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Deadly Ambition - Recap

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The episode begins with Rollins and Finn approaching an apartment with extreme caution. From inside the apartment a woman’s yelling is heard. They go in and see a guy assaulting a woman. Finn pushes the guy to the wall. He resists. Just then the woman gets up and shoots Rollins. It’s then shown that the whole thing was an act. Turns out, Cragen is training his team for the various scenarios they might face in the field. Later, Rollins returns to her apartment and sees that the front door is ajar. She goes in cautiously and sees her sister Kim, standing in the living room. Kim says she made a key, when she was staying with Rollins the last time.

Rollins sees bruises on Kim’s face and rightly assumes that her boyfriend Jeff assaulted her. Kim says she has some good news: she is pregnant. Kim says Jeff is the father. Kim also tells Rollins that Jeff didn’t mean to hurt her; he simply “lost his temper”. Next day at work, Rollins tells the team about Kim being pregnant. She says Jeff is planning to visit Kim, despite the fact that Kim and Jeff have broken up. Nick and Finn offer to have a talk with Jeff so that he backs off. They meet him in a bar and tell him Kim won’t be meeting him. “Kim’s moved on, so should you” Nick tells him emphatically. Finn on his part, warns Jeff to never touch Kim again. Rollins and Kim are out shopping for baby clothes. Jeff comes into the store visibly pissed and says he wants to talk to Kim.

Rollins asks him to back off and leave. “This ain’t over. Not by a long shot” Jeff yells angrily and storms out. Later, Rollins gets a restraining order against Jeff. She tells Kim, Jeff will be arrested even if he gets within “spitting distance” of her (Kim). Olivia and Finn serve him the order. “Amanda can’t keep me away from my baby” Jeff yells in anger. Olivia threatens him with an arrest, if he tries anything funny. Later, Rollins arrives at the front door of her apartment and hears yelling from inside. She goes in and sees Jeff trying to rape Kim. Jeff stops the moment he sees Rollins. He goes for his gun. Rollins shoots him twice in the chest. Later, Rollins is assigned a delegate who shall handle her case.

Olivia also advises Rollins to talk to no one except her lawyer. Rollins is asked to see a therapist. She tells the therapist she is fine and unaffected by the whole episode. She says she just wants to get back to work. She is reminded that according to department policy she can’t join active duty until; the investigation into this case is closed. The therapist tells Rollins to call her if she has any trouble sleeping. “I’ll sleep when I get my gun back” Rollins says. Olivia and Cragen are worried Tucker, the Internal Affairs guy who is investigating the case, might try to take Rollins’ badge away. Olivia mentions how at one point Tucker had even tried to take, her badge away. She basically tells Nick, Tucker has some sort of a grudge against them all.

Kim goes behind Rollin’s back and pays Tucker a visit at his office. “I’ve something to tell you” she says. Later, Tucker calls Rollins for questioning. Tucker begins asking Rollins when she first met Jeff and how her equation with Jeff was. Tucker asks Rollins if she had assaulted Jeff in the past. Rollins admits she did, because Jeff had hit Kim and once it was so bad she had to be taken to the ER. He then mentions how Rollins had pulled a gun on Jeff 4 months ago. Rollins says Jeff was attacking Kim, which is why she pointed a gun at him. Tucker on his part isn’t convinced by Rollins’ reasoning and grills her about all the things she said and did to protect her sister from Jeff each time. Rollins realizes as to who gave Tucker all this information.

She later confronts Kim at home. Kim on being questioned reveals they have to make Jeff’s death look like an accident if they are to get the money. Rollins is baffled to hear this. Kim explains that she took out a life insurance policy in Jeff’s name and both she and Rollins are the beneficiaries. Kim further mentions that the insurance company will only pay them the money if it’s confirmed in the investigations that Jeff’s death is an accident. In other words, Kim can’t say Jeff was raping her, because the policy would be void if its proven Jeff was committing a felony. Kim shows Rollins a copy of the policy. “We’ll finally be rich” she tells Rollins.

Later, Rollins meets Tucker, hands him the policy and tells him everything. Tucker during their conversation brings up Rollins’ gambling problem. Tucker then gets Rollins to admit that she still owes a couple of people money from her gambling days. He says he finds it difficult to believe that Rollins has a gambling problem, owes people money and despite this she did not know about the policy and about her being one of the beneficiaries. Rollins argues that she came to him the moment she came to know about it. “You mean, after your sister did” Tucker counters. Tucker later has a chat with Kim and asks her if the policy was her idea or Rollins'. Next, Cragen calls Rollins to his office. “What’s going on?” he asks her.

Rollins tells Cragen about the policy. Finn informs them that Kim was seen getting into an “unmarked police car”. Tucker arrives a little later and arrests Rollins for Jeff’s murder. Rollins is put in a prison cell. Later, Rollins’ lawyer Hershey Horowitz pays her a visit. Cragen and team brainstorm about how they can get Rollins out of trouble. Finn feels Kim set Jeff up because she wanted him killed. He says he had checked Kim’s phone and she had called Jeff four times after getting to New York. “Last call was two hours before he got shot” Finn says. Kim then probably lured Jeff to the apartment and cried rape when she heard Rollins come in.

They figure out that Kim went to the IAB and withdrew the rape accusation, because she wouldn’t get the money from the policy if its proven Jeff was committing a felony; which is also why Rollins went to jail. Rollins gets bail. Finn and Cragen tell her that Kim is the one who set her up. Rollins finds that difficult to believe and wants to talk to her. Her lawyer and Cragen advise her against it. “Amanda I know this is painful, but she not your sister anymore” Cragen says. Later, Rollins pays Kim a visit, in the hotel room where she is being kept. Rollins basically asks Kim if she set her up. Kim reluctantly admits that she did. Rollins is shocked to hear her confess.

Rollins also figures out that Kim isn’t pregnant and had lied to her about that too. Later, Kim meets Nick who she apparently has a liking for. Nick says he can’t talk to her, but then changes his mind and takes her to a restaurant. Nick makes her feel comfortable and orders some food. She in turns begins blurting out how she set Rollins up, for the insurance money. Turns out, Nick was recording the whole conversation. The recording is later played in front of Tucker. Tucker says all charges against Rollins would be dropped and Kim would now be charged for murder. Rollins doesn’t want Kim to be charged. “Amanda you have to let her go” Cragen says.

Rollins begins sobbing. Tucker later finds out that Kim has made a run for it. Rollins returns home and sees that it’s been cleaned out. Rollins reads a note Kim has left behind and it says: “I helped myself to some things. Sorry. I love you Amanda”. The episode ends at this point.