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Monster’s Legacy - Recap

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The episode begins with a young boy practicing gymnastics and his coach monitoring him. The boy’s leg cramps up and the coach attends to it. A janitor comes in to do some cleaning just then. But the coach sends him away, asking him to come back later. Later, the coach is stabbed by someone in the parking lot and collapses to the ground in agony. Nick informs Olivia that the coach’s name is Alexi Beliakov and he was stabbed multiple times with an ice pick. Turns out, he was stabbed in his privates. At the hospital, Nick and Olivia talk to Alexi. Olivia suggests that an attack like this could have been prompted out of revenge. He says he is happily married and has good relations with all the three of his ex-wives.

He also reveals that a few years ago, a student’s father had accused him of being involved with his wife. Also, last year a student threatened him, when he was dropped from the team. The student’s parents also vented their anger on him. Finn talks to the student’s father, who admits he did kick around furniture in the coach’s office in anger. Nick in the meantime talks to Eddy, the student. It is suggested by both the father and the son that Alexi might have inappropriately touched some other kids, although he didn’t try anything with Eddy. It seems, the janitor who was shown earlier, told Eddy and his father this. The janitor, Johnny, is called in for questioning. Johnny says Alexi sexually abuses his students. Alexi is questioned about it and denies it outright.

Alexi says he records all his sessions, so he can’t be wrongly accused. All the recordings are checked and they are all clean. Also, none of his students said that he has done anything inappropriate with them. The team knows that Johnny stabbed the coach but can’t figure out why he assumed Alexi was sexually the abusing kids. Johnny is next shown trying to choke an inmate sitting beside him in a prison van. The guards see this and immediately restrain him. Finn and Rollins are later told that the prisoner Johnny tried to choke is a pedophile. Johnny’s mother is questioned about her son and says a coach had taken interest in him when he was young and had taken him to a sports camp. But, after he returned from the camp, Johnny wasn’t the same anymore.

The team find out about this camp coach whose name is Martin Schultz. Olivia wants to see if Shultz is still working with kids. Olivia and Nick meet up with Shultz. They ask him about Johnny and tell him what Johnny recently did. Shultz mentions that Johnny had a lot of potential. Olivia asks Shultz if he has any idea about Jonny being abused in any way, when he was in his camp. Shultz makes it clear that he didn’t tolerate deviance of any sort and took strict action against anyone who was suspect. Olivia and Nick find something fishy in his behavior, as they find him trying to read them, the whole time they are there. They tell Cragen about it, but Cragen mentions how Shultz has worked with kids for the last 50 years and has a clean record.

But, it’s discovered that a dozen of the kids Shultz had worked with are now convicted felons. Cragen says they have to find victims who would come forward. The team decides to talk to the men who are now felons, to see if any of them comes forward and admits to being abused as a child, by Shultz. They talk to one of the felons named Reggie Rhodes who is on death row and is sentenced to die in a few days, for killing a man. Reggie isn’t at all forthcoming and asks Olivia and Finn to leave. Olivia later talks to Ellis about Reggie’s case. She mentions that the man Reggie killed was a sexual predator, which is the reason why Reggie killed him, although his case file says he murdered his victim during a robbery.

Olivia points out that nothing was stolen from the victim’s house, as per the case papers, but this fact oddly never came out in trial. Ellis and Olivia talk to Reggie and try to convince him to reveal, as to what exactly happened at Martin’s camp. Reggie isn’t ready to divulge much, but hints that something bad happened with him at Martin’s camp. Olivia later tries talking to Reggie once again and this time he opens up. Reggie says he was sexually abused by various men since childhood. First it was his uncle when he was only 5, then his mother’s boyfriend, then a teacher at school, then it was Shultz. Turns out, Shultz abused Reggie for three summers and by the end of it was passing him around to other men.

Later, Reggie met Danforth, the victim. Danforth paid him for sex for over a year, until one night Danforth brought over three other men who raped Reggie all night. The next day, Reggie went over to Danfotrth’s and killed him. Finn asks for Reggie’s sister Cassandra’s help, as she too was abused by her uncle as a kid, just like Reggie was. Nick and Rollins question Martin about what Reggie has said and he denies the allegations outright and angrily asks the duo to leave. Ellis and Olivia try hand and foot to stay Reggie’s execution, and face a lot of resistance on the way, as everyone in the legal system seems biased against the case. Ellis manages to secure the files to Reggie’s case, so he and Olivia can go over the evidence once again.

Olivia from talking to Reggie and then to John, finds out that Martin took their pictures and videos, while he was abusing them. He then blackmailed them with making the videos and pictures public, if they opened their mouths. Finn and Nick decide to take out a warrant against Martin, before he starts taping the kids who are at his camp now. Nick and team arrive at Martin’s camp and find the tapes, but apparently they have all been destroyed. Pablo, one of the kids at the camp tells Nick that, Martin destroyed the tapes after Nick and Olivia paid him a visit. Pablo also reveals that all the tapes haven’t been destroyed, as the tapes were set on fire but the fire went out. Nick and team find out where the remaining tapes are.

Just then, Martin who had gone out comes back. He is immediately placed under arrest. He lashes out at Pablo for opening his mouth. Ellis in the meantime proves in court that there was negligence shown in investigating Reggie’s case. Basically, the lawyer named Latham who prosecuted Reggie is called to the stand and questioned by Ellis. He makes a compelling argument and supports it with evidence, so much so that the lawyer has to admit; she made a mistake in prosecuting Reggie, without going over the evidence at hand in detail.

Ellis then presents proof in the form of Lathram’s personal notes sent to her supervisor that reveals Lathram prosecuted Reggie only because he was gay. Later, the judge stays Reggie’s death penalty and comments how she has never in her career seen a more blatant example of prosecutorial misconduct. Reggie is overjoyed with the news and thanks Olivia and Ellis. Martin on the other hand is taken to prison. The episode ends at this point.