The Reunion Job - Recap

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Masked men break in on a protester as he tries to download computer files. They knock him out and take his computer.

In Boston, the man, Cyrus Madahvi, meets with Nate and Hardison and explains that he was hacking Manticore, a program that lets the government monitor protesters. His people are having a protest in a week, and he wants to destroy Manticore. Nate tells him that they'll check it out. Once Cyrus is gone, Nate warns that taking on governments isn't their usual gig. Eliot, lurking in the next booth, explains that the Vezarat, the Iranian secret police, aren't the ones responsible. Nate says they'll take the case and follow the Vezarat lead, and explains he only disagreed with Hardison to hear his explanation.

Eliot and Hardison go to the Vezarat safehouse in Boston, pretending to be health inspectors. There's a scream as Sophie fakes finding a roach in her food. Once the customers clear out, Eliot and Hardison keep the occupants busy and spot the back room, and Parker sneaks in through the vent and hacks the computer, looking for Manticore. They confirm it was updated three weeks ago, and the payment was made to Larry Duberman, the founder of Dubertech.

The team meets back at the apartment and Hardison explains that Duberman is expanding his market by exporting technology to foreign countries. Hardison routes out a plan to get at Manticore, but warns that they have to access the server directly. Nate notices that Duberman is into Japanese art and confirms that Eliot is interested in bonsai trees. Meanwhile, Parker notices that Sophie is using subliminal hints to program Eliot as revenge for forcing her to put a cockroach in her food.

At Dubertech, Duberman meets with his assistant, Sloane. Eliot bumps into him and then plants a bug on the engineer, while Parker and Hardison arrive as janitors to clean up Duberman, steal his security card, and take a copy of his fingerprint. They then break into his office and discover his secret collection of high school memorabilia. They find the server... on Duberman's 1985 high school computer. Hardison tries to hack it and is detected. He manages to access some of the password names, but not the master password. Listening in by earbud, Nate and Sophie realize that they are all high school related. Hardison and Parker then sneak out before the guards can find them.

The team buys Duberman's high school yearbook and figure that he's obsessed with his teenage years as a nerd. Nate figures that all of Duberman's passwords are based on what happened to him in high school. Since Hardison can't hack the computer, they have to break into the high school 25 years ago. The class of '85 is having a reunion in eight months, so they need a plan.

Sophie calls the committee and fakes that the gym will be closed in eight months, and Duberman wants the reunion moved up eight months.

Duberman contacts the Iranians to inform them that he's hiking up the prices on Manticore. He's interrupted when Sophie pretends to be the alumni committee and calls to tell him the reunion has been moved up to the same date as his meeting with the Iranians. Duberman is eager to be there and rub his success in his former classmates' faces.

At the high school gym, Parker goes in as a caterer while Eliot prepares to go inside Dubertech and wipe the Manticore program once the others get the password. He knocks out an employee and takes his security badge and goes inside. Sophie is there pretending to be a former classmate, with the help of Hardison inserting a fake photo of her into the photo displays.

Duberman arrives at the high school and accepts his congratulations. Sophie flirts with him and then points out Nate, who is there pretending to be Drake McIntyre, Duberman's arch-nemesis from high school. Hardison has arranged for the real Drake to be out of town with gift basketball tickets. Nate is the most popular guy there, with a little help from Hardison providing background information on everyone else. However, a man, Schmitty, comes up to Nate and claims to know him. When Hardison can't find anything, Parker steals his yearbook and checks his own entries to get Nate the info he needs.

Sophie takes Duberman for a walk and discusses his life in high school, and Hardison passes the information on to Eliot, who enters the info as passwords. Nate figures that they put pressure on Duberman, he'll get riled up and give them the right password. He then drops in on Duberman and Sophie, and Duberman insists that he "won." Before Duberman can talk about everything bad that happened to him, a woman named Nikki comes in and claims to have dated Nate in high school. Hardison tries to figure out who she is, while Nikki pulls Nate away to bring back some high school romance. She gets him into a storage closet but when he tries to back off, she shoves him inside and locks him in.

At Dubertech, Eliot is looking around when Vezarat agents cut into Duberman's office. Parker frees Nate, while Nikki returns to tell Duberman that she wanted him all to herself. She spills a drink on Sophie to get her to leave, and then invites Duberman to the girl's locker room. Sophie meets with Nate and Parker, and Nate figures that they have to escalate things. However, Hardison reveals that Nikki isn't in the year book. However, he confirms that she's a hitman, Melinda Miles. Now they have to keep him alive so they can get to Manticore.

The Iranians get into Duberman's office and are surprised to find Eliot the health inspector there.

Once Melinda has Duberman alone, she draws a gun on him and informs him that the Iranians have hired her to kill him. Sophie arrives and they fight briefly, while Duberman runs off. Sophie gets away, Miranda tracks down Duberman, and Nate intervenes. He distracts her long enough for Parker to taser her unconscious. Duberman is eager to thank Nate, and admits that he wasn't as bad as Pat Brander. However, when Nate thinks Pat is a man, he gives himself away and Duberman draws a gun on him and demands answers. Sophie arrives and admits that they set the whole thing up to flatter his ego. Nate explains what they're doing and that they figured out the password. Duberman calls the police and then changes his password to Badger85.

Hardison calls Eliot and tells him the password. Eliot finishes off the Iranians and erases Manticore. At the high school, Duberman gets word that the files have been erased. Nate explains that they spent the whole evening reiterating the words badger and 85 so that he'd change the password to exactly what they planned. Duberman goes berserk and runs into the gym with the gun, and the FBI have been called. They take him away as Duberman insists that he's better that all of them.

As Sophie and Nate leave, they figure that Cyrus' people are closer to freedom. Hardison has contacted Cyrus, who is happily reunited with his family and able to tell them that there's hope. As Sophie and Nate leave, they learn that they've been voted King and Queen of the reunion. Hardison and Parker insist that they had nothing to do with it. Nate tells Hardison to set off a fire alarm, but he figures they should enjoy themselves. The two teammates end up sharing a spotlight dance, and Nate wonders if they could have been a couple in high school. She tells him not to ruin the moment. Meanwhile, Hardison invites Parker to a private dance up in the rafters, and Eliot wonders if anyone is worried about him.