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Dreams Deferred - Recap

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The episode begins in a church with the priest telling the attendees that the mass has ended and they can “go in peace”. A man sitting in a bar receives a call from someone called Beth and says he is on his way. One of the attendees from the church a white haired woman, is shown putting on some make up while in a bus. The man from the bar knocks on a door. An old woman opens the door and says “you are late again Craig”, she then begins saying something more but Craig pays no heed to her and instead takes out a gun and shoots the woman in the chest. The woman falls to the ground lifeless.

Craig then closes the door and leaves. The white haired woman wishes the bus driver “good night” and the bus driver says “you too Jeanie”. Craig enters an office. A woman at a desk recognizes him and asks where her mother is. But, Craig simply shoots her in the head; he then shoots a woman in a neighboring desk who is shrieking in fear. He also shoots a man standing nearby. Craig is then shown packing some stuff into the boot of a car. Jeanie it turns out is a hooker and works the streets in the night. Craig comes by and calls out for Jeanie. The two it seems know each other from before. He asks Jeanie to get into the car. Jeanie asks him where his own car is, but he doesn’t reply. Jeanie sits in the car and Craig drives away.

Cragen later briefs his team that Craig is believed to be headed for Bronx. The FBI is also involved in this case. Craig is a bus driver who was laid off a year ago. He killed his mother-in-law, his wife and two of her co-workers. Also, 3 hours ago he fatally shot a gas-station attendant, the team is informed. Craig had made two calls to Jeanie, before his phone went dead. The team discovers that Craig has been Jeanie’s client for the past 20 years. The team is also informed that Craig is carrying an AK-47. Olivia and team find Jeanie but discover that she isn’t with Craig, but a different client. Jeanie is taken to the station for questioning. At the station, they tell Jeanie what Craig has done. She is shocked to hear it and finds it difficult to believe that Craig could have killed so many people.

She admits to Olivia and Nick that she was picked up by Craig earlier in the night. She also says “he wasn’t driving his regular car, it was a Honda”. She also gives them the time when she was picked up. He then drove with her to a motel where he said he will pay her later. Jeanie did not agree to it and therefore left. The team decides to check out the motel, as Craig might still be there. The team arrives at the motel and sees that Craig has shot three people in a neighboring room. The team is later informed that Craig left the motel in a “stolen Subaru” and was seen heading back. Olivia assumes Craig is going back to get Jeannie, now that he has stolen the money from the people he shot at the motel and can afford to pay her.

Olivia tells Jeanie, she might know something that might help their case, so she wants Jeannie to help them. Jeanie agrees to help and in return Olivia promises to do something for Jeanie. Jeanie tells Olivia that, Craig has known her for nearly 27 years, which is longer than any of his three wives. Just then Jeanie gets a call from an unknown number and is told to answer it. The team assumes it must be Craig and asks Jeanie to handle the call delicately. Jeanie does her thing, while the call is tapped by the FBI. Jeanie keeps Craig engaged long enough for the FBI to find Craig’s location. The team arrives at the location and finds a few more dead bodies, but doesn’t find Craig.

The FBI and Cragen believe that, Jeanie has to be put back on the street in order to get Craig. Olivia isn’t happy about this, as she feels it would mean endangering Jeanie’s life. Cragen decides to give Jeanie some money to work for them. Nick and Olivia hand her $200 and ask her to wear a wire and a GPS device, so she can be tracked at all times. Later, Jeanie goes to the church for a confession. After the confession, Nick tells the priest to call him, if he sees Craig following Jeanie. “That’s the man from the news” the priest says after looking at Craig’s photo. “I’ll pray for his soul and his victim’s” the priest adds. Jeanie later has coffee with Olivia at a diner.

Olivia is informed that Craig was last seen “in a black town car”. She asks Jeanie to be careful if Craig shows up and says that under no circumstance should Jeanie get into his car. “Do me a favor, just be careful. Ok” Olivia tells Jeanie just before she walks out to the street. While on the street, Jeanie gets a call from Craig. “You working tonight?” he asks her. Jeanie says she was just thinking about him and says she is working. Craig tells her he has money now and says “you owe me”. “Whatever you want, I am here” Jeanie tells him nervously. Olivia and Nick hear the whole conversation. Craig then approaches Jeanie in a white car, gun in hand. He has the gun pointed at her and asks her to “get in”. She nervously gets into the car. Olivia in the meantime informs the team that it’s Craig in the car.

Within minutes, police vehicles surround the car. Craig and Jeanie are still in the car and Craig has his gun pointed at her. The cops ask Craig to put the gun down, but he pays no heed and is busy telling Jeanie that he didn’t mean to kill anybody, he just wanted everybody to “shut up”. A cop takes aim and shoots Craig in the back of his head, taking him out. Jeanie is safe and is removed from the vehicle. Later, Jeanie tells Olivia, she could have probably convinced Craig to give himself up, if he wasn’t shot. Jeanie feels Craig wasn’t all bad. Jeanie was hoping there would be some sort of reward money given to her for what she did, but is told by Nick and Olivia, there wasn’t any reward officially declared. Nick suggests that, they could help Jeanie by getting her off the street.

Jeannie doesn’t like the idea and asks Nick what she is suppose to do, if not be a hooker. Olivia mentions how Jeanie had told her she had studied hairdressing, so she suggests Jeanie become a hairdresser. Jeannie says she did not complete her course. She basically doesn’t want to stop being a hooker, but Olivia feels Jeanie can’t keep doing what she does “forever”. Jeanie though will hear none of it and is adamant about going back on the streets. Nick and Olivia bring in Jeanie’s mother and daughter to convince her. Jeanie is surprised to see them. Her daughter tells her “I want you to get help mom”. Jeanie still resists. Jeanie’s son who is in the army is then brought in.

She was assuming all along that her son doesn’t know what she does, but he tells her he has known for a long time. He says tells Jeanie “you have done for us your whole life. It’s our turn”. Jeanie in the end gives in and agrees to go to a rehab. The episode ends at this point.