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The Big Bang Job - Recap

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The Italian summons Nate to a parking garage and tells him that Damien Moreau is coming to the U.S. She tells Nate to put his plan into gear.

At the DOD off-campus research lab in Langley, VA, a researcher, Yasmin, is trying to call General Elias Atherton. She threatens to go to Homeland Security, and the line goes dead. Three people break into the lab and start searching the place. They quickly capture Yasmin and get her out of the building. As they get to the sidewalk, the lab behind her explodes. They unmask and reveal they’re Parker, Eliot, and Hardison.

At the bar, Nate explains that they have to keep Yasmin’s continuing existence secret. He tells her about Moreau, and that he’s connected with Atherton, who retired and started working for a research arm of the DOD. They tell her that Atherton has been in Moreau’s pocket for years, but Yasmin explains that the only thing she’s working on is a battery.

At the DOD, Atherton talks to his head researcher, Bixby, and tells him and his team to complete Yasmin’s research by deadline... or else. Atherton then gets a call from Moreau, who is arriving in the country by private jet. Moreau says that Yasmin made herself a liability, but Atherton says that they’ll need more time to finish her component. Unimpressed, Moreau tells him to finish “Ram’s Horn” on time for his buyers.

Hardison goes over Yasmin’s specs, while Yasmin explains that the DOD took over her research. Nate tells her that she’ll be meeting with Detective Captain Bonnano, who will keep her safe. He gives her an envelope and tells her to give it to Bonnano when he says. Sophie’s contacts have revealed that Moreau is running an auction at the end of the week, corresponding to Yasmin’s deadline. Eliot checks and determines that Moreau is staying at a hotel in DC, and that Atherton was a general in the black ops. He warns them that they need to stay away from Moreau, but Nate insists that they need to know what Ram’s Horn is and where the auction is. He has Eliot and Hardison meet with Moreau to find out about the auction, while the rest of them go after Atherton.

At the DOD lab, Bixby informs Atherton that he’s completed the battery. Nate arrives and passes himself off as a legislative liaison, and says that they have to go before Sophie arrives... just as Sophie arrives.

At the hotel, Hardison says that he’ll pose as the middleman and Eliot as his bodyguard. As they try to go in, Eliot tells them who he is using his real name. They immediately let him go to the private part at the pool, and Hardison wonders why Eliot used his real name. Eliot refuses to answer, but tells Hardison to stay close because it might get messy.

Sophie passes herself off as a Congresswoman, with Parker as her assistant. Parker steals Atherton’s wallet, while Nate tells Atherton to play along rather than risk a subpoena. Atherton agrees to give her a tour, and asks if Parker can stay and make a few calls. Nate offers to watch her, while Sophie steals Atherton’s cell phone and slips it to Nate.

Eliot and Hardison enter the pool area and find Moreau’s private party going on. Moreau’s bodyguard, Chapman, recognizes Eliot immediately and all of his men draw their guns. Chapman says that he got the job because there was an opening. Moreau comes in and greets Eliot as an old friend, and says they need to catch up.

Using Atherton’s stolen security card, Parker and Nate check the files. There’s too much data to check quickly, so Nate calls Bixby on Atherton’s cell phone, impersonates the general, and asks for the proper file numbers.

Moreau’s men handcuff Parker to a chair next to the pool. Moreau wonders why Eliot is involved, and Eliot says that he’s working as escort to Hardison, the middleman for the offer. Hardison refuses to identify his client, but says that they want to bid on the Ram’s Horn. Moreau shoves Hardison into the pool, and then Eliot explains that he’s there to vouch for his clients since Moreau knows him. He tells Moreau that his clients are international buyers, and the Ram’s Horn will be taken out of the country when they buy it. As Hardison drowns, Eliot remains unperturbed. Moreau finally tosses the key into Hardison, who frees himself and climbs out of the pool. He recovers immediately and asks for a message for his clients. Moreau says that they have a deal and tells Eliot that it’s like old times. As they go, Hardison explains that he used the air from the chair’s pneumatic to keep himself alive. He wonders if Eliot knew that and that’s why he didn’t rescue him. As they go, the women come back in... including the Italian, undercover.

In the park, Sophie, Nate, and Parker go over the stolen plans but have no idea what they mean. Eliot and Hardison arrive, and an angry Hardison tells Eliot to explain what happened. Eliot says that they’re in and Moreau will give him the details of the plan tomorrow. Hardison tells the others that Eliot used to work with Moreau, and Eliot explains that he didn’t reveal his connection to Moreau because he’s been trying to keep them out of the way of Moreau. He warns Nate that they’re not in Moreau’s league, and that the worse things he did in his life were for Moreau. Hardison checks the plans, while Eliot tells them that Moreau will give him the details of the auction after he kills Atherton. Nate says that Eliot might have to become that man to get them in. Meanwhile, Hardison realizes that Yasmin’s battery is a component in a huge EMP bomb, similar to the EMP gun he created but on a much larger scale. It could take out an entire city, killing thousands when hospitals and planes lose power. Moreau will sell it to the highest bidder, probably a terrorist or enemy power. They have to go with the original plan and get into the auction, and Nate tells Eliot that he’ll kill Atherton.

Chapman drives Eliot to Atherton’s home, and explains that they’ll dump the car in the Atlantic after the hit goes down. He offers Eliot an untraceable gun to kill Atherton, but Eliot says that he’ll take out the general with his bare hands. As Atherton comes out and bids his daughter goodbye, Chapman admits that he wanted to kill the whole family, but Moreau said to wait. Eliot gets out and slips into Atherton’s car. When Atherton stops at a light, Chapman pulls over and says he has a flat. When the general is distracted, Eliot reaches over the seat and breaks his neck, gets out, and gets in the car with Chapman.

Nate, posing as an EMT, brings Atherton into the morgue. He’s not dead, and Hardison has acquired a similar body to make a substitution. They explain that Moreau ordered Atherton’s hit, and tell the general he has a second chance. Sophie pretends to be Atherton’s widow and identifies the body, and then collects his belongings, including his ID. They’ll use the ID to get into the lab and steal the bomb, and then bring it to the auction. When the Feds are summoned, they’ll find Moreau with the bomb and arrest him for treason.

Moreau is informed that Atherton is dead and calls to tell Eliot that his clients are invited to the auction and texts him the address.

Hardison goes into the lab using Atherton’s ID. In the elevator, he runs into Bixby. Outside, one of the guards gets word that Atherton is dead. They pick up Atherton’s ID on the building grid and realize someone stole it. They follow the signal and discover that Bixby has Atherton’s badge, since Parker made the switch in the elevator. Parker and Hardison go to the fifth floor research lab but discover that the bomb is gone.

Nate and Eliot go to the auction address and discover that it’s a warehouse. They find the Italian, unconscious, gagged, and tied to a chair, and someone closes the doors.

Sophie picks up Parker and Hardison. As they drive, Hardison tracks the EM signal from Yasmin’s battery. At the warehouse, Nate wakes up the Italian, who explains that she was working undercover but men in her organization sold her out. As they head for the door, Moreau’s men move in.

Hardison tracks the EM signal to a freight train traveling down the tracks. Parker figures out a way for her and Hardison to get on.

Moreau calls Eliot to tell him that the Italian didn’t talk, so he’s sent some men to continue the conversation. Eliot heads for the exit but there’s a clear spot and Chapman and his men have it sealed down tight. He asks the Italian if she can take down Moreau, and she promises him that she can. Eliot picks up a gun and tells them to go on, overriding Nate’s objections. He opens fire while Nate and the Italian head for the door.

Parker and Hardison leap onto the freight car from an overpass, and cross to the car with the EMP bomb. They knock out Moreau’s men and check out the bomb, but realize that it’s bolted to the ground for transportation. Hardison has an idea to overload the battery, but warns that it could cause the bomb to explode, killing them and thousands of DC residents.

Eliot takes out half of Moreau’s men and then steps out. His opponents hesitate and Eliot dives across the room, sliding underneath the bullets. On the other side of the room, he shoots some stored fuel, causing an enormous explosion killing the rest.

Hardison uses Parker’s taser to overload the battery. They get out as the bomb explodes.

Chapman gets behind Eliot and prepares to shoot him. Eliot turns and shoots him before Chapman can pull the trigger.

Sophie picks up Hardison and Parker, and Hardison tracks Moreau’s private flight to San Lorenzo. Nate and the Italian arrive at Moreau’s hanger, and he wonders who Nate is. Nate explains that they found his bomb, and that the buyer isn’t going to be happy that Moreau cheated them out of $20-30 million. Nate then calls Yasmin and tells her to give Bonnano the envelope on Moreau’s dealings. He explains to Moreau what he’s done, and Moreau insists he doesn’t have any proof. Nate tells him that he’s framing Moreau for the money laundering of diamond smuggling that various government agencies were funneling through Alexander Moto. He redirected the money to Moreau’s accounts, and the governments can use him as a fall guy to cover themselves. Nate finally tells Moreau that he’s been the person poking at him for the last few months. Eliot runs in as Moreau draws a gun and shoots the Italian in the shoulder. As he gets aboard his plane, Eliot wants to go after him but Nate says that he has other plans for Moreau. They tend to the Italian’s wound as Moreau flies away.

As the rest of the team arrives, Eliot says that the others don’t need to know what he did, and Nate agrees. The Italian thanks Nate for saving his life, and says that he’s a free man now that the job is done. San Lorenzo doesn’t have an extradition treaty with anyone. As they walk away, Nate tells the team that they’re going to San Lorenzo to get Moreau and finish the job.