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Beautiful Frame - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman handing her daughter to a babysitter named Ali, as she has to leave for some work. The woman talks to someone named Tommy on the phone. Turns out, she is going to meet him. The babysitter is surprised to find out that the woman is back with Tommy. The woman says that she doesn’t know yet and mentions that Tommy “just wants to talk”. Later a woman at 911 gets a call from a man about some domestic disturbance at a particular address. Turns out, the address is Tommy’s. A cop is informed about it. A little later the woman at 911 gets another call and this time from a woman, who reports she heard a gunshot at Tommy’s address.

The cop who is headed for the address is updated about this. More cops arrive at the address. They rush in and see that Tommy has been shot and is lying dead on the floor. The woman, who Tommy had called, is sitting by his body and crying. The cop asks the woman to put he hands up. “I didn’t do anything. I called you” the woman tells the cop. She tells the cop that there isn’t anyone else in the house and mentions that Tommy is her boyfriend. The woman named Jesse Sturgis tells the cop that she just arrived at the scene and saw that Tommy had been shot. The cop places Jesse under arrest, despite her protests that she didn’t do anything. Olivia and team are informed about the case, as they had handled a case where Jesse was raped. Finn informs the team that ADA Barba wants to see them.

Barba tells Olivia and team that the DA of another county is rushing to charge Jesse, because Tommy was apparently unarmed whereas Jesse brought a gun to the scene. Olivia briefs Barba that Jesse had a few months ago accused a man called Michael Provo of raping her. Turns out, Provo is a CI for the DA. The scene flashes back to four months earlier when Jesse was admitted to a hospital because she collapsed after partying with her friends. Olivia was informed that Jesse was raped. Finn and Rollins are shown arriving at the bar where Jesse was partying. Rollins comments on how it’s the third call “this month” of patrons getting raped, while partying at this particular bar. The bartender says he saw Jesse talking on the cell phone before she left. At the hospital, Jesse is told by Olivia that she was raped.

Jesse says she doesn’t remember. She is worried when she hears the cops contacted her boyfriend Tommy. Jesse readies to leave but Olivia stops her and says she has a face full of injuries and internal bruises, so they need to find out who did this to her. Jesse mentions that Tommy and she had a fight, so she went out to have a girl’s night. Tommy arrives just then and rushes her out of the hospital. Olivia and Nick find something fishy about Tommy and Jesse’s behavior. Back in the present, Olivia tells Barba how she figured, Jesse was afraid of her boyfriend Tommy. Also, the number she called from the bar that night was that of Michael Provo. The scene flashes back to Finn and Rollins questioning Provo about Jesse. He says he is seeing Jesse, although he is married.

He mentions that Jesse was drunk and had called him to pick her up from the bar. Provo mentions how he picked her up and they were having sex in the car when she got a text from Tommy and freaked out. Provo says, she then asked him to drop her back at the bar. Provo agrees to give them DNA, prints etc, to prove that he is innocent and neither did he rape her or hit her. Jesse is asked about it. She admits she has a relationship with Provo, but adds he raped her that night and even hit her. Back in the present Olivia tells Barba how Jesse also said, if Tommy found out about the whole issue he would kill her. “And then she winds up shooting him” Barba comments. Olivia tells Barba that Jesse was consistent with her story about Provo raping her.

The scene flashes back to Jesse telling her and Nick that, she told Provo to stop that night when she heard Provo talk to his wife on the phone. Turns out she didn’t know Provo was married. Provo did not stop though and after raping her, threatened her saying he was a cop and could teach her a lesson if she opened her mouth. At the station Finn tell the team that Provo isn’t a cop but just a PI. So he basically lied to Jesse. The team also finds out that, Provo had been charged for sexual assault earlier. The team also finds out that, Provo has the full support of the DA’s office. Back in the present Nick tells Barba that “it’s not unusual for a DA to protect her asset” who in this case is Provo. Later, Jesse’s bail is denied, although she keeps yelling that she is innocent. In prison she recounts to Olivia and Nick how Tommy had called her saying he wanted to talk to her.

He arrived at his home and found him dead. She then called 911, but the police arrived even before she could give them the address, Jesse tells Olivia. Olivia and Nick are shocked to hear this. She also mentions how the gun found at the scene wasn’t hers and that she never even touched the gun. Later, the team finds out about the two calls made to 911 earlier. They also find out that the gun found at the crime scene is registered to a gun store named Gorromini & Sons. The owner claims Jesse stole the gun from the store. Finn finds it odd that the owner did not report the gun stolen. Finn and Rollins talk to Gorromini and he mentions that he met Jesse at his store and ended up sleeping with her. He claims Jesse stole the gun from his bedroom closet and claims he did not notice it was missing. Gorromini is taken to the ADA’s office and in the presence of his lawyer and after being offered a deal, Gorromini admits he has never even met Jesse.

He reveals that, Provo was the man who borrowed the gun on Jesse’s behalf. He also mentions that the gun was borrowed a week ago. He then reveals how Provo had helped him out earlier, so he returned the favor. The team, along with Barba also figures out that Provo got someone to make the 911 calls so the cops would arrive at the crime scene right after Jesse arrived. Provo is later arrested. Jesse’s case then begins playing out in two courtrooms in two different counties, in one Barba defends Jesse and in the other the DA tries to convict her. Nick and Olivia find out that the woman who had called 911 about hearing a gunshot at Tommy’s house was having a relationship with Provo and therefore did his bidding, by calling 911 and lying. They confront the woman named Carol about it.

Carol says they can’t prove anything. But, Olivia reasons with her by telling her how Provo takes advantage of women and makes them do his bidding. Turns out, Carol is married and doesn’t want her husband to know about her affair with Provo. Olivia is left with no option but to blackmail Carol that she will tell her husband about the affair, if Carol doesn’t tell the truth in court. Later, the DA is informed by Barba that the scales are slowly tipping against her. She is informed that Carol and Gorromini are ready to testify against Provo.

The DA is ready for a deal and drops all charges against Jesse. She even promises to conduct an internal investigation against Provo. Provo isn’t too happy to be sold out by the DA and tells her she will go down with him. Jesse is released from prison and reunited with her son. The episode ends at this point.