is innocent. The judge on hearing all the charges against Delia sets her bail at $2million. The captain later tells Olivia that Delia is out on bail as her lawyer Mr. Exley posted bail on her behalf. Exley then tells them that, Delia has never been jailed because she has the goods on all their bosses.

Later a visibly disturbed Clarissa tells Nick that, Maggie and the governor got caught in the battle between Ganzel and Delia, and she is cared that she might be next. Nick tells her to come inside and give her statement. She seems hesitant and proceeds to leave saying “this was a mistake”. Nick gives her his card and tells her to call him if she needs him. Later, the captain wakes up from his sleep and is shocked to see the dead body of Clarissa on his bed, with her throat slit, and her blood smeared all over his sheets. The episode ends at this point.