The Three Days of the Hunter Job - Recap

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News reporter Monica Hunter goes on the air to report that "low-life" Ray Pennington is the school bus driver responsible for an accident. She claims he was being treated for severe mental illness when he was driving. At home, Pennington's daughter Sarah wonders where her father Ray is and finds him in the garage, almost dead of carbon monoxide poisoning from a suicide attempt.

Sarah goes to see Nate and explains that her father was cleared by the authorities. She admits that Ray received anti-depressants after serving in the first Gulf War, but hasn't taken them in 14 years. Nate says that he can get her the money to save the house and cover the medical bills, but Sarah insists that they want Ray's reputation back. Sophie takes over and assures Sarah that they'll get it, and then tells Nate that she wants to take the lead. He figures it's about her breakup, but Sophie insists that it isn't and notes that Nate spent a year drunk and obsessing. She appreciates his concern but insists that she needs a challenge, and Nate agrees.

At the team briefing, Sophie explains that they're going to get the network to issue an apology and disavow Monica. Nate explains to the others that Sophie is going to handle the case. Sophie explains that Parker will be the grifter, and Eliot points out that the last time Sophie was in charge, their first headquarters got blown up. Nate insists on telling Hardison to run the briefing. Hardison explains that each show has incriminating documents, embarrassing footage, and an expert, and she goes after innocent people. Sophie plans to set up Monica with a fake story which will discredit her. Nate can't help leaping in, and Sophie has him back off. Hardison suggests that they offer Monica fame, since she's a joke among serious journalists. Every time her contract is up, she tries to get a job on a serious new show and fails. Sophie figures they can set her up with a serious story and tells everyone to pack their bags... and then walks into the closet.

At BNI Studios in DC, Monica wraps up her broadcast while Parker steals her pass, forgetting she's supposed to get caught. Parker tries again and finally manages to get Monica's attention. She claims she's a rival newscaster and walks out, and Monica goes after her and demands answers. Parker finally admits that she has a hot story in the Pentagon and was going to take Monica's pass and use it to get in. Monica forces her to tell the story and Parker explains that she has a story that will bring down the President.

Parker takes Monica to her "source," Hardison, posing as a conspiracy theory nutcase. Monica starts to go but spots Eliot, posing as a black-suited agent watching the apartment. Hardison explains that the President is setting up a network of secret underground American prisons for terrorists, and she has a general in the Pentagon that is working on the story. She then calls her producer, Steve, and tells him to set up and then they'll cut Parker out of the story. In the apartment, the team gathers and Sophie tries to rally the troops, while Parker worries if the conspiracies are real.

At the Pentagon, Eliot approaches General Chesler as a Senator's assistant and says he needs to be at a meeting for a major project he's handling. As Chesler goes, Eliot steals his badge and hands it off to Parker. Chesler calls his assistant to bring his files, and then Nate goes into the office posing as Chesler. Monica arrives with Parker and her camera crew and Eliot comes by, still posing as a government agent. Monica figures that proves they're onto something and barges in on Nate. Nate neither confirms or denies and shoves his way past Monica. She sneaks into the office and finds the photos that Nate has planted. With some help from Parker, Monica finds construction memos confirming the story. She tells Parker to bring in Hardison and she'll put him on air as her source.

At the studio, Monica starts her newscast but goes with a different story. Afterward, she tells Parker and Hardison that she received ratings showing that no one is interested in government scandal stories, and secret government prisons make people feel better. Parker and Hardison are ushered out and Sophie is determined to sell fear.

Later, Parker calls Monica and informs her that Nate called her. As Monica turns and sees her, Eliot runs Parker down, takes a red file off of her, and drives away. Hardison, posing as a mailman to blend in, gets Monica away and explains that Nate wants to clear his conscience and confess. Once Monica is out of sight, Parker gets up and leaves.

Hardison takes Monica a private meeting spot and Nate warns her that "they" are cleaning up the loose ends. He explains that there's been an incident three weeks ago involving a breech at a weapon research lab outside of DC. There's a virally-replicating nerve gas that dissolves in water and spreads like a disease, and it has delayed effects. He warns that people will be getting sick in the next few days, and the "prisons" are actually shelters for the elite. Hardison chips in, explaining that the nerve gas will get into the water system and spread across the country. Monica demands more proof and Nate says it's in the file that Eliot took. Nate tells her to use other sources and sends her on her way with the codename of the project, "Destiny."

The team regroups at the apartment and Eliot keeps making up fake conspiracy stories to make Parker paranoid. Sophie is becoming increasingly righteous and vengeful in plotting Monica's downfall. Hardison has figured that Monica will go back to her usual sources and has determined which ones she'll go to for government and health secrets. He taps her email and confirms that she's e-mailed the four likely suspects. Hardison intercepts her emails and cell phone calls and makes sure she can only reach one person, Congressman Calloway. She approaches him and asks for information about Destiny, unaware that it's the name of a stripper he frequents. Calloway tells her not to tell anyone about Destiny and runs away in a panic, and Monica realizes that everything is true. She goes back to the studio and nervously looks at all the people drinking water. When her assistant gets ready to use a wet make-up sponge on her, Monica panics.

Sophie watches the surveillance footage from the studio cameras and is satisfied, but Nate warns that they may have pushed too hard. Monica arrives at Hardison's apartment and everyone hides while Monica tells Hardison that she needs video proof and pulls him away before he can say anything.

Under Nate's direction, Hardison takes Monica to a real military reserve base where he's determined that there's nothing there but a bunker containing tank parts. Nate drives after Hardison, who sneaks Monica onto the base. She's not satisfied with just seeing it and has Hardison shoot her as she begins her broadcast. She climbs over the fence and Hardison has no choice but to climb over after her as the soldiers arrive to arrest them.

Monica talks to Captain Carpenter and tries to explain that she knows all about the secret bunker. Meanwhile, Hardison claims that he picked Monica up in a bar, and then tells Sophie to get him out. Parker can't go because it will blow the con if Monica sees her, and Nate is five minutes away and only has the stolen ID. Hardison has Eliot pull up everything on his interrogator, Lt. Abbot.

Monica tries to explain what she knows about the bunkers, and suggests they take her in to keep people from panicking. Callaway has no idea what he's talking about.

Abbot returns to the interrogation and Hardison stalls, rattling off personal information on the lieutenant and passing himself off as an undercover inspector.

Nate arrives on base and bluffs his way through the gate. He finds Abbot and Carpenter and explains that the whole thing is the filming of a military special. He gets them released, tells Hardison to go on separately, gives her a bottle of pills which he claims is an antidote, and escapes just before Carpenter realizes that's Nate's a fake and tries to recapture them. The only ID they have that they can verify is Monica's.

Back at Hardison's apartment, Monica discovers that Hardison has disappeared along with all of the evidence. The red file is still there, however. Eliot comes in, wearing a leather apron, and says that he's been cleaning up. Nate informs her that he plans to eliminate her, and Monica sprays him with mace and escapes. Eliot is relieved that Parker switched it for water, until Nate explains she didn't make the switch.

A harried Monica barges into the studio and insists that he be put on the air. When her producer Steve refuses, Monica goes on anyway and starts ranting about a government conspiracy to spread a viral nerve gas. She announces that their water has been poisoned, setting off a panic. Hardison make sure that they can't stop the broadcast and interjects his own headline. Monica brings out the red file but just finds meaningless pages. The security guards take Monica away as she rants that people want her dead. Steve discovers the pills and realizes that they're anti-psychotics. The newscaster goes back on the air and announces that Monica has had a breakdown

Later, Ray does an interview on the air and announces that he's happy that he's had his good name cleared. At the condo, Nate is happy that more people will be cleared. Hardison and Eliot continue to tease Parker about conspiracies. Nate asks if Sophie had fun, and she admits that it didn't really hit the spot. She admits that she's a grifter, for better or worse, but she's lost. Nate assures her that he'll be there for her, the same way that she was there for him when he was drunk.