Season 5

63 :05x01 - The (Very) Big Bird Job

While the Leverage team holes up in Portland, they take on the case of a mother whose husband was killed in a plane crash caused by CEO Scott Roemer's negligence. Now Nate decides to go after Roemer by playing on his obsession with Howard Hughes' 1947 wooden plane, Spruce Goose.
Guest Stars: Cary Elwes as Scott Roemer | Jay Acovone as Samuel Busey |
Co-Guest Stars: Dana Millican as Anne Sanders | Bret Kiene as Abel | Bella King as Jenny Sanders | Linda Mraz as Accountant | David Health as Russian Appraiser | Matt Smith (8) as FBI Agent | Gordon Sondland as Museum Owner | Logan Loughmiller as Male Receptionist | Alex Terzieff as Baker | Carlos Alexis Cruz as Mexican Guard |
Uncredited: Adam Baldwin as Eliot's CTU Friend
Director: John Rogers (1)

64 :05x02 - The Blue Line Job

A minor-league hockey player's son asks the Leverage team to keep his father from getting killed on the rink. However, they quickly discover that the team's owner is planning to cut the team loose and declare bankruptcy... and that he's paying opposing teams bounties to take out his own players so he doesn't have to pay them bonuses.
Special Guest Stars: Treat Williams as Pete Rising |
Guest Stars: Graham Shiels as Craig Marko | Chase Offerle as Danny Marko | Thure Riefenstein as Vlad Basiak |
Co-Guest Stars: Daniel Liu as Dr. Matsuda
Director: Marc Roskin

65 :05x03 - The First Contact Job

To restore the reputation of a scientist whose boss stole his work and discredited him, the team set up an alien first contact situation.
Guest Stars: Neil Hopkins as James Kanack | Sean O'Bryan as Kip Bryden | Oren Rehany as Oren Metz |
Co-Guest Stars: June Eisler as Female Co-Worker | Aaron Fitzgerald (2) as Forrest
Director: Jonathan Frakes

66 :05x04 - The French Connection Job

Eliot asks the team to help his cooking mentor, who has run afoul of a restaurateur who is trafficking in black market goods.
Guest Stars: Steve Valentine as David Lampard | Marshall Teague as Rampone | Allen Nause as Toby Heath | Armando Pucci as Jean-Luc |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Dunay as Leo | Sapphire Luchelle as Whitney | Patricia Fergeson as Hope | Matt Barnett as Zachary | Charissa Adams as Agent Palmer | Elden Nelson as Bike Messenger
Writer: Paul Guyot

67 :05x05 - The Gimme a K Street Job

The team take on the CEO of PEP Athletics, who uses minimal safety standards and non-existent insurance payouts to assure that she makes a profit. To get the cheerleaders protected, the Leverage team must take on their biggest challenge: getting Congress to pass a bill.
Guest Stars: Danielle Bisutti as Wendy Baran | Steve Rankin as Senator J.J. LeGrange |
Co-Guest Stars: Ann Reilly as Heather Cornell | Rich Morris as Snyder | Camille Collard as Madison | Amanda Hastings as Angela | Jane Geesman as Congressman Berkus (Jane Berkus) | Chris Demaria as Congressman Caballo (Juan Caballo) | Ron Osborne as Congressman Zahn (John Zahn) | Susan Hess as Congressman Greenhill (as Susan Hess Logeais) | Will Hankes as New York Congressman | Jordana Shulza as Head Cheerleader
Director: Jonathan Frakes

68 :05x06 - The D.B. Cooper Job

Agent McSweeten asks the team to help him help his dying father, who wants to close one last case: the disappearance of D.B. Cooper in 1971.
Guest Stars: Fred Ward as Agent Steve Reynolds | Gerald Downey as Agent Todd McSweeten | Matt Nolan as D.B. Cooper | Ronny Cox as Peter McSweeten |
Co-Guest Stars: Linn Bjornland as Laurie | David Knell as Crowsley | Sean Cook (2) as Felton | Joe Ross as Pilot | Sam Roskin as Young Todd
Director: Marc Roskin
Writer: Chris Downey

69 :05x07 - The Real Fake Car Job

The team goes after a Wall Street scammer who is trading his knowledge of the mob's money laundering for immunity from his financial schemes. To lure him out, the team must fake the discovery of a rare Packard so that their mark will access his bank accounts and show them where he has his money hidden.
Guest Stars: Ion Overman as Marshal Ellie Rose | Scott Michael Morgan as Don Paolo Brancato | Matthew Lillard as Gabe Erickson |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Whitehead as Kyle Davis | Richard Carmen as Charlie Bosco | Brennan Claire as Library Kid
Writer: Josh Schaer

70 :05x08 - The Broken Wing Job

The team has to complete a job in Japan without Parker, who has injured her leg. However, she soon finds something to do when she discovers that thieves are using the brew pub to set up a jewelry heist.
Guest Stars: Aarti Mann as Amy Palavi | David Paladino as V | Taylor Anthony Miller as K (as Taylor Miller) |
Co-Guest Stars: Victor Kepler as Chicken Parm (James) | Conner Mark as Sid (Daryl Barnett) | Mariessa Portelance as Nancy (Vivian Bishop) | Luke Clements as Romeo (Howard Quinn) | Sylvie Davidson as Juliet (Katherine Harmon) | Karin Justman as Romeo's Date (Olivia)

71 :05x09 - The Rundown Job

To bypass government restrictions, Eliot's friend Colonel Vance asks the hitter to thwart a terrorist attack. Eliot agrees and brings Parker and Alec along for the ride.
Guest Stars: Adam Baldwin as Colonel Michael Vance | Monte Markham as Dr. Everett Udall |
Co-Guest Stars: Dennis Adkins as Congressman Jason Yount | Christa Campbell as Teresa (Teresa Darnell) | Richard Turner (2) as Riley | Ed Steiner as Farmer (Casey) | Nathan Duncan as Agent #1 | Ginny Burdick as Congresswoman Caballo |
Uncredited: Monty L. Simons as Sniper Charlie Scalzi
Director: Dean Devlin

72 :05x10 - The Frame-Up Job

Sophie sneaks out on Nate to attend an art auction, but he soon figures out what she's up to and goes after her. However, they are both implicated when a rare painting turns up missing and Nate's old nemesis Sterling is on hand to arrest them both.
Guest Stars: Mekia Cox as Katrina Hardt | Ryan McClusky as Woodman Gault (as Ryan McCluskey) | Katy Selverstone as Eleanor | Mark Sheppard as Jim Sterling |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Brian as Fiona Gault | Gary Norman (1) as Reinhold Shecter | Michael Patten as Paolo | Gil Luna as Armed Guard (Frank)
Director: Marc Roskin

73 :05x11 - The Low Low Price Job

The Leverage team may have met their match when they try to shut down a big-box store that threatens to wipe out the local business in a small town.
Guest Stars: Brigid Brannagh as Caroline Cowan | Willa Ford as Tabatha Delavega | Tierra Valentine as Anna |
Co-Guest Stars: Rod Pilloud as Martin | Ryan Stathos as Bryan | Michael Jaffe as Tom Halliward | Matt Barnett as Zachary | Karl Holzheimer as Mayor (Dean Roberts) | Dominic Cicero as Oscar Callahan | Bryar Freed-Golden as First Customer | Jerry Bell as Male Customer | Charles Wall as EPA Worker

74 :05x12 - The White Rabbit Job

The team takes on its ultimate challenge when they must target a mark and make him a better person. To pull it off, they must use the legendary White Rabbit Con and infiltrate their target's dreams.
Guest Stars: Andrew Bowen as Charles Dodgson III | Michael Sheets as Mr. Carroll |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Alan Barnett as Alex LIddell | Patty Stark as Edith | Holly Dorff as Naomi Yospe | John Christopher Storey as James McCoy
Director: P.J. Pesce

75 :05x13 - The Corkscrew Job

When a vineyard worker dies in the field, the man's daughter asks the team to help. To take on the man responsible, the team plans to discredit the rare bottle of wine he is using as collateral on his loan to buy the vineyard.
Guest Stars: Hart Bochner as Frank Madigan | Brian Silverman as Leonard |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Barnum as Kristin Knox | Dana Barron as Betty (Betty Carter) | Simon Hamlin as Vintner | Lindsay Lucas as FBI Agent | Christopher Toyne as Wine Auditor (Dan Snyder)
Director: Marc Roskin
Writer: Jenn Kao

76 :05x14 - The Toy Job

To take on a crooked toymaker who plans to flood the market with a dangerous toy during the holidays, the Leverage team must trick him into buying a worthless toy from their fake company.
Guest Stars: Gregg Henry as Trent Hazlit | Riley Donahue as Pantani | Rodney Hicks as Eldon Marris | E.E. Bell as Gil Barton | Mia Riverton as Allie Stanbrook |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Barnett as Zachary | Khanh Doan as Reporter | Nicole McCullough as Sandy Matteo | Karen Charnell as Social Worker | Nina Hameleton as Young Parker
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Writer: Joe Hortua

77 :05x15 - The Long Goodbye Job

The Leverage team must hack the ultimate security system to get to a server and get the info necessary to force a biochemical company to release a drug that can cure a boy dying of the same disease that killed Nate's son Sam. However, when the job goes bad and Parker, Eliot, and Alec are killed, Interpol interrogates Nate and tries to figure out what went wrong... and what Nate was really after.
Guest Stars: Catherine Dent as Ellen Casey | Paul Root as Security Guard #1 | Aaron Blakely as Security Guard #2 | Mark Sheppard as Jim Sterling |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Stewart Burns as Stage Manager | Hillarie Putnam as Actress | Dina Manziello as Giallo | Matt Barnett as Zachary | Steven Beckingham as Father | Gretchen Treser as Mother | Ben Gondo as Suit #1 | Matt Dotson as Guard in Garage
Director: Dean Devlin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: TNT DRAMA ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 07, 2008
Ended: December 25, 2012
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