The Ice Man Job - Recap

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Masked thieves rob an armored car in broad daylight and gun down the security guard before fleeing at the loot.

A Boston police officer, Joey Cospito, meets with Nate and explains that he's a cop who moonlights on the side. He instinctively went after the robbers when he was supposed to stay with the armored car, and now the security company thinks he was the inside man in the robbery. Joey's been put on suspension and needs the money of a steady job for his family.

As Hardison tries to brief the team, Parker is uncomfortable and admits she misses Sophie's spot on the couch. Hardison agrees to sit next to her and proceeds, explaining that Jim Kerrity the Third took over the diamond business and then got in over his head spending booze and women. Now his finances are overdrawn. Kerrity gets $9 million in insurance and they figure that he set up the robbery to get the insurance. However, he can't collect the insurance for at least a year. Parker explains each diamond has an ID marker and only three people have the experience to wipe it. One of the three men are in Boston, and Nate figures they can convince Kerrity they can wipe the IDs and he'll bring the diamonds to them. Eliot notes that their grifter is absent and Nate proposes that Parker take the role. She realizes she can't handle it and calls Sophie in London. Sophie sends her to a storage locker to get the appropriate dress, wear an expensive diamond she's stolen, and trust in the character by keeping silent as much as possible. Parker tells Sophie not to tell Nate that she called.

Parker meets with Kerrity, who is impressed by the diamond. He's even more impressed when Parker tells him it's the original and explains her boyfriend gave it to her. Kerrity wants to meet with her boyfriend and Parker takes him to see Hardison in the next room where he's playing pool with Eliot. Parker introduces him and Eliot puts him down. Kerrity introduces his three Russian bodyguards and Nate figures they've found the armored car robbers.

Eliot takes down two of the bodyguards and the third, Dmitri, draws. Kerrity calls a truce and Hardison introduces himself as "the Ice Man," taking credit for a number of thefts that Parker has performed. He explains that he smuggled a laser into the country capable of scrubbing the ID off of any diamond. He tells Kerrity he'll take 30% for his services but Kerrity refuses. As they leave, Dmitri takes Hardison's phone number just in case.

Back at HQ, Eliot and Parker aren't thrilled with Hardison's initiative and Nate suspects that Parker has been talking to Sophie. Eliot warns that if Hardison gets in too deep, he's not going to help him.

Dmitri tells Kerrity he should sell the diamonds so he and his men can get their 10%. Nate, posing as Mr. Sterling from the insurance company, arrives and notes that Kerrity's claim has raised red flags. He plans to review Kerrity's security, and Kerrity explains his vault has a unique seismic sensor. Nate says he'll probably see his check in 9-10 months and leaves. Kerrity considers Hardison's phone number.

Eliot calls Sophie for advice and tells her not to tell Nate he called. Parker and Eliot go to Spectrum Laser Labs posing in as chemical inspectors and claim the place is contaminated. Once they get the staff out, Eliot plants a camera and then remove their protective gear. Kerrity and Dmitri arrive and wait for Hardison to arrive. Once he gets there, he has Kerrity provide a diamond for a demonstration. Parker studies it carefully and then goes into the next room and picks a similar diamond to substitute. She makes the switch to Hardison, who switches the clean diamond for Kerrity's. The diamond merchant is satisfied and agrees to meet with him tomorrow. Nate figures he'll bring the diamonds and they'll have Lt. Bonanno arrive to collect the evidence and arrest them. However, after Eliot and Parker leave, a black van pulls up and the men inside capture Hardison.

Dmitri's men take Hardison to Dmitri, who explains they need him to break into the vault and steal the diamonds from Kerrity. Hardison suggests they steal the diamonds in transit but Dmitri figures it's safer to take them directly from the vault. Hardison agrees and asks to call his girlfriend to let him know he won't be in. He calls Sophie, who quickly figures out something is going on. She figures he's okay as long as they're not Russians. When she realizes they're Russians, she has no choice but to call Nate. Nate contacts Hardison over his hidden radio and Hardison reviews the plans for Dmitri, and Nate. Dmitri shows Hardison how they plan to use explosives to get into the vault through the vault. Hardison tells Dmitri that their plan won't work and Nate tells him to stall.

Nate tries to go over Hardison's files but can't break his decryption. He tells Parker and Eliot not to call Sophie and then goes to see Kerrity. He explains that to verify his coverage, he'll need to see the company's vault. Kerrity shows him the vault and passes the information on to Hardison. Nate scans the vault with a pen sensor and Parker figures out what they need to get in. Kerrity shows the vault with the pressure-sensitive tiles. Using a can of hair spray, Nate blocks the heat sensor while Kerrity explains that the vault fills with fog and goes into lockdown when the seismic sensors and heat sensors go off. Parker is sure Hardison can't break into the vault and Nate informs her that they'll break in for her.

Back at HQ, Nate goes over the plan to have Eliot and Parker break into the vault first. They discover that Hardison already hacked into the security feed and they realize that Kerrity is outside the vault with his girlfriend. Nate goes to pay him a visit and asks to meet privately in his office. Once they're gone, Eliot arrives dressed as an armored car security guard to pick up diamonds. Once inside, he knocks out the guard. Parker drops down from the roof and comes in.

Nate discusses the security measures with Kerrity while he blocks the security monitor with his body. Meanwhile, Parker carefully starts breaking through the vault door, careful not to set off the seismic sensors. Outside, Dmitri arrives with Hardison, who insists he has to go in on his own. He fakes a fight with Eliot while Parker gets the combination and writes it in UV ink on the vault door. In Kerrity's office, Nate suggests that he be paid a bribe to make sure the insurance claim goes through.

Hardison and the Russians head for the vault while Parker climbs over the floor using the overhead pipes. Hardison gets to the vault and starts slowly opening it, using a hidden UV light to read Parker's writing. Eliot keeps him apprised of Parker's status but warns that she needs time.

Kerrity refuses to pay off Nate and orders him out. He stalls for time while Parker finishes disarming the alarm. Hardison runs out of time and is forced to open the vault before Dmitri kills him out of impatience.

Hardison and the Russians enter the vault but Parker is gone. They go to box 072 where Kerrity keeps the diamonds. Eliot warns him that Parker didn't have time to open it and Hardison has to keep stalling. Meanwhile, Kerrity draws a gun on Nate and shoves him to the door. He sees something is going on in the vault and goes to investigate.

Hardison tells Dmitri that Kerrity is coming and tells him to stop him. When Kerrity demands to know what's going on, he discovers that Hardison has disappeared. The security systems go on and the vault fills with fog. They're unaware that Parker hid in one of the larger lockers and pulled Hardison in with him. She then blasts the floor out using explosives and Eliot gets them out. Lt. Bonanno arrives with the police and finds Kerrity with a gun. Kerrity claims it's a false alarm but Bonanno notices that the loose diamonds are inside. Bonanno realizes that it doesn't jibe with Kerritys' report and informs Kerrity he's going to take them in and check the IDs.

Joey gets his job back and Nate tells him the business has collapsed and they sold the test diamond that Kerrity gave to Hardison. Joey now has the money to cover his medical costs. Meanwhile, Hardison is happy that Eliot helped him and wants a hug. Eliot doesn't want a hug.

Nate finally breaks down and calls Sophie. He explains that everything worked out fine, and then apologizes for bugging her. He promises that he won't let the others call him. He does ask Sophie to call whenever she wants and then awkwardly hangs up. On the other end, Sophie drops her phone into her drink.