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Funny Valentine - Recap

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The episode begins with a little girl, Micha Green, singing in front of a camera at home. Her parents are recording her performance. Next, it’s shown that the girl has grown up and is recording a song in a music studio. A guy joins her in the singing and, at the end of the song, they kiss. They celebrate in the studio with the producers who are really happy with the couple’s performance. She thanks a man called Brass standing nearby and says they wouldn’t be there without him. Later in the recording room, she sees Caleb, who she was singing with earlier, flirting with another woman. She playfully taunts him about it. Caleb doesn’t appreciate her taunting him and brutally assaults her.

Next, Micha is shown sitting on a bed with her face badly bruised. Olivia and Nick are standing near her. Olivia asks her who did this to her. She reluctantly says it was her boyfriend, Caleb Bryant. Nick talks to Brass, who tells him that he is Micha’s manager and he discovered her when she was 9. Brass says he didn’t see Caleb beating Micha up but says it’s possible that it was him. Micha describes to Olivia how Caleb beat her up and says the backup girls and the engineer were in the room when the incident happened. Caleb is then placed under arrest. Caleb’s lawyer arrives at the station to talk to him. Finn tries to talk to one of the backup girls to get her to testify but she is worried about her career so she isn’t interested in helping them.

Nick and Rollins talk to the others who were present in the room when the incident happened but they all seem reluctant to testify. ADA Barba and Olivia meet with Micha at home. She is initially reluctant to go to court and testify against Caleb but Olivia points out that Caleb isn’t even a little repentant about what he did. Micha, now feeling empowered, agrees to testify against Caleb. However, Micha changes her mind because she feels it would jeopardize her career. She doesn’t want people to see her as victim because her career is just starting out and good things are beginning to happen for her. Olivia tries to explain that people like Caleb are likely to do something like this again but Misha has already made up her mind about not going to court.

The media reports that Micha has withdrawn her complaint so that “the couple can repair their relationship in private”. Olivia feels they can’t let Caleb walk away like this. She tries to convince Barba to pursue this case without Micha. Barba tries a different approach. He tries to talk Caleb into admitting his sin and apologizing publicly, so it looks like he is repentant and is looking for redemption. Caleb seems to like the idea and his lawyer too seems sold on it. Barba informs the team that if Caleb takes the deal he will be given 5 years suspended sentence and community service. Olivia isn’t happy that Caleb won’t see any jail time. Barba says if he does something like this again it would be considered a felony and he will do jail time. Olivia argues that Micha might not be alive if Caleb does it again. Barba says that he knows what Olivia is saying is true but this is the best he can do without witness testimony.

Caleb is shown on TV rendering a heartfelt apology to Micha for what he did. Olivia and the team know that Caleb is only doing this for the viewers and he doesn’t mean a word of what he is saying. A little later they see a photo Caleb has uploaded. In the photo he is seen lying on a bed. Olivia recognizes the bedspread as being from Micha’s hotel room. They conclude Caleb is in Micha’s room, despite a restraining order against him.

They rush to her hotel room and find Caleb there. Nick places him under arrest for violating the restraining order. Micha protests saying that she allowed him to be there. Olivia explains that it is not up to her. Micha apologizes and professes her love as he is being taken away.

Caleb pretends to be sorry and, as a result, the judge hands Caleb a suspended sentence of 30 days and warns him to respect the restraining order. Caleb comes out of the courthouse and begins taunting Nick and Olivia. Nick finds an excuse to frisk him and finds some weed on him. Caleb is therefore put in jail once again. Munch, who is running the show because Cragen is away, reprimands Nick for what he just did. He says Caleb has filed a complaint against them for harassing him. Nick protests that Caleb will hurt Micha, but Munch explains their actions will only encourage Micha to be with Caleb.

Finn has a chat with Brass and tries to convince him to talk some sense into Misha, so she will Caleb for who he really is. Brass says he will see what he can do. Misha has a music launch party and Caleb shows up, despite the restraining order. Brass immediately calls Finn about this. Caleb sees him talking on the phone and confronts him. Finn, Nick and Olivia rush to the party. They see cops already at the scene. One of the cops says they got a call about “shots fired". They go in and see that several people are wounded. Micha is lying on the floor, unconscious, and Brass is dead. There are half a dozen handguns on the floor and no witnesses because everyone who was conscious escaped.

At the hospital, after Micha regains consciousness Nick and Olivia ask if she saw who killed Brass. Micha claims she didn’t see anything. Olivia reminds Micha that Brass had a wife and child but Misha maintains she did not see anything. When Caleb is questioned he says he was at home watching TV and didn’t go to the party. Olivia and Barba talk to Misha again, hoping to make her realize what she meant to Brass and how she is making a huge mistake by letting his killer walk. They remind her how it was Brass who helped launch her music career.

It seems to have the desired effect because Micha begins to fondly recollect things about Brass. The conversation then veers towards Caleb and she begins recounting how over the years Caleb has physically abused her, but each time he cried and asked for forgiveness so she forgave him. After recounting what really happened at the party, Micha reveals that Caleb pulled a gun and shot Brass in the chest. Micha agrees to testify against him. However, in front of the grand jury, Micha goes back on her statement and says Caleb wasn’t at the party. Barba is shocked.

Barba finds out that Caleb called Micha’s hotel room the night before and convinced her to change her mind. They then see a tweet and a photo that Micha has left for Bermuda with Caleb. Olivia says all they can do now is wait for the “inevitable”.

Micha and Caleb are on a yacht in Bermuda. While they are making out Caleb receives a text on his cell phone. He goes to check it and Micha asks him who it is. Caleb doesn’t appreciate her questioning him and proceeds to hit her. Next, it’s shown on the news that Micha is dead and Caleb has been arrested and taken into questioning. Olivia and team watch this news on TV. The episode ends at this point.