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Lost Reputation (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Olivia receiving a call from the Captain, in the middle of the night. She is shocked at something the Captain tells her. Flashback to 14 hours earlier, Delia Wilson’s lawyer is shown telling Olivia and team that she “has the goods on everyone”. “You just don’t know how deep this goes” he adds. All that transpired earlier is then shown. Carissa is shown meeting Cragen at a deli, where she tells him she trusts him. Carissa then lies to Cragen that Nick earlier told her “he could protect me if I went to a hotel with him”. Cragen is then shown visibly lost while walking on the road, and Carissa gives him company.

Back in the present, Olivia enters Cragen’s house. He shows her the blood on his hands and tells Olivia he has no idea what exactly happened. Carissa’s dead body is then shown lying on Cragen’s bed. “I don’t remember how she got here” Cragen tells Olivia. Just then, the cops knock on Cragen’s door. “Don’t say anything until your lawyer gets here” she tells him. The cop comes in and is told by Cragen that Carissa was a witness in an SVU case. Later, Olivia runs into a woman named Paula Foster, who is from the DA’s office, and who informs her that she shall be handling the case. Olivia tells Paula “he didn’t do this”. Later at the precinct, Olivia tells the gang what Cragen told her about not remembering anything.

Nick reveals that Carissa had called him up last night a few times, and she sounded anxious on the phone. Just then, Steven Harris who has been assigned the position of a temporary captain walks in and introduces himself. Paula too comes in and informs everyone that, she shall be taking over the Carissa Gibson murder investigation. Olivia then walks Paula outside and tells her that, Cragen is being “set-up”. Paula tells Olivia to stay away from the case and also adds “whatever you find tell me”. Later, Paula has a meeting with Cragen. Cragen recounts how Carissa had called him up and asked to meet him alone at a diner. She had told him that, she has information about the Governor’s murder.

He reveals that Carissa had claimed one of his detectives had been “inappropriate with her”. He reveals Nick’s name, but adds that he didn’t believe a word of what Carissa said. Nick on the other hand tells Munch that, there was more to the relationship between Cassidy and Carissa than meets the eye. Munch decides to find out and therefore pays Cassidy a visit. Olivia too gives Munch, company. Cassidy tells the two; Delia might be the one who has framed Cragen. Fin is told that a high level of alcohol content was found in Cragen’s blood, but nothing else. Also, the victim’s DNA was found under the victim’s fingernails, his prints were found on the knife and the victim’s saliva was found on his penis.

Delia pays Nick a visit at him home and tells him “you are being played by Ganzel and Cassidy”. Cragen tells Olivia everything is his fault for letting his guard down. They then see on the news that, the police Commissioner Andrew Brady has stepped down, thanks to all that has happened. Later in court, Cragen isn’t granted bail by the judge. Fin and Rollins later pay Ganzel a visit. Ganzel tells the two, Delia might have gone after Carissa, as she knew Carissa “was the most precious thing” in his life. He then adds that at the commissioner’s son’s birthday party, “Delia slipped the underage girl in with my escorts and then killed her”, just to set him up. Delia and her lawyer Exley hand Paula and Olivia proof that Carissa wasn’t the first escort Cragen has been with.

Olivia is shocked to see photographs of Cragen with multiple other women. Exley then asks that charges of prostitution be dropped against Delia, in return for her keeping her mouth shut about Cragen’s sexual proclivities. Later, Paula tells Olivia Carissa had claimed the night she was killed that; Nick had come on to her. Paula also suggests to Olivia that it might just be possible that Cragen did it, but Olivia is confident Cragen is innocent and that Delia has set him up. The two then decide to question Delia’s booker Iris who is testifying against her, in order to find out more about Delia’s workings. Fin and Rollins pay her a visit. Iris reveals to them that, Carissa was initially Delia’s girl “and the governor’s every Tuesday night”.

In the lockup, Cragen admits to Olivia that, when he was working undercover, he did pay to meet escorts, as he was lonely and needed somebody to talk to. It was only for companionship that he met the girls, he swears. “I slipped and then I came to my senses” he adds. Nick’s wife at home tells him that, she wants to take a break from the marriage and that is why she has decided to move to DC, with their daughter. In the morning, Fin and Rollins arrive at Iris’s house and find her dead in the bathtub. Turns out both her writs were slit. Rollins and Fin believe that, Iris was murdered, and then her death was made to look like a suicide. Paula questions Nick about Carissa and the conversation the two had over the phone, the night she was murdered.

Paula asks Nick if he made Carissa an inappropriate proposition. Nick is visibly enraged at this suggestion, and asks Paula who told her this. He then storms out. Later Nick meets the whole team at the bar and tells them Cassidy is dirty. Everyone though, feels Cassidy is clean. Later, Olivia tells Paula; maybe Cassidy and she can work together and get some information out of Ganzel, against Delia. Olivia then talks to Cassidy about convincing Ganzel to ID Delia’s goons, who threatened him earlier. Cassidy tells her “I’ll see what I can do”. Later, Nick asks to talk to Cassidy who is having dinner with his mother at a restaurant.

Nick then takes Cassidy into the loo and asks him “who the hell are you working for?” Nick then suggests that Cassidy is working for Delia. Cassidy is enraged at Nick accusing him, and asks him to back off. Nick then in anger points a gun at Cassidy and asks him to reveal, who he is working for. Cassidy tries to calm Nick down, and tells him he can’t reveal who he is working for. “I can’t tell you who I report to” Cassidy reiterates.