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Secrets Exhumed - Recap

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The episode begins and Cragen is making the whole team switch desks. It’s the New Year and Cragen wants to shake things up. Munch arrives and he has dug up an old file from 1987, of an “unsolved rape murder”. A man named Treymore who was a suspect in the case is being released from jail “tomorrow”. Treymore was in jail for cocaine possession. Nick and Olivia are sent to talk to Treymore. They arrive at the prison to talk to Treymore and are told “FBI beat you to the punch”. They meet the FBI agent named Louis, who Olivia knows from before. Louis mentions that the FBI thinks Treymore is a serial killer, because he is a suspect in three more rape murders.

Treymore is brought out and the three are surprised to see him in a wheelchair. He is told that he is once again being arrested on the charges of rape and murder. Later, Cragen is informed that just after a few months of his last suspected attack Ryan Treymore was paralyzed from the waist down in a bus accident. Louis mentions how there are five rape murder victims who were killed in the same fashion and she suspects Treymore has committed them all. Two of the victims’ rape kits revealed that Treymore had physical contact with them.

They next meet Gina’s roommate; Gina was the first victim. The roommate recognizes Treymore from a photo. She remembers Treymore hitting on Gina at a bar, just a few months before she was killed. They question Treymore about Gina and tell him that his DNA was found on her body. He admits sleeping with Gina. Rollins and Finn talk to the parents of Keera who was another victim. The parents tell the two that Kira had a fiancé named Noah, who was travelling on business when she was killed. They did not believe the police’s theory that she was killed by a man she met in a bar, because she was a kindergarten teacher and loved Noah a lot. Ryan in the meantime admits to killing all the girls, but when asked about Kira he says “I never met her”.

Louis tells the team Kira was killed in the same manner as the rest of the girls. “I talked to her folks, they insist Kira would never pick up a stranger” Rollins tells the team. They decide to go over the evidence collected in Kira’s case. Rollins and Munch check out the evidence locker and find all the evidence from Kira’s case, missing. Turns out, some detective named O’Riley looked into the case about 10 years ago. Louis informs Cragen that Kira was two months pregnant when she died. Louis then has a chat with Treymore and manages to convince him to admit to killing Kira, like he did the others. She basically hints that he will get a lighter sentence if he admits to killing all the 5 girls.

Nick and Olivia in the meantime find out from Rollins about O’Riley and also that O’Riley remembers nothing about the case. A little later, Noah, Kira’s fiancé arrives. He recognizes Louis. Olivia and Nick are surprised to see that. “Noah I think we finally got him” she tells him. Later, Louis mentions that she and Noah have known each other since college. She mentions that Noah had a crush on her in college, but nothing more. Nick has a chat with Noah later. He says he and Dana Louis kept in touch after college and even for a period they dated. Nick finds this odd and clearly can’t imagine why Dana lied to him. He then prods Noah a bit more about Dana.

Noah mentions that he stopped seeing Dana, after he met Kira. But, after Kira’s death he and Dana dated off and on once again. Nick tells Olivia and Cragen about this and also that he finds this whole thing really odd. Nick feels Noah had something to do with Kira’s murder, but Olivia points out the detectives who investigated the case, said that Noah had an alibi. Cragen assures Nick that he will still look into the matter. Rollins and Finn talk to Jerome Howard the detective who investigated the case. Jerome mentions Dana was overseeing the case along with him and the other detectives. He also says, Dana never mentioned she knew Noah, while they were working on the case.

Nick has a chat with Treymore in private and he honestly confesses to Nick that he doesn’t remember anything about Kira. He says he vividly remembers having sex with the other four girls, but can’t remember doing so with Kira. Later, Olivia gets a call informing her that Treymore is recanting on Kira and claiming he was coerced into admitting something he did not do. Olivia and Finn inform Nick and Cragen that Dana was all over Kira’s case, according to detective Jerome Howard. Nick points out how Dana had lied to Olivia that she was in Georgia at the time of the case and hence wasn’t involved. Cragen informs Olivia about what Finn and Rollins have found out and does so in front of Dana.

Dana clearly looks worried after what Cragen has just said. Dana figures out that they are looking into Noah as a suspect. Olivia questions Dana about the relationship she had with Noah. Dana is really evasive in her answers and Olivia latches onto the fact that Dana is trying to hide something. Dana realizes she is being interrogated and says “you got something to ask...ask me”. Olivia says that Dana knows well, Brian didn’t kill Kira. Dana realizes what Olivia is insinuating and says she was working undercover in Georgia, the night Kira was killed. Dana even challenges Olivia to go through the evidence in Kira’s case, in order to confirm she (Dana) wasn’t involved.

Rollins arrives and is seen whispering something to Olivia. Dana asks her to come out and say out loud, whatever she is saying. Rollins tells Dana that one box of evidence might be empty but there is a second box of evidence that was there and the detective, who emptied the first box, didn’t seem to be aware of it. Rollins claims Kira’s fingernails clippings were found in this second box and there is blood on them. The DNA in the blood will be run at the lab, Olivia mentions. Dana seems unperturbed and says she was at the crime scene carrying out investigations; hence it’s possible her DNA would be found on the fingernails. She reiterates that she isn’t guilty.

Noah is brought in for questioning once again. Nick asks him about Dana and his relationship with her. Noah mentions that Dana “lost it” when he told her he was going to marry Kira. He also mentions Dana was blind with rage and “wouldn’t stop shaking”. Nick comes in to question Dana next. Dana plays it cool and denies everything; till Nick brings up the fact that Noah had also gotten Dana pregnant. Dana says that is private information and Noah had no right to share it. Nick mentions that Dana wanted to start a family but Noah said he wasn’t ready, so she had an abortion. Dana who now looks visibly disturbed says that it was Noah who made her get the abortion.

Turns out, Noah told her they could be together if she got an abortion, but just two months after that Noah told Dana he was marrying Kira. Dana admits she was hurt and felt absolutely betrayed. In the end, Dana breaks down and admits to her crime. She says she told Kira how Noah had spoiled her (Dana's) life and would do the same with her (Kira's) life. But, Kira told her Noah had proposed to her the moment he came to know she was pregnant, on knowing this Dana lost it and murdered her. She admits she staged the crime scene to look like Treymore did it. Dana is placed under arrest for Kira’s murder. The episode ends at this point.