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Acceptable Loss - Recap

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The episode begins with Cragen returning to work. Olivia welcomes him back. Olivia tries discussing with him about what happened with him, but he is in no mood to do so. Cragen thanks the team for helping him clear his name. A man is shown coming out of an airport and getting into a taxi waiting for him. The man says he is under a lot of stress. The driver tells him he can get him alcohol and more, if he wants to relieve his stress. Later, after the man has checked into his hotel, he meets the taxi driver, who introduces the man to a woman sitting in his taxi.

The man climbs into the taxi, and the driver tells the man he can do whatever he wants in the backseat of the car. Then with the taxi being driven around, the man and the woman begin having sex. The driver reaches for a bottle of alcohol while driving and takes his eyes off the road just for a few seconds. Just then a huge trailer truck rams into the taxi. Later, Olivia and Rollins arrive at the scene and are informed that the accident was non-fatal, and all the three have survived. The reason they have been called is because, there was a bar code discovered on the woman’s neck. Olivia is shocked to see it and says “that girl’s somebody’s property”.

At the hospital the woman tells Rollins her last name is Jones. Jones is not ready to say anything about the barcode. The driver tells Finn and Nick that, Jones gave her some cash and her passport for safekeeping, she then told him to drive around the city while she socialized. The team finds out that the woman’s actual name is Pilar Moranes and she is from Columbia. They also find out that, Pilar is in the US legally, so she can’t be detained for questioning. Later, a woman named Sophia who also has a barcode on her neck arrives outside the hospital to pick up Pilar. Olivia tries talking to Sophia and Pilar and tells them she can help them. Sophia though will hear none of it and tells Olivia that, no one can help them.

Later the team, find a body of a woman and she too has a barcode on her neck. “He brands them, he pimps them and kills them” says Olivia, after taking a look at the body. The coroner tells Olivia and Rollins that, the victim was pregnant. Later, Finn and Nick get the taxi driver to talk. He reveals that a guy called Lou runs the show. Lou calls the driver up and the driver then picks up the girls from a subway and drives them around. After the girls are done, he always drives them back to a subway, as per the instructions. He also confesses that Lou gave him Pilar’s passport, at a diner where he met him after the accident. Later at the diner, Finn meets up with a guy named Mikey, who tells Finn, Lou couldn’t make it. Finn is pretending to be a taxi driver. Finn pulls of the act convincingly and gets the job of ferrying the girls around.

In the night, Finn picks up a girl and the team follows him. After the girl Ana has done her job, Finn insists on dropping her home as she looks in a really bad shape. She protests saying Mikey will be mad, but eventually gives in. Finn and team then find out where the girls are being kept. Ana enters the house and sitting inside the house are a number of girls. The pimp and Mikey give her a tough time, when they find her dress is torn. Cragen tells the team they can’t go in just yet, as Homeland Security is taking over the case. Cragen introduces the team to a woman Lieutenant Alex Eames, who tells them that it’s a terrorism case. Eames tells the team to stand down for now. Later at the office, Eames informs the team how Pilar’s passport is original but her visa is forged, and has the distinctive characteristics of a forger named Ekram Pintar.

Pintar works for sex-traffickers and also for Al Qaeda. She tells them that they have intel about a terrorist who shall be entering the country with forged documents, in order to join an operative in the US. “We want to pick him up after he joins his accomplice so we can get them both” Eames says. “That won’t happen if he hears a sex ring got busted” Eames adds. Eames tells the team they can raid the place after the terrorist have been caught. Olivia and team aren’t happy about this order, but can do nothing about it. The team with Cragen’s blessings decides to continue their operation and pick up a few of the girls for prostitution, so it doesn’t look as if they are onto the whole operation.

Later the team picks up Ana, but assures her they will keep her safe, from Lou and Mikey. Ana tells Olivia there are in all 8-9 girls working for Mikey. Eames arrives at the precinct and informs the team, the terrorist got wind of their random operation and Homeland Security couldn’t catch hold of him. “I have to explain this to my bosses and yours” she says. Cragen then sees Ana’s plight, and decides to go after the pimps anyway. “They want to fire me they know where to find me, go get these sons of bitches” he says. The team then storms the house, rescues the girls and arrests Lou and Mikey. At the precinct, Nick and Finn get Mikey to talk. They as a result find Lou’s books, thanks to Mikey. The books show every detail of what jobs the girls did each night and how much they got paid. They find out that, one of the girl’s named Sophia who Olivia had seen earlier is missing.

Cragen also discovers that Sophia’s name isn’t in the books. Nick recollects how Ana had said, Sophia had her own room in the house and was new. The team then figures out that, Sophia is the terrorist. Cragen proceeds to call Eames. Olivia questions Lou about Sophia and tells him she knows Sophia wasn’t working for him. Eames asks Lou if somebody paid him to do that. Lou in the hope of walking out reveals to Eames that Sophia came in two weeks ago but “wasn’t here to hook”. She was up to something else he tells Eames. “Tell us where she is” Olivia tells Lou. “I might remember that once my lawyer works out a deal for me” he tells the two. Olivia later requests Eames for one crack at finding Sophia, before Eames is forced to give Lou what he wants.

Later, Eames, Olivia and team arrive at the hotel where Finn had earlier picked up Sophia’s customer. She is seen coming out of a hotel room and apprehended by the team. Eames asks Sophia, how many terrorists there are in the room from which she just came out. Inside, they just see one man making bombs. Nick wrestles him to the ground, before he can try something. Eames and Olivia later share a drink at a bar. The episode ends at this point.