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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Dick Wolf     Creator379 Eps
Arthur W. Forney     Executive Producer13 Eps
Jonathan Starch     Executive Producer46 Eps
Michael Smith (7)     Executive Producer11 Eps
Julie Martin (1)     Executive Producer84 Eps
Warren Leight     Executive Producer107 Eps
David J. Burke     Executive Producer35 Eps
Ted Kotcheff     Executive Producer263 Eps
Robert Palm     Executive Producer22 Eps
Neal Baer     Executive Producer241 Eps
Peter Jankowski     Executive Producer334 Eps
Dick Wolf     Executive Producer379 Eps
Ian Biederman     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Julie Martin (1)     Co-Executive Producer23 Eps
Bryan Goluboff     Co-Executive Producer17 Eps
Roz Weinman     Co-Executive Producer48 Eps
Lisa Marie Petersen     Co-Executive Producer51 Eps
Michael Smith (7)     Co-Executive Producer18 Eps
Ed Zuckerman     Co-Executive Producer23 Eps
Jonathan Starch     Co-Executive Producer14 Eps
Peter Blauner     Co-Executive Producer24 Eps
Kevin Fox     Co-Executive Producer60 Eps
Lawrence Kaplow     Co-Executive Producer9 Eps
Samantha Corbin-Miller     Co-Executive Producer31 Eps
Tara Butters     Co-Executive Producer45 Eps
Michele Fazekas     Co-Executive Producer45 Eps
Arthur W. Forney     Co-Executive Producer344 Eps
Jonathan Greene     Co-Executive Producer159 Eps
Martin Weiss (1)     Co-Executive Producer9 Eps
David Platt     Co-Executive Producer46 Eps
Peter Leto     Co-Executive Producer70 Eps
Daniel Truly     Co-Executive Producer48 Eps
Amanda Green     Co-Executive Producer87 Eps
Dawn DeNoon     Co-Executive Producer181 Eps
Ted Kotcheff     Co-Executive Producer22 Eps
Peter Jankowski     Co-Executive Producer43 Eps
Judith McCreary     Co-Executive Producer55 Eps
Patrick Harbinson     Co-Executive Producer109 Eps
Mark Goffman     Supervising Producer42 Eps
Daniel Truly     Supervising Producer22 Eps
Patrick Harbinson     Supervising Producer9 Eps
Judith McCreary     Supervising Producer3 Eps
Kevin Fox     Supervising Producer24 Eps
Peter Blauner     Supervising Producer24 Eps
Jill Abbinanti     Supervising Producer12 Eps
Peter Leto     Supervising Producer64 Eps
Jeff Eckerle     Supervising Producer23 Eps
Jonathan Greene     Supervising Producer22 Eps
Randy Roberts     Supervising Producer203 Eps
Lisa Marie Petersen     Supervising Producer25 Eps
Dawn DeNoon     Supervising Producer25 Eps
Roz Weinman     Supervising Producer25 Eps
Amanda Green     Supervising Producer22 Eps
Michele Fazekas     Supervising Producer25 Eps
Tara Butters     Supervising Producer25 Eps
Dawn DeNoon     Producer23 Eps
Josh Singer     Producer19 Eps
David Platt     Producer8 Eps
Amanda Green     Producer10 Eps
Robin Veith     Producer23 Eps
Kenneth G. Brown (1)     Producer84 Eps
Jonathan Starch     Producer24 Eps
Mark Dragin     Producer60 Eps
Jill Abbinanti     Producer23 Eps
Mariska Hargitay     Producer36 Eps
Lisa Marie Petersen     Producer23 Eps
Roz Weinman     Producer24 Eps
David DeClerque     Producer295 Eps
Jeff Eckerle     Producer21 Eps
Michael R. Perry     Producer22 Eps
Gail Barringer     Producer156 Eps
Joe Lazarov     Producer24 Eps
Robert F. Campbell     Producer26 Eps
Jonathan Greene     Producer26 Eps
Randy Roberts     Producer25 Eps
Jose Molina     Producer22 Eps
Peter Leto     Producer70 Eps
Paul Grellong     Co-Producer19 Eps
Robert F. Campbell     Co-Producer22 Eps
Jonathan Greene     Co-Producer22 Eps
Jose Molina     Co-Producer23 Eps
Amanda Green     Co-Producer13 Eps
Jonathan Strauss     Co-Producer107 Eps
Mark Dragin     Co-Producer47 Eps
Michael Ciliento     Co-Producer84 Eps
Jill Abbinanti     Co-Producer24 Eps
Amanda Slater     Co-Producer60 Eps
Gail Barringer     Co-Producer42 Eps
Wendy West     Co-Producer5 Eps
Joe Lazarov     Co-Producer22 Eps
Peter Leto     Co-Producer25 Eps
Randy Roberts     Co-Producer16 Eps
John A. Smith     Co-Producer25 Eps
Mick Betancourt     Co-Producer24 Eps
Sheyna Kathleen Smith     Co-Producer91 Eps
Lynn Goldman     Co-Producer28 Eps
Michele Fazekas     Co-Producer25 Eps
Tara Butters     Co-Producer25 Eps
Speed Weed     Co-Producer24 Eps
Jill Abbinanti     Consulting Producer1 Eps
Ed Zuckerman     Consulting Producer19 Eps
Gwendolyn Parker     Consulting Producer24 Eps
Peter Blauner     Consulting Producer10 Eps
Eric Overmyer     Consulting Producer8 Eps
Billy Fox     Consulting Producer22 Eps
Judith McCreary     Consulting Producer122 Eps
Lynn Goldman     Associate Producer22 Eps
Sheyna Kathleen Smith     Associate Producer73 Eps
Michael Ciliento     Associate Producer23 Eps
Fred Kolo     Production Designer2 Eps
Wing Lee     Production Designer2 Eps
Sarah Frank     Production Designer3 Eps
Melanie Baker     Production Designer3 Eps
Jeff Crye     Production Designer13 Eps
Dean Taucher     Production Designer290 Eps
Teresa Carriker-Thayer     Production Designer1 Eps
Jon Koslowsky     Editor7 Eps
Leon Ortiz-Gil     Editor34 Eps
Steve Polivka     Editor13 Eps
David Greenberg     Editor2 Eps
Maja Vrvilo     Editor1 Eps
Risa Blewitt     Editor1 Eps
Daniel J. Simmons     Editor2 Eps
Bonnie Koehler     Editor17 Eps
James Austin Stewart     Editor58 Eps
Karen I. Stern     Editor127 Eps
Douglas Ibold     Editor49 Eps
Nancy Forner     Editor59 Eps
Scott Boyd     Editor14 Eps
Philip Huffman     Casting60 Eps
Julie Tucker     Casting116 Eps
Lynn Kressel     Casting379 Eps
Jonathan Strauss     Casting241 Eps
Lynn Goldman     Unit Production Manager22 Eps
Gail Barringer     Unit Production Manager111 Eps
Howard McMaster     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Robert E. Warren     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Terry Ham     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Kim Kennedy (2)     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Mike Post     Music379 Eps
Thomas Lee Keller (1)     Costume Designer1 Eps
Tina Nigro     Costume Designer45 Eps
Leslie Yarmo     Costume Designer22 Eps
Maria Bierniak     Location Manager1 Eps
Trish Adlesic     Location Manager23 Eps
Phil Oetiker     Director of Photography5 Eps
Peter Reniers     Director of Photography1 Eps
Jonathan Herron     Director of Photography5 Eps
Michael Green (5)     Director of Photography102 Eps
Geoffrey Erb     Director of Photography92 Eps
Tom Weston (2)     Director of Photography25 Eps
Tony C. Jannelli     Director of Photography22 Eps
George Pattison     Director of Photography83 Eps
Brianna Yellen     Story Editor13 Eps
David Matthews     Story Editor23 Eps
Roger Wolfson     Story Editor22 Eps
Jonathan Greene     Story Editor21 Eps
Robert F. Campbell     Story Editor21 Eps
Wendy West     Story Editor22 Eps
Amanda Green     Executive Story Editor25 Eps
Paul Grellong     Executive Story Editor22 Eps
Dawn DeNoon     Executive Story Editor21 Eps
Lisa Marie Petersen     Executive Story Editor21 Eps
Michele Fazekas     Executive Story Editor23 Eps
Tara Butters     Executive Story Editor23 Eps
John Chambers     Executive Story Editor22 Eps
Jose Molina     Executive Story Editor25 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1999
Episode Order: 23
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