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Girl Dishonored - Recap

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The episode begins with Olivia and Rollins indulging in some small talk, while heading home from work. Elsewhere, at a frat house, a girl named Lindsey along with a bunch of other girls is shown being put through an initiation ceremony. Next, Lindsey attends a frat house party, where she is told by one of her seniors that if she wants to pledge, she will have to go upstairs and talk to a guy named Travis. After Travis allows her to take pictures of his penis, just like she was asked to do, he asks her for a kiss. She reluctantly allows it and they soon begin making out.

Suddenly Travis pushes her to the bed, while two other guys enter the room and lock it from the inside. The three of them proceed to rape her, while she tries to yell out for help. A guy and a girl are busy romancing on the rooftop at where the party is, when the guy hears a girl’s crying and goes to check, who it is. He sees Lindsey, who is in tears and barely in her senses, standing on the ledge. He urges her to come down and soon after, the scene blacks out. After arriving at the school, Finn and Rollins run into Leo Barth, the head of campus security, who tells them that Lindsey, was seen standing on a ledge in an inebriated state and a good Samaritan saved her. While they are chatting Eileen Benet, Lindsey’s mother, walks up to them. She is the one, who called the cops, because she feels Lindsey has been raped.

Rollins has a talk with Lindsey, who recounts to her all that happened and says the names of the other two boys who raped her besides Travis, were Carter and Wesley. She adds that she couldn’t get a good look at their faces. She also tells Rollins about “Pledge Week”, when new girls get initiated into the sorority and as a part of her pledge she had to take a picture of Travis’s junk. Olivia and Nick talk to the girls at the frat house, but none of them is ready to concede that Lindsey was raped. Instead, they accuse her of being slutty. At the precinct, Cragen is informed that Lindsey’s rape kit was a mess because the campus security let her shower before the cops met her. Finn feels this was done because the campus security was trying to cover up the whole issue. The detectives have a chat with the three rapists.

They all claim that they are innocent, that Lindsey wanted to have sex with them and that no one forced her into anything. Travis even shows Nick a topless photo of Lindsey that she sent him in the morning and argues that if he had raped her why would she send the photo. When asked about it, Lindsey admits she sent the photo because Travis asked for it and she assumed that after last night that he liked her. Lindsey tells Rollins about Rene, a girl who last year had accused Travis of rape, but no one believed her, eventually she went crazy and had to be locked up in a psych ward. At the psych ward, Olivia and Rollins arrive to meet Rene, but is told by the doctor that now is not a good time because Rene is about to undergo electro shock therapy. The duo knows that this will affect Rene’s memory, so they ask the doctor to stop the procedure. The doc says she can’t do that because Rene is the one who asked for it.

After the procedure, the doctor tells the duo that Rene asked for it, so she could put her assault behind her. She says they can talk to her because although Rene’s short term memory is affected because of the procedure, her long term memory isn’t. The doctor proceeds to mentally prepare Rene, so the duo can talk to her. Rene tells the duo that, when she filed a complaint against Travis, the fraternity and her school turned against her, making her out to be the villain in the whole thing. She mentions how the dean of her school even accused her of trying to intimidate Travis. At the school, Finn and Rollins talk to Dean Myerson, who says Rene was a troubled girl, who had come from a broken home. She tells them Rene made “unsupportable” accusations, which she couldn’t prove.

She tells them Talia Blaine, the student counselor, was the one, who had talked to Rene about the matter and she is the one, who gave her (Myerson) this assessment. The counselor when questioned says she doesn’t really know what happened, but adds that Rene is the one, who eventually decided to withdraw her accusations. At the psych ward, Olivia and Rollins arrive to meet Rene again and tell her that they believe her story. They ask for her help to take down Travis and she agrees. She describes to them, how Travis took her to his frat house and after giving her pot-filled brownies, raped her. She filed a complaint about the issue, but because she did if after a few weeks, she was told she was too late. One night she drank too much and took an overdose of sleeping pills, which is why she landed up at the hospital.

At the precinct, ADA Barba tells the team that they need to find out if there were other victims. So, the team has a talk with everyone at the school and urges anyone, who knows something, to come forward. After their talk, Alison, one of the students, comes forward and confesses to Olivia that she was raped three years ago. At the precinct, Barba suggests that they talk to Joe, the good Samaritan, who saved Lindsey, and is from the same frat house as Travis. Barba feels Joe might know something and because Alison named him as one of her rapists, they might be able to scare him into talking. When questioned, Joe admits that he might have gone too far with Alison, so he had a talk with Barth, the head of campus security.

As a test he told Joe to ask Alison out and because she agreed to go out with him, Barth told Joe that probably the whole thing wasn’t a rape. Turns out, he did the same with Travis, when it came to the Lindsey issue. Both admits to everything and adds that his job is to keep the kids in the school from killing themselves, but he can’t police their bedrooms. At Barba’s office, the team tells him all this and he concludes the school is trying to cover up things, so he decides to drag the school to court. Barba’s plan is to drag the school through the mud, so it realizes the boys they are trying to protect are liabilities. He feels once the school realizes this it will cut the boys loose. At school, Rollins tries to convince Lindsey to testify, but she refuses, saying she is all better now and has no issues with anyone.

At the hearing, Rene recounts to the jury her harrowing experience. She not only blames Travis for the rape, but also the school because it tried to cover up the matter by having her institutionalized. After the hearing, Barba tells Olivia that it looks like the jury believed the girls. He presumes that by now the school must have already begun panicking and is curious what its next move will be. At the hearing, when school officials are questioned, they claim that every sexual assault case was reported and acted upon. Unlike Barba’s expectations, the Dean did not give up the boys, but defended them. Later, Olivia and team learn that Lindsey jumped from the roof of the school and killed herself. At the scene, Nick sees a visibly disturbed Joe standing nearby and has a talk with him.

Joe admits that Lindsey was raped and no one including him helped her. Joe shows the team a video, which was recorded in the frat house by Lindsey’s rapists, in which they are seen joking about, how they raped Lindsey. The dean is shown the video and is shocked. She is told the rapists are being charged and so are she and Barth. At a prayer meeting being held for Lindsey, Rene tells Olivia she is being allowed to return to school and is thinking of starting a support group, for girls like her. The episode ends at this point.