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Twenty-Five Acts - Recap

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The episode begins and Captain Steven Harris tells the team that, he will be around little longer as Cragen has yet been cleared for duty. But, as far as he knows Cragen would be coming back. On a talk show a woman named Jocelyn Bailey whose book on erotica is doing really well, is called. Later, Jocelyn and Adam the talk show host, have dinner together. The two, then end up having sex in a hotel room. Suddenly, he Adam slaps her and asks her to get down on the bed on all fours. She thinks he is being kinky and plays along. He then removes his belt and begins choking her with it, the scene then blacks out.

Later, at the hospital Jocelyn’s manager Sarah tells Olivia and Rollins, she saw blood on Jocelyn nightgown and also found her crying, when she went there to call her for a show. She as result called 911. “She keeps saying nothing happened, but she has bruises and mark on her neck” Sarah says. They are told she had a taping “yesterday” with the talk show host Adam Kane. She also says Adam asked her out, but today there is no news from him. She tells them how Adam had the belt around her neck during sex, but also defends him by saying she had told him that he wants him to dominate her. She reasons, he therefore didn’t rape her. They tell her that, she would need to get tested for STDs if Adam did not use a condom.

Also, they insist that she get checked for rape. Munch and Finn later question Adam. “You know her book right? We acted out a few scenes” he tells the two. Adam says the belt was Jocelyn’s idea. “No charges filed and I hate this case already” Munch says. At a party in her honor, Adam raises a toast to Jocelyn. Jocelyn apparently isn’t too comfortable with his presence. She immediately rushes to the elevator to get out of there. Just then, Adam forces himself into the elevator. He asks her if she talked to the cops. He then pins her to the elevator wall and rapes her.

Later, Jocelyn comes knocking at Olivia’s door, in the middle of the night. She apologizes for disturbing her, but Olivia says “that’s why I gave you my card”. She tells Olivia what Adam did. “He said I wanted it, like I wanted it last night” Jocelyn says. “When the elevator landed, he said if you screw with me you will be sorry” Jocelyn adds. “Are you ready to press charges now?” Olivia asks. Next day, the captain introduces Olivia and Rollins with a new DA Rafael Barba. He asks to talk to the victim, before taking the case. He asks Jocelyn about the minutest details of her life. He then talks to Munch and Finn, about Adam and how he seemed to the two. But before any legal action can be taken against Adam, he releases a video on the internet in which he says “I am about to be accused of rape”.

He even takes Jocelyn’s name saying she is the one who is going to charge him. “I did have sex with that woman, I know it and she knows it too” he says on the video. Rafael feels Adam has forced their hand and hence they have to retaliate. Finn and Much later haul Adam to the precinct in full public view. Olivia and team later decide that they should find Jocelyn’s lover. As it turns out, it was he who inspired the book. Also, if he is brought to court and testifies that Jocelyn liked rough sex, like has been described in her book, the rape charges against Adam would be dropped. Finn and Munch question her boyfriend and he says he and Jocelyn did not do any of the stuff she has described in the book.

They then assume that, Jocelyn must be seeing some other guy with who she did all the stuff she has described in the book. Olivia and Rollins on the other hand talk to a woman, who earlier used to work for Adam. Turns out, she too was tortured by Adam in a similar fashion, but kept mum about it. The woman Katy admits to Olivia that, Adam did hurt her, but also adds that she has moved on. “He is not really a bad guy, just that when gets that belt in his hand he loses it” Katy says, and walks away. Nick meets Jocelyn’s literature professor Kathleen Dobson who is very sophisticated and knowledgeable. But, she isn’t able to help him much. Later in court, Jocelyn recounts all that happened. Nick on the other hand meets Kathleen again and tells her how he read her work.

Nick points out the similarities between the things Dobson has written about Italian art, and how the same lines have been used by Jocelyn in her book, although in an explicit and a sexual way. “You have a case here for plagiarism” he tells Dobson. “Last thing I need is to be associated with a book like that” Dobson tells him, turning down his suggestion. Nick though, manages to convince her to help. In the DA’s office Olivia asks Jocelyn “who wrote the book?” Jocelyn is shocked at the question and realizes that she has been discovered. “You can’t tell anyone, it will ruin my career” she says, with tears in her eyes. “It was Professor Dobson’s idea to put my name on her book” says Jocelyn.

Dobson was worried about her reputation, Jocelyn says. “I want to drop the charges I can’t testify” Jocelyn says. The DA threatens to indict her for lying to the grand jury, if she drops the charges. Later in court, Jocelyn admits to everything. The defense lawyer then suggests that, if Jocelyn could lie about everything, what would stop her from lying about the rape. Later, Dobson is brought in by Nick. She admits in court that, she is the one who wrote the book. She admits, the sexual fantasies in the book are her fantasies and not Jocelyn’s. Jocelyn did not know the subject matter of the book, before she agreed to Dobson’s offer. “What made Jocelyn Paley the right choice?” the defense asks Dobson.

Dobson says it was “the contrast between her innocence and the subject matter”. The defense lawyer though, suggests that Jocelyn was chosen by Dobson, because she is a good liar. Later, Adam is called to the stand. Rafael then brings up the mention of the belt. He basically asks Adam, how he begins role playing with a belt. Adam admits he hit her with it and even put the belt around her neck, because she asked him to. Rafael then asks Adam to show him “how this belt around the neck thing, is exciting”. Rafael then takes out his belt and puts it around his neck. “Show me how she likes it” Rafael tells Adam, asking him it to pull it. Adam takes one end of the belt in his hand, and Rafael asks him to pull it. He then instigates Adam enough for him to lose it.

Adam in anger then yanks the belt really hard, nearly choking Rafael. The judge immediately intervenes and Adam lets go. Rafael shows the jury how there isn’t even a mark on his neck, and he was nearly choked. He then shows the jury a photograph of Jocelyn’s neck and how there is a belt mark on it, which means Jocelyn was choked even harder. “She liked it like that” Adam says. “You liked it like that she didn’t” Rafael counters. Later, Captain Harris tells Olivia, Cragen is coming back. The jury rules in Jocelyn’s favor, and Adam is found guilty of first degree rape. The episode ends at this point.