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Traumatic Wound - Recap

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The episode begins with a couple of girls heading for a party. They arrive at the venue where a band is performing onstage and there is a huge crowd that has gathered for the performance. The girls meet up with a guy called Jake. The three a busy dancing and enjoying a drink, when one of the girls has her top pulled down by some guy in the crowd. She is pushed to the ground and her clothes are torn off by a bunch of guys, who then rape her. She yells out for help and so does her friend, but because of all the commotion no one hears them. Gaby Shaw, the victim, is later rushed to the hospital, while Olivia, Nick and Munch arrive at the venue, where a bunch of suspects have been rounded up.

Jake recounts to Finn, how the whole thing went down, while Rollins questions Brit, Gaby’s friend. At the hospital, Olivia and Nick are told by the doc about how horribly Gaby was assaulted. The doc says she will pull DNA samples from the bite marks and the semen on her body. Gaby is presently unconscious due to a concussion, so the doc says the detectives can question her once she regains consciousness. At the precinct, Finn has a talk with one of the suspects, who claims Gaby was dancing with her top off, which meant she wanted guys to hit on her.

One suspect admits he grabbed Gaby’s breasts, but claims he did nothing more, while another refuses to say anything and lawyers up. Six suspects have been arrested in all, but it is impossible to prove by looking at the security footage video, who really did what. This is mainly because the place was too crowded for anyone to make out anything from the video. Also, there are too many bite marks on Gaby’s body, which would make it difficult to separate the DNA. Gaby regains consciousness and is shown the photos of all the guys who were at the club. Gaby vaguely recognizes a few of them, but doesn’t really remember who did what because it was dark and there was a lot of noise.

Olivia urges her to recall anything that would help the police. She sees the photo of the security guard, who there that night and clearly recalls him jumping on her. Frank, the security guard, is brought in for questioning. He for some reason willingly admits that Gaby is right. Gaby also recognizes the other suspects from a lineup. While the suspects are all begin hauled into a police van, Frank assaults a cop. After being restrained, Nick, who is also there, hears Frank talk like a crazy person and suspects something is wrong. At the precinct, Nick tells Rollins that Frank, who was a soldier and has served in Afghanistan, is suffering from PTSD. He feels Frank might not have actually done anything and only confessed to assaulting Gaby because he wanted to punish himself.

Rollins refuses to believe Nick’s theory, but Nick is confident that he is right. Nick has a talk with Frank and he recalls that he saw the guy, who pulled Gaby’s top down. He even describes the guy to Nick and turns out; this guy isn’t one of the suspects. Frank says he later jumped on Gaby to see if she was ok, but it was too late. He blames himself, saying he should have gotten to her sooner. Next, Nick shows the team on the security footage the guy, who Frank describes as having started it all. The team decides to find this guy, but Rollins still isn’t willing to believe that Frank is innocent because Gaby IDd him as one of her attackers. Louis, the guy who allegedly pulled Gaby’s top down, is found. He says he is innocent and did no such thing.

Gaby recognizes him as the guy, who works at the pizza parlor she goes to, after school. She says she has always been nice to Louis and can’t understand why he would do such a thing. Olivia says they have arranged for a phone call between her and Louis, so she can ask him this herself and the call will be recorded. In the course of the call, Louis admits to Gaby that he did pull her top down, but it was only meant to be a prank. He says he and some friend of his had only planned to take a topless picture of hers and nothing more. She asks him, who was this friend of his, but he refuses to reveal that and hangs up. Louis is brought in and the call is played back to him. Finn points out that what he said in the call amounts to admission of crime.

Louis reluctantly admits that he was told to do the whole thing by Alec Peters, Gaby’s ex. He was paid $500 for it. He adds that Jake and Brit, Gaby’s friend who brought her to the club, were also in on it. In fact, it was Brit, who had said she would make Gaby wear something to the club without a bra. When told this, Gaby says Alec didn’t take her breaking up with him too well. She also reveals that Jake, Alec and Brit are childhood friends. She says a few weeks ago Jake and Brit started acting all friendly with her and she was happy that they wanted to be friends even though she had broken up with Alec. Gaby then recalls that it was Brit, who that night had told her to wear a tube top. After being told that he is free to go, Nick hands Frank the contact info for a therapist, saying he has PTSD and should get it checked out.

Jake, Brit and Alec when questioned deny everything, saying Louis is lying because he got caught. Barba and the team brainstorm, how they can take down this trio of old friends, who conspired to humiliate Gaby. Barba suggests Nick have a talk with Frank again to see if he can remember anything else from that night at the club. On seeing Brit’s photo, Frank recalls her whispering something in Louis’ ear that night, before he pulled down Gaby’s top. In the courtroom, Frank reveals everything that he saw including the fact that Jake gave Louis a thumbs-up after he pulled Gaby’s top down and pushed her into the crowd. The defense then questions Frank and nearly proves that Frank imagined things because of his PTSD and therefore his testimony should be stricken from the record.

Barba requests the judge to call it a day because he too knows they are on the verge of losing the case. Outside, Frank tells Barba, Munch and Nick that he remembers from that night seeing a guy, who was videotaping all that was happening to Gaby. Frank recalls that from the guy’s haircut it looked like he was in the army, while Nick recalls Louis telling him that his brother was in the army. Nick and Finn have a talk with Ralph, Louis’ brother, who reluctantly admits everything to protect Louis. He says he did it because Louis said it was easy money, but what happened made him sick. Barba and team also learn that the video was uploaded to a password protected site.

The defense lawyer is shown the video, which clearly reveals, what exactly happened with Gaby. In court, after waiving off their right to be heard by a jury, the trio pleads guilty in front of the judge. At the precinct, Rollins apologizes to Nick for doubting Frank. He forgives her, saying he recognized Frank had PTSD because Maria, his wife, when she came back after serving in Iraq, also exhibited similar symptoms of PTSD. The episode ends at this point.