Season 4

46 :04x01 - Dirty Ink

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Guest Stars: Erika Alexander as Blanche Taylor Suggs | Kyla Pratt as Crystal

47 :04x02 - Date My Wife, Please

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Guest Stars: Kelly Perine as Dr. Sutton

48 :04x03 - Cam-Paign in my Butt

Stacy and Kita try to help Crystal plan her faux-wedding to Darkanian; Jamal's new campaign manager aggravates Tasha and Charles.

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49 :04x04 - Million Dollar Stacy

Stacy tries to talk Charles into joining her MMA class; Jamal considers dropping out of the election.

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50 :04x05 - Game Over

Darkanian injures himself while shooting Jamal's campaign commercial; Stacy and Tasha fear their mother is having an affair.

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51 :04x06 - Hairy Situations

Blanche releases an incriminating video of Jamal and Tasha; Stacy considers Charles' beard an embarrassment.

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52 :04x07 - Breakdowns and Billy Clubs

Charles and Jamal's fishing trip is interrupted when Stacy and Tasha invite themselves along.

53 :04x08 - Hooked on You

Stacy finds herself in an awkward position in massage parlor. Jamal and Tasha look for a new house.

54 :04x09 - Sex, Lies, and Packing Tape

Jamal and Tasha find out that their new home was the scene of a triple homicide. Troy decides to take Kita on a short getaway.

55 :04x10 - Full House

In their temporary living arrangement Stacy and Tasha fall out. Crystal's final exams are jeopardized because of her activism.