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Above Suspicion (2) - Recap

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Cassidy tells Nick he is investigating Ganzel, and everyone he has on his payroll, including government officials. Ganzel on the other hand finds out that, his house is being wiretapped. Cassidy then tells Nick that, the night she died she had called him and told him, Nick had made an inappropriate proposition. Nick is shocked to hear this and assures Cassidy that, he did nothing of the sort. Cassidy then reveals that, Carissa then called up Ganzel and told him she is in danger. Ganzel then told Cassidy, he is worried about Carissa’s safety. Nick accuses Cassidy of killing Carissa, but Cassidy denies it and tells Nick it was probably Delia who killed her.

Nick concludes that Delia used Carissa to set up Cragen and then double-crossed her. Paula tells Olivia one of the bugs in Ganzel’s loft went dead last night, and Cassidy also hasn’t been heard from. Ganzel in his loft points a gun at Cassidy’s head. He tells Cassidy that, he scared him. Ganzel then lowers his gun and tells Cassidy, Delia has spies all over. Ganzel tells Cassidy there are bugs all over his loft. He asks Cassidy to find each and every bug in his loft. Later, Cassidy after finding every bug pins the blame on Delia. Later in the court, Delia represents herself and tells the judge there isn’t a shred of evidence against her, to implicate her in Iris’s death. Paula counters Delia’s claim and tells the judge that, they have a material witness against Delia.

Delia argues that she simply runs a matchmaking business, and the DA is falsely accusing her. Paula though puts up a good enough argument, for the judge to not dismiss the case. Later, Ganzel meets with Fin and Rollins on Cassidy’s insistence, as he convinces Ganzel that the NYPD might be able help him against Delia. Ganzel then mentions the goons Delia had sent, and also hands the two the baseball bats that the goons used and then left behind. Ganzel is ready to testify against Delia in court, but wants full immunity in return. Ganzel is later escorted out of his loft by Olivia and Cassidy.

Outside a man trying to steal Olivia car points a gun at Cassidy, an accomplice of the man makes a run for it, and Olivia gives the guy a chase and catches up with him. Cassidy on the other hand tells the robber to drop the gun. More cops arrive at the scene. A standoff ensues, and then one of the cops, shoots Cassidy twice. Cassidy is later rushed to the hospital. Later, Olivia is informed that the rookie cop who shot Cassidy was a woman by the name Alana Gonzalez. Olivia then recounts to the investigating officer all that transpired up until Cassidy was shot. Olivia tells the new Captain that, the rookie cops were probably paid; she also feels Ganzel set Cassidy up.

In jail, Fin meets up with the young car thief who was caught by Olivia. Later, Fin tells the team the young man had just started working for the car theft ring. The team then concludes that the hit on Cassidy was “pre-arranged”. Nick and Rollins later have a chat with Officer Gonzalez. The two manage to convince Alana to give them whatever information she has. Turns out, Alana was told by her superior that there is a tip about a car theft ring, she was then shown Cassidy’s photo and told he is armed and dangerous. She was also told if she takes him out “she’ll get her shield”. The person who told Alana this was a Sergeant Kulak, with who Alana is sleeping and has a relationship.

In the hospital, Olivia tells Cassidy that it was Ganzel who pulled in a favor and got him shot. Olivia and Cassidy then kiss. Ganzel is shown packing his things up and getting ready to escape. Ganzel’s lawyer asks him to turn himself in, instead of running away. Ganzel then sees Rollins and Fin standing in front of him. They then place him under arrest. Later in court, Paula reads the charges against Ganzel, including the attempted murder of a police officer. In court the judge orders that, Ganzel be put under house arrest. Later, Ganzel’s lawyer Querns is questioned by Paula. She tells him there is enough evidence even against him to prosecute him. He is then asked about how Ganzel is involved in the Governor’s murder.

Querns in turn tells them, he knows nothing, about what he is being asked. He also talks about loyalty to his client. Olivia then makes him hear the humiliating things Ganzel has said about him, behind his back. Later, Querns pays Ganzel a visit. Querns tells Ganzel he can no longer represent him. Ganzel is visibly disturbed on hearing this. Then during their conversation he tells Querns that, Cassidy and Carissa were sleeping together. Ganzel also admits to him that he set up Cragen. The plan was to get Cragen drunk and take some racy photos of Carissa with Cragen, in order to frame him. She did what was told but at the end of it began crying, and told Ganzel, if he really respected her he wouldn’t make her do such humiliating things.

Carissa then told Ganzel she was in love with Cassidy and was going to leave him for Cassidy. Ganzel on hearing this went crazy, got knife from the kitchen and murdered Carissa. Later, Paula listens to the whole conversation that has been recorded by Querns. Olivia also tells her, Cassidy has admitted to the fact that he and Carissa were having an affair. Later, Cragen is released but is informed by Olivia that, he is being charged with things like solicitation, forced sodomy and such other crimes, on Delia Wilson’s testimony. Olivia later informs the team that, Cragen’s lawyer has suggested he plead no contest to the solicitation charges, so he can be discharged honorably and receive his full pension.

At her office, Olivia tries to convince Paula to investigate Delia, but Paula tells her that, there isn’t a shred of evidence that has ever been found against Delia. Paula also reveals that, Delia has been granted immunity, as far as the prostitution charges against her are concerned. Therefore she can’t be investigated for prostitution. “Confidentially, Delia is going to be cooperating with our office on future cases” Paula tells Olivia. Delia might even turn over her client list, Paula tells Olivia. Something then strikes Olivia. Olivia and team check on Paula’s finances in order to find out, how Paula can afford her daughter’s expensive medical care on her salary.

Then just as Olivia had suspected, discrepancies are found in Paula’s financial records, and an offshore trust fund in Paula’s daughter’s name is discovered. Olivia confronts Paula about it. Paula seeing no other option, confesses to how Exley approached her on Delia’s behalf and time and again paid for her daughter’s treatment. She justifies her actions by saying she did all of it for her daughter’s treatment. Olivia feels sorry for Paula, but tells her that she has to arrest her.

Later, Delia is also arrested, and so is the Attorney General of New York, on charges of prostitution and solicitation. Many other city officials and politicians are also arrested. Rollins and Fin talk to Fagen and ask when he will be back because Fin is getting tired of Harris telling him how to dress. Amaro tells Olivia that Fagen should have known. Olivia says that she knows that he is angry and says that they need to talk. Harris asks if everything is alright. Olivia is clearly upset about Foster's daughter. She sits at her desk and the episode ends at this point.