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Poisoned Motive - Recap

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At the SVU squad, the detectives are all busy bringing in a group of girls while Rollins attempts to fingerprint the woman who was holding them; Mrs. Chang. As Rollins leads Mrs. Chang out of the precinct, someone is shown looking at the detectives through a scope. As Finn puts Chang into the car, Rollins heads over to the driver’s side. A shot is fired and Rollins is hit, falling against the car. Finn attends to Rollins and points Benson and Amaro to a nearby rooftop where the shots originated. As Benson and Amaro race to the building, Finn calls for help.

Benson and Amaro get to the rooftop, but find no one. Finn carries Rollins to the back seat of a car and drives off. Later, Rollins is in a hospital room, under pain meds, and Finn walks in. She asks if he got the guy that shot her, and then she falls asleep. Finn leaves the room to find Cragen and the detectives and other police waiting for word. He tells them she feels no pain; the bullet hit muscle and came out her upper back. There is no permanent damage, and ask if there are any leads. Amaro says there was nothing on the roof and there are no witnesses. Amaro feels that one bullet and a rooftop sniper means this is a targeted hit. Finn says Mrs. Chang was mouthing off to Rollins, so Cragen suggests they go and bring her back for questioning. When told about the attempted murder of a police officer, Chang looks surprised. Chang counters that if one of her people did it, Rollins would be dead.

Back at the hospital, Finn tells Rollins that he knows she did get threats from Chang’s people. Rollins replies it was just a few texts. Rollins says she did not want TARU and IAB going through her phone. When Cragen asks why is that, she explains that there were friendly reminders on her phone, from people to whom she owed gambling debts. After Cragen leaves, Finn tells Rollins that they need to see her phone and have to follow this up. She agrees and then says she heard from Earl Talley, a friend of her sister’s who is mad she shot Jeff. Benson, Amaro and Finn forcibly enter Earl Talley’s apartment and find him bent over the toilet. Talley says he is sick and he doesn’t feel good. Amaro tells him next time try aspirin and not hillbilly crack. Finn asks him where he was at 10 in the morning and Tally says he has no idea.

Back at the hospital room, Amaro tells Rollins there is proof; Talley was somewhere else during the time of the shooting. Benson gets a message that there has been another sniper shooting and the same gun has been used. At the emergency room at Brooklyn Mercy Hospital, as Benson and Finn arrive, Finn recognizes his former narcotics supervisor, Lt. Howard. Her son Mark was shot and he is in surgery. He was walking out of his apartment and it was a single shot from a rooftop sniper. Benson thinks it is no coincidence that his partner and Howard’s son were shot. At SVU, Howard is there and Cragen offers his condolences on her son and thanks her for coming in. Amaro explains that the bullet that hit her son was from a Les Baer Prowler, and Finn adds that is a high end pistol. Benson thinks they are dealing with a pro. When Finn can’t recall anyone with a specific grudge, Cragen suggests they go over every old case.

Finn decides to call an old partner Luis, who took a bullet meant for him. He lost contact with Luis. Finn and Amaro arrive at the apartment of Luis Montero, who explains his daughter Gloria moved back in to help him out. He explains he has a lot of medical bills. They talk about the case with Howard’s son and Rollins. Gloria enters and Luis tells them she is in the academy. Luis explains why Finn and Amaro are there. Gloria asks about Escobar, explaining that he tried to shoot Luis once, and he had a parole hearing but he did not get out. Outside the apartment building, Amaro comments that Escobar was top of the food chain and could still have reached out from the prison. Finn said it took two years; they worked their way through hundreds of dealers and others to get to him. Finn says that the bullet was meant for him, they were making their last buy from Escobar and someone must have ratted him out.

They next thing he knew, he had a .38 to the back of his head. Luis jumped in and the gun went off and Luis got his twice, in the hip and knee. Finn left narcotics that day. At Attica State Prison, Finn and Amaro speak with Escobar and when Escobar quietly taunts Finn about Rollins, Finn becomes irate and gets in Escobar’s face. Amaro and Finn speak with the warden, who explains the restrictions they have on Escobar but nothing seems to slow him down. When Finn asks if they tried to lock him in the hole, the warden says Escobar hit them with a bunch of lawsuits for inhumane treatment due to his health issues. A clinic nurse backed his claim. They fired her after he got her pregnant. She brings their little boy for visits. Benson speaks with the nurse, Ana. Benson tells her two people were shot, who were connected to putting Escobar in prison. Ana wonders how he can be involved when he spends 23 hours in a tiny cell and he can’t make any calls and they censor his mail. Benson questions if, when Ana goes to visit him, he asks her to relay messages.

Ana counters that he plays with Benito, Jr. and they talk about feeding his son on a part time job and food stamps, keeping them alive and avoiding them being homeless and nothing else. Back at SVU, Benson tells the others that Ana lied, Benson checked her phone records and after visits to Escobar, she called a member of his old crew, Calvin "Pearlie" Jones. Finn knows him, saying he served 8 years for dealing blow and is probably back, on the streets. At the Sukey Tawdry Lounge, Benson and Finn walk in on Jones. When Benson brings up the call from Ana, he replies whatever it was; he told her he was not interested. Finn and Benson pull their guns and ask Jones if now he wants to tell them about Escobar. Jones says they might as well shoot him as he is no snitch. At Attica, Amaro and Finn get rough with Escobar and while Amaro restrains Escobar, Finn punches him in the gut and asks him who the shooter is. The warden buzzes into the cell and says he has some news.

The nurse that Escobar knocked up just got shot and she is dead. One shot, straight to the head. When informed of this, Escobar collapses to the floor, sobbing. At SVU, in the light of recent events Finn and Amaro have doubts whether Escobar is the perp. Lt. Alex Eames enters and is given the details, including the fact that the last shooting was from the housing project. Benson asks if there is any surveillance, and Eames explains that is why she is here, they caught a break. That project is near a power plant which is under joint terrorism task force surveillance and they are going through it frame by frame. Benson thinks they are looking at someone who has a grudge against NYPD and Escobar. Cragen tells them to take a look at Luis’ because according to Finn, Luis used to write down everything.

Amaro and Finn look through Luis’ files. Amaro tells Luis that they are looking for gangsters who didn’t like Escobar. Luis thinks it could be Bautista and his Dominican gang, who were having a turf beef but they put them away too. Amaro gets a message and Luis asks if they have any other leads. Finn says the shooter was dead on from 100 yards with a Les Baer Prowler. Luis asks if it was a new one. Amaro says no, they just tracked it down; it was last used in a Brighton Beach gang shooting in 1997. Luis says it doesn’t ring a bell. Amaro observes that Luis is uncomfortable for some reason. At SVU, Cragen wonders how a gun used in 1997 for a hit surfaced now. Finn recalls they took down a rival dealer and that Luis worked with 2 Ukrainian undercovers. Benson asks if there is any way Luis would look the other way for one of them, and Finn says maybe for pocketing a piece but never going after one of their own.

Amaro says he saw Luis’ face when then told him it was a Les Baer, it hit a nerve. Cragen tells Finn to sound out Luis and tells Benson and Amaro to track down the UCs. In a bar, Finn questions Luis about the Ukrainian UCs. Luis says they are in Europe working for Interpol or something. Finn asks about the Les Baer pistol and if those guys could have picked it up. When Luis says no way, Finn asks how he can be so sure. Luis then admits that he did. He puts a box on the bar and opens it, the gun is inside. Luis asks if there is anything else he wants to ask him. Finn looks stunned. In the SVU interview room with Benson and Amaro, Luis says he had been trying to get a shot on Rollins for a few weeks. He heard about the perp walk and fired from a rooftop across the street from the precinct. Luis explains the shootings. He says he shot Ana to get back at Escobar for what Escobar did to him. Amaro asks why shoot Rollins, he never met her. Luis says Finn turned his back on him and didn’t come to his wife’s funeral, so this was a revenge for that.

Finn thinks Luis has motive and he knows all the details about the shooting. Rollins points out that the guy who shot her disappeared fast from a roof, and Luis is on disability. Finn says Luis handed him the gun, and Rollins counters that doesn’t mean he is the shooter, asking if anyone else has access to the weapon. Finn says his daughter Gloria who is 25 and in the police academy. Rollins wonders if maybe Gloria is trying to make the people she is angry at hurt the way she got hurt when her father got shot. Finn refuses to believe that, saying Gloria is a sweet kid. Cragen on going through Gloria’s record at the Academy learns that she was kicked out of the academy on a psychological, two months ago. Finn thinks Luis would have told them that, but Benson wonders if he knew.

Cragen suggests they find her. Gloria’s car is found under a bridge, with a burned body inside. The body is of Yolanda Brooks, a traffic enforcement agent who ticketed Gloria’s vehicle. Gloria is also known to have purchased several automatic weapons in Philly at a gun show after her dismissal from the academy. Amaro says they have a report of a white delivery van stolen from the area and they have the plate number out on the license recognition system. Back at SVU, Luis is told that he is free to go, after being informed that his attempts to protect his daughter by owning up for the murders have failed. He is also informed that there is a massive manhunt on for Gloria. The team gets a lead on Gloria’s whereabouts and rushes to the scene. It’s a hospital damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Along with heavily armed police, Benson, Fin, and Amaro walk through the hallways and check out the rooms. They hear a voice and find a computer sitting on a bed with a video of Gloria talking. She is saying she considers herself a good person and a loving daughter, and as responsible citizen. She says the actions she has taken are a last resort to address the unconscionable mistreatment that her family has suffered at the hands of the NYPD and other bureaucracies. As Gloria drives away in a car, Cragen and Eames listen to the message. Elsewhere, still in the car, Gloria readies a gun. She watches as a man, his wife and child step out of their house. She walks up to the steps of the house. Dressed in military garb and carrying a large bag. Later, at a street near that house, the NYPD Mobile Command Unit, ambulance, and several police cars arrive at the scene.

Eames mentions that Gloria is not picking up the land line and when Cragen asks if they know she is inside, Eames says there is no visual confirmation because she has pulled the blinds. Someone calls out for Cragen; it is Mr. Hamill, the man to whom the house belongs. They explain Gloria used to live in that house and they're not sure if she is in there. When he moves to go in they stop him. They need him to call his wife because nobody is picking up the land line. Inside, the phone is ringing and Mrs. Hamill and her son are sitting on the floor, tied up. She says she should pick up the phone, saying it is her husband and he will be worried. Gloria points a gun to her head and tells her not to move. Gloria tells her to be quiet and she answers the phone, asking who this is. Mr. Hamill explains he would like to speak to his wife.

Gloria says his wife is fine. She asks to talk to her father. Benson and Fin bring over Luis, and Benson says he can talk to Gloria but that is all. Luis tries to talk his daughter out of the whole thing, but she is adamant. Gloria tells Luis to tell Finn to come inside or she will shoot the boy and his mother. Finn walks into the house to have a talk with Gloria. She blames Finn for everything that happened to her father. He concedes that he feels guilty for what happened to Luis, even today. He tells her to put the gun down and give it to him; he does not want to let them kill her. He tells her he will take her outside and be her bodyguard. Gloria refuses, so Finn lunges at her, knocking her to the floor. A gunshot is heard and Eames tells the team to go in. Finn tells them nobody is hurt and asks to take Gloria out. Rollins is relived that Finn is unhurt.