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Friending Emily - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman paying Rollins a visit at her workplace. Rollins is visibly shocked to see her there. “I got nowhere else to go” the woman tells Rollins. Rollins decides to take the woman to her apartment and also tells everyone that the woman is her sister. “Its family, it’s complicated” Rollins says and leaves. Two school girls who are bored of a school trip and are waiting in a hotel lobby, chat up with another guest who is checking in. One of the girls asks the guest who is a young woman about some good places to party. The woman after a bit of contemplation sends the schoolgirl an “e-vite” for a party, via the email.

The woman tells the girl that it’s a frat party. “Get there before me, just tell them Wendy invited you” the woman tells the girl. “I’m Taylor” the student says, introducing herself. The other girl with who is with Taylor looks visibly worried and says Taylor can’t go to party all by herself. Taylor tells Wendy that the other girl is her sister Emily. “If she wants to come with I’m sure she’ll be ok” Wendy says. Later at the party, Taylor seems to be enjoying herself, but Emily is standing in a corner all by herself. A guy called Peter chats up with Emily and she seems comfortable in his presence. Emily is later shown searching for Taylor, but she can’t find her anywhere in the party. The naked legs of a girl walking groggily along with a man escorting her is shown heading for a car.

The man says “don’t worry I will get you home safe” and pushes the girl into the trunk of his car. Neither the face of the girl or the man is shown. Later, Olivia is shown a text sent by Taylor to a friend. In the photo Taylor is topless with another guy. Olivia is also informed that Taylor and Emily had told their friends, they were going to a frat party at Tompkins Square. Rollins, who is at home with her sister Kim, is informed that both girls are missing and heads for work. Rollins and Finn arrive at the frat house and find Taylor in bed with a guy named Merck. Rollins tells Taylor they are looking for Emily. Taylor is shocked to know that Emily isn’t at the hotel. Taylor then checks her phone and sees a video of Emily’s abduction that was sent by Emily herself, before she was pushed into the trunk of the car.

Cragen comments that they won’t be able to ID the guy from the video, as his face isn’t seen. The team also finds out that, someone installed a malware on Taylor’s phone and could therefore access all her personal information. “Emily’s info is all over Taylor’s social media” Rollins comments. Later, Nick and Finn ask Merck if he saw Emily at the party. “I saw her with Peter” Merck says. “He shows up at parties with supplies” Merck adds. Supplies like drugs and alcohol he specifies. “With his sister Wendy” Merck then says. Taylor tells Olivia how she and Emily met Wendy. Rollins and Olivia conclude that Wendy while sending the e-vite put the malware in Taylor’s phone. Later the team stumbles upon a kiddie porn site, in which they see a live feed of Emily being held captive.

Rollins tries to track the site but is unable is. Later, Rollins tells Finn and Nick that she just isn’t able to tack the website or the host, as the protocols being used is making it impossible to do so. Emily’s parents arrive at the precinct and Olivia has a chat with the mother. Rollins and Finn are informed of a hacker named Job, who might just be able to help them. Rollins get a call from her sister just then. She comes home and sees her sister doing drugs. She reprimands her for it and offers to take her for group therapy. Job is brought in and he manages to track Peter’s site. The team then sees another live streaming video of Emily’s, on Peter’s site.

With Job’s help the team finds out that, Peter has been doing this for 5 years, and there have been 5 victims before Emily, with her being the 6th. Later, Rollins and Finn talk to Misty, Peter’s first victim. She isn’t really bothered by what happened to her, and says how she was taken care of by Wendy. Misty says Wendy too was saved by Peter, as he picked her up from the streets. She in the end tells the two they will never catch Peter. Rollins and Finn meet up with another of Peter’s victims, named Katrine. Katrine writes something on a card and gives the two. “Wendi Marquete MI (Michigan)” is what she has written on the card. Rollins later tells the team how one of Peter’s victims named Jane is still missing and her family is still searching for her.

The team concludes that, Jane might be Wendy. Using age progression software, Rollins has come up with a few possibilities of how Jane might look now. The possibilities were run through all government databases and a few photos have been shortlisted. She shows the possibilities to Taylor, to see if she recognizes any of the faces as Wendy’s. Taylor recognizes one of the photos as Wendy’s. The team then finds out that, Wendy has a Jersey license and a two year old Nissan. Cragen asks her to run the vehicle’s plates and also to find the location of the vehicle.

Later, Nick and Rollins meet up with Wendy and ask her about Emily. She feigns ignorance, so Nick asks her to give Olivia a call, so Olivia can save her number and call her if the need be. The team gets her number and sets up a wiretap, so they can catch Peter through her. They track her phone and her location, and hear her speak to Peter. She for now is their only link to Peter. Nick and Olivia follow her and arrest her outside a house. Nick goes inside the house hoping to find Emily and catch Peter. Nick sees that the house is empty then in one of the rooms, he sees on a computer screen, Peter with Emily. “We’re live” Peter tells Nick. “Go ahead ask me a question. Anything” Peter tells Nick, while looking into the camera on his end. “Where are you?” Nick asks.

Peter commends Nick for his sense of humor. Nick says that all he wants is Emily. Olivia and Rollins on the other hand have a talk with Wendy, to see if they can get some info about Peter’s whereabouts. The two get through to Wendy, by making her talk to her mother and sister, who she thought had forgotten about her. “Jane, Emily’s family wants her back, just like your family wants you back” Olivia says. Olivia later tells Finn, Wendy doesn’t know the address to Peter’s hideout, as she was blindfolded every time he took her there.

The only thing she remembers is that the house was on a curving road and had no steps. The cops look for such a house, in the neighborhood. The house is at last found and stormed. Peter is arrested and Emily is rescued and returned to her parents. Rollins returns home and sees Kim making out with her abusive boyfriend, Jeff. She isn’t at all happy to see this and points a gun at him and asks him to leave. The episode ends at this point.