The 10 Li'l Grifters Job - Recap

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At a manor during a thunderstorm, police detective Ray Hammett breaks into an office. Nate is seated next to a corpse on top of a desk. He says that it isn’t what it looks like, but Hammett points out that he murdered Morris Beck, and Nate admits it might be what it looks like.

Three days earlier, Nate and Sophie meets with their new client, a lawyer named Judy. She explains that building designer and architect Morris Beck is responsible for the collapse of three buildings after he cut corners on expenses. Judy figures that Beck has the original blueprints that will prove his guilt. However, Beck got her fired from her law firm and is now burying her in motions and fighting discoveries. The suit will be dismissed in a week if she doesn’t get the evidence she needs.

Nate and Sophia pose as overseas investors and go see Beck at his office. His assistant Potter takes them to his front desk, while Beck’s VP of Development Tom Case argues with Beck’s daughter, Hayley. Hayley wants to borrow a company car because she’s wrecked her own. Meanwhile, Eliot infiltrates the building disguised as a janitor. Hayley storms off after Tom suggests that she talk to her father the next night. A union leader, Marco Capriotti, storms out of Beck’s office and warns that anyone can be gotten to, but Beck isn’t impressed. As Capriotti leaves, Beck tells Potter to go over the murder-mystery plans again and make the mystery harder.

Nate and Sophia ask if Beck’s company Beckworx can do some important work for their clients in the Middle East. Beck is already ahead of them and has a quote ready. He offers to email his quote to their superiors, and Sophie types in the email address. That lets Alec infiltrate the building’s security. He sends it to Parker, and Eliot gets Parker to the Beckworx security server via a garbage bin.

Parker downloads the files, but when the team meets back at Leverage HQ, Alec tells them that they don’t have the blueprints. They have 10-digit numbers, and Nate realizes that they’re GPS coordinates. The location is Beck’s isolated mansion on a remote island off the coast. Eliot says they’ll need a week to prep, but Nate remembers the murder-mystery party. They can get an invite as clients, while Alec gets phony invites for Parker, Eliot, and himself. To escape, they’ll use the guests as cover. Beck invites his competitors every year to humiliate them in some kind of competition. This year the guests must come as characters from detective literature.

At the manor, the team infiltrates the party. Sophie is dressed as Irene Adler, Parker as Nancy Drew, Alec as the Hardy Boys, and Eliot as Charlie Siringo. Potter greets Sophie, and Tom sends him to keep an eye on Hayley. Nate arrives dressed as Ellery Queen and asks for an update. They confirm that Hayley and Capriotti are both there, and Parker reports that the island has its own power supply, which is erratic due to the storm. Eliot is still working on their getaway.

As Nate and Sophie dance, she comments that he appears edgy. Nate appears dismayed that they keep facing an unending stream of corrupt businessman. A drunken Beck makes his first speech to the group, insulting his competitors. Potter calls for order and asks everyone for their cell phones so that they can’t cheat and check the Internet for information to solve the mystery. As Nate leaves to make some calls, Beck dismisses Sophie’s concerns that he might be in danger from his guests.

Capriotti approaches Sophie and accuses her of selling out the unions by doing an offshore job and stealing union work. A man steps out of the crowd and tells Capriotti to leave, and the union boss reluctantly takes his advice. The newcomer explains that he’s Ray Hammett with the Salem PD and that he’s there because Beck is an important person. Hammett invites Sophie to dance with him.

Nate tells everyone to start their jobs. Eliot is at the boathouse looking for an escape craft, but has only found an antique motorboat. Alec has discovered that the wiring is antique and all on manual, with no system for him to hack. Nate tells him to deal and Alec improvises a pulse map so he can find the main control room or the state-of-the-art safe Parker notices something unusual and starts walking off distances in the hallway, but Alec sends her to check out one power juncture. She goes to the pantry and finds Hayley and a young lug making out next to a junction box. Another signal is in the rear of the house and Nate insists on checking it out.

Beck steps out onto the balcony and addresses his competitors, promising to give them a fair shake. Meanwhile, Parker and Nate meet each other behind Beck and mouth out an argument. Parker finally gives in and distracts a bodyguard while Nate moves in. The power goes out and the lightning flashes, and Nate sees someone grab Beck. When the lights come back up, Nate steps out onto the balcony and sees Beck, dead on the floor below. Hayley looks up and says that he killed her father.

Everyone starts to panic and Sophie steps in, saying that it’s all part of the murder mystery. Potter points out that his planned victim is still alive and it took him hours to plant the clues like the pipe wrench in the library. Sophie says that “Beck” is a dummy and Nate joins in. When Tom objects, saying Beck would have told him, Sophie says that Beck wants him to have a chance at the $100,000 prize. When Eliot comes in, Nate announces that he’s the crime doctor and will stage a fake examination to give them more clues. Eliot and Nate leave with the body while Sophie works the crowd. When Hammett steps forward, Sophie recruits him for help. He examines the floor and finds some real blood.

Eliot and Nate take Beck’s corpse to the man’s office and brief the others. They all briefly wonder if Nate actually killed Beck. Eliot confirms that someone broke Beck’s neck before throwing him off the balcony. Nate tells Parker and Alec to continue looking for the safe, but Eliot warns that people will start suspecting Nate. If they don’t solve the murder, Nate will go back to prison. However, Nate refuses to let the con go.

Hammett knocks on the office door and Eliot goes outside to tell him that Beck is incommunicado. Before the police detective can insist, Sophie arrives to ask Hammett to come to the ballroom to help her. Eliot goes back into the office and figures that the killer can’t escape until morning. Nate focuses on what happened and asks Eliot to go to the ballroom to find the killer. Eliot isn’t happy since he’s not a grafter, but Nate tells him to adapt. Nate describes what he can of the man he saw and the fact that he has something silvery in his left jacket pocket. Capriotti matches the description and Eliot warns him to keep his hands off of Sophie. When Capriotti tells him he’ll do what he wants, Eliot punches him and confirms that he has a flask in his jacket pocket. Nate figures that the killer had a personal grudge against Beck and Capriotti doesn’t fit the profile, so Eliot goes after Tom.

Alec continues to check the pulse map and Parker tells him there’s something weird about the hallway dimensions. She asks him if he gets claustrophobia and Alec assumes she’s talking about herself. When he looks up, he discovers that Parker has slipped away. Nate tells him to stay on task while Eliot finds Parker.

Sophie tries to distract Hammett but he says that he found Beck’s blood where he fell. He tells her to stay close to keep her safe.

Case also fits the description so Eliot goes to check his jacket pocket. Eliot goes over and makes small talk about Beck, and then suggests they go get new drinks. As Case goes to the bar, Eliot trips him and finds that he has a cellphone in his pocket. Nate isn’t sure that Case could have killed Beck and gotten to the floor when the lights came back up. He tells Eliot to stay with case.

As he looks for Parker, Alec bumps into a bodyguard. He hits the man and runs but ends up in a dead-end. Before the bodyguard can capture him, Parker grabs him and yanks him into a secret passageway. She leads Alec to the secret room where Beck has the blueprints.

Eliot talks to Case, who admits that he’d like to see his boss dead. Nate remembers hearing a ripping noise and tells Eliot to check Case’s jacket. Eliot slams Case’s head into the bar and then confirms that his jacket is intact. Meanwhile, Parker and Alec emerge from the secret passages and reestablish contact with the others. When they start to argue, Nate takes out his earbud so he can concentrate.

In the library, Hammett tells Sophie that he sent a photo of Nate to Interpol and confirmed that he’s a grifter, thief, and ex-con. Sophie tries to deny it but Hammett handcuffs her to a chair and leaves to go after Nate. Sophie tries to warn Nate, unaware that he’s removed his earbud.

In Beck’s office, Nate remembers how the power went out and the lightning flashed. He puts his earbud in and tells the others that he knows who killed Beck. Hammett breaks into the office and finds Nate with the corpse. Nate says that it isn’t what it looks like, but Hammett points out that he murdered Morris Beck, and Nate admits it might be what it looks like. He offers to tell Hammett who killed Beck and the police detective tells him to continue. Nate says that the murdered knew that Beck addressed the guests from the balcony each year. Everyone in the house hated Beck so everyone had a motive, and Hammett points out that Nate was arrested for threatening a CEO. Nate shows him the secret passageway in the office and explains that the killer used them. The killer planned to make Beck’s death look like an accident, but Nate was there and messed up their plan. During Beck’s murder, the power went out before the lightning struck, meaning that there were two killers. One cut the power from the juncture box in the pantry while the other through Beck off the balcony. Hayley knew about the passageways and wanted to get her hands on the family fortune before Beck lost his money before the lawsuits. Nate figures that Hayley seduced a man into helping her kill her father so they could be together. She pulled the switch while her accomplice killed Beck.

Nate gets an idea and asks to see Hammett’s badge. The police detective opens his jacket pocket, and Nate realizes that he saw the badge when the killer disposed of Beck. Hammett admits that Nate has him nailed, and plans to kill Nate and eliminate the only witness. Nate tells him that there’s one problem. The lightning causes another blackout and Nate ducks into the secret passageway. He finds Parker and Alec and they run for the exit.

Hayley hears the gunshots and comes to find Hammett. Sophie has picked the lock on her handcuffs and knocks Hayley out as Case arrives.

Nate goes to the library to find Sophie and spots the empty handcuffs. He turns off the lights as Hammett comes in and then knocks him out from behind... using the pipe wrench that Potter put there earlier. Nate then calls Detective Bonnano on Hammett’s phone.

Later, Nate, Sophie and Judy are at the bar and watch Case give a statement to the press about Beck’s death. Judy is happy that Case paid out $60 million to her clients, and was happy to play his part given that they let him win the $100,000 for solving Beck’s murder and winning the competition. The lawyer thanks them and leaves, and Nate pours himself a drink. He says it wasn’t a good win, and is upset that his teammates thought he might have killed Beck. Sophie insists that they trust him, but Nate isn’t consoled. As he pours himself another drink, Sophie gets up to leave but asks if he’s drinking because of what they think of him, or what he sees in the mirror.