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Manhattan Vigil - Recap

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The episode begins in 1999, with flyers being put everywhere of a young boy Hector Rodriguez missing. The scene flashes forward to 2000 and the boy’s mother is shown praying in front of a memorial erected on a pavement, for the boy. The scene then flashes forward to 2006 and the memorial is all but forgotten. The scene then flashes forward to 2009 and a husband and wife duo is seen walking with their son from in front of the memorial. The scene then flashes forward to 2012 and the husband is seen again, but this time he is alone and is going to pick up his son. He once again walks from in front of the memorial.

He then knocks on a door and the wife opens the door. “You see your son one day a week and you can’t be on time” she says. The man is basically taking his Wyatt to a baseball game. The two arrive at a subway station, where the train is about to leave. Someone taps the father on his shoulder, which distracts him. He then drags Wyatt into the train. The doors close and the man helplessly bangs on the doors. The train then leaves the station, with the man pleading that the train be stopped. The NYPD later arrives at the scene. Cragen informs Olivia and Nick that the boy who has been taken is a 7 year old kid named Wyatt Morris. Wyatt’s father is David Morris, who is from a big real estate family.

Olivia is reminded of the Hector Rodriguez case, while standing outside the subway station. She tells Cragen about Hector who was the same age when he was taken, from the very same neighborhood. Wyatt’s mother Laurie arrives at the scene and is absolutely frantic. David on the other hand describes to Nick how Wyatt was taken. Later David admits that he took Wyatt to a pastry shop before going to the station. He also reveals how he has been seeing the hostess at the shop. The hostess tells Finn and Rollins there was a man sitting alone when Wyatt and David had come to the shop. The man got up when Wyatt and David left. From a security cam footage the team can’t make out anything as the man is wearing a cap and sunglasses. Olivia, Munch and Finn then once again discuss about Hector.

Cragen insists that Hector’s case is closed and that they should concentrate on Wyatt. Later, Wyatt’s phone is found in a dumpster outside a convenience store. The owner of the store is questioned and shown the photo of the man with the glasses and the cap. The owner says he remembers the man. He describes how the man had black hair and was wearing glasses. “When his son acted up he bought him candy” the store owner adds. He also reveals how the man bought some blonde hair dye. The team later sees security footage of tunnels beneath the Columbia University. In the footage the man with the sunglasses is seen dragging Wyatt, and the man’s hair is dyed blonde. The team then decides to look into the Hector Rodriguez case.

Cragen though, doesn’t seem too crazy about the idea. Olivia and Nick meet Hector’s mother who still feels Hector is alive. She tells the two, she receives numerous letters from various people saying they have seen Hector. Olivia asks to look at the letters. She says she threw them all out. “Except for the one I sent you” she tells Olivia. “I never got a letter” Olivia says, visibly baffled. She then says “that’s right, he told me to send it to cold case”. She adds how the letter writer had claimed in the letter that, he is a cop. “He didn’t sign his name but said to keep pressuring his bosses about Hector, or it would happened again” she adds. She tells Nick this happened on Hector’s 13th birthday, but “cold case gave up, just like you did”.

Later a cop named Stephen Lomatin, who was a part of the team handling Hector’s case, is brought in. Turns out, Steven’s fingerprints were on the letter sent to Hector’s mom. Stephen takes Rollins and Finn to his attic to show them his research, after he tells them that Wyatt’s and Hector’s cases are connected. In the attic are the photos with the names and news paper cutouts about various boys who have gone missing over the years. Hector’s mother Dolores is shown Stephen’s photo and she recognizes him as a cop from the neighborhood. “He and Hector were friends” she adds. Olivia tells her Stephen was the one who sent her the letter. Wyatt’s mother Laurie too recognizes Stephen from a photo.

She also mentions how he is really friendly with all the kids of the neighborhood. Stephen tells Rollins, he has found out from his research that whenever a kid is kidnapped a building in a neighborhood is set on fire. He believes there is some connection between the kidnappings and the fires. The team then finds out that there wasn’t a fire after Hector’s death but there was one just 4 days before he disappeared. Then after Hector disappeared a building around the corner claimed water damage from that fire. “They got a rush permit for concrete work in their basement” Rollins says. Cragen decides to get an emergency order to “crack the slab”. The slab is then cracked and the team finds something. Nick and Olivia later pay Dolores a visit. They basically tell her, Hector’s body was found buried in the concrete.

The team later finds out, the building where Hector was found and the adjacent buildings are owned by David’s father. Olivia tells David about it, but he insists that the whole thing is a coincidence. David says he doesn’t have an idea as to who poured the concrete on the floor, as he wasn’t in the business then. Olivia asks him to track down the person who poured the concrete. David’s father is no more, so he looks through handwritten records that his father has left behind. David finds out that the man who did it was a man named Louis Hoda, who was a troubleshooter for David’s father. Finn and Rollins later barge into Hoda’s house and arrest him. At the precinct Nick and Olivia questions him about the fires and the disappearances.

Olivia asks Louis if he was using the fires to get rid of the little boys, bodies. She tells Louis it’s over for him, as there are witnesses putting him at all the crime scenes. Hoda in the end admits to the fires and to killing the boys and torching their bodies. “I was just doing my job” he says. He tells Nick, how David’s father really appreciated his work, but David doesn’t do that.

Hoda is also angry at the fact that he did a lot for the Morrises, but got nothing in return, and that is why he kidnapped Wyatt. Olivia comes straight out and asks Hoda where Wyatt is “right now”. He tells her. The team then finds Wyatt alive and well, in an empty building. Later, Olivia sits with Dolores at Hector’s memorial. The episode ends at this point.