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Criminal Hatred - Recap

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The episode begins and Finn and Nick are undercover outside a gay bar. Rollins and Olivia are sitting in a car outside keeping watch. They are all there to apprehend a suspect who is gay. A man on the other is shown seeing off his wife and kids who are going to his in-laws for the weekend. The man a little later arrives at the gay bar where Finn and Nick are at. He looks around and then picks up a guy sitting at the bar. The man brings the guy to a hotel room and pours him a drink. They then get down to business. Later it is shown that the man is badly bruised, gagged and left tied to the bed.

Later, it’s shown that the man is rushed to the hospital. Olivia and Rollins are also at the scene. Olivia sees five missed calls on his cell phone from his wife. Olivia and team figure out that their perp is basically targeting closeted gay men. Nick and Olivia arrive at the hospital to talk to Charles Murphy the victim. Charles’s wife Melissa asks Nick if the perp has mugged other people like Charles for money. She basically doesn’t know the truth, as Charles has lied to her. Olivia sends Melissa out of the room on some excuse so they can talk to Charles. Charles says the firm he works for is not “gay friendly” and his wife can’t know either, therefore he can’t testify. “I am sorry I can’t help you”, he tells the two. Rollins and Finn find out a store where the perp used the victim’s credit card that he stole.

The owner of the store is taken to the station to describe the guy, so a sketch can be made. At the gay bar the team sees a guy who apparently recognizes the perp from the sketch and might even know something about the perp. He is questioned and admits to seeing the perp earlier. The man says the perp left with a man wearing a suit and a red tie. Nick and team decide to check out nearby hotels. At one of the hotels they find another victim tied to the bed in a similar fashion, only this victim is dead. Olivia and Nick pay Charles a visit at his home. He isn’t forthcoming, but is told that this time the perp murdered his victim. Charles is shocked to hear this. Charles reveals that the perp has said his name was Dirk. “I recognize him from a strip club” Charles adds. Finn and Rollins question the strip club owner about Dirk.

He reveals Dirk’s real name is Jones and he doesn’t work at the strip club anymore. He gives the two, Jones’s address. Jones is then apprehended at his home by Rollins and Finn. A friend of his named Mason is with him and he too is arrested. At the station Jones lawyers up. Barba is told that only two of Jones’s victims are coming to identify him and the rest don’t want to. Barba is also informed that Jones wears a condom and cleans up after himself really well; hence there isn’t much forensic evidence. Charles is brought in to identify Jones. He recognizes Jones and says “he’s the one who attacked me”. Later, Barba is told about Mason and concludes that if he lives with Jones he might know something that could be useful to their case. Mason is questioned and is shocked to find out what Jones has done.

Just then Jones lawyer arrives and says whatever Mason has said can’t be used, as it’s been said in confidence by one person married to the other. She adds that Mason is Jones’s husband. Barba explains to Olivia and Nick that the whole secrecy about the things spoken, between a married couple is called “spousal privilege”. Basically, this law highlights the sanctity of marriage. Later in court the judge too rules that the spousal privilege applies, hence what Mason told the cops can’t be used. Barba is hence forced to drop the murder charge and go with assault and related charges. Olivia isn’t happy about this. Mason had said that Jones used to sleep around with women for money, so Barba asks Olivia to find him some female victims, so Jones can be convicted for something that the jury considers more serious. Inquires are made, but no female victims are found.

Barba is informed that Jones walked away from a woman who practically threw herself at him. Barba is happy to hear this and says that it means Jones only goes after gay men and now it can be proven, which means whatever Jones did is a hate crime. Basically, Barba in court will prove that “a gay man married to another gay man hates gays”. Barba brings Jones’s victims to the stand and questions them. The victims describe how they were tied and brutally treated by Jones. Jones is brought to the stand and says all the victims are lying. He claims the victims came on to him and suggested going to hotels and he simply played along. Jones claims that what happened in the hotel rooms with the victims were all sex games and the victims wanted it. He also claims that the victims gave him gifts and it’s not him who stole their things.

Barba questions Jones and gets it out of him that he basically doesn’t like men who hide their homosexuality. Barba also manages to get it out of Jones that he is angry with the closeted men he sleeps with as they are successful in life unlike him. Jones yells that when these men are with him, their “lies are over”. He tells Barba that he is just as much a man as the victims; in fact he feels he is more of a man. Jones lawyer asks to speak to the judge in her chambers. In the chambers Barba says Jones basically confessed to committing a hate crime. Jones’s lawyer argues that Jones only has a problem with closeted gay men, but Barba can’t see the difference. She moves for dismissal of the “hate crime charge”. The judge tells Barba that either he could drop the hate crime charge or she would do it for him. The jury too, on its part has not been able to reach a verdict.

The jury mentions which charges it has come to an agreement on. Jones is convicted of unlawful confinement and a mistrial on the rest of the charges. As the crime he is convicted of is minor, Jones is granted bail. Barba again meets with Charles and asks him to testify again, but Charles is in no mood to do so, as he coming out of the closet has already cost him his marriage. Nick says Jones is a murderer and has to be put behind bars for his crime for a long time. Charles only says that the law should punish him for murder and walks out. Olivia agrees and tells Barba they should get him for murder. They recollect that Jones gifted Mason a bracelet he stole from the murder victim, which connects Mason to the victim and hence he can be questioned.

Mason is questioned and is shocked to find out that the bracelet was stolen from the victim, as Jones had told him he had bought it for him. The victim’s wife is brought in to meet Mason. Mason is overcome with emotions after talking to her. Mason gives them the bracelet and Jones is arrested, as his fingerprints are on it. The episode ends at this point.