The Carnival Job - Recap

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When Goeffrey Thorne arrives for work at FluidDyn, the VP of Sales, Donnie Connell, greets him with security guards. They take a chip from Geoffrey’s backpack and Donnie explains that it’s company work and Geoffrey is fired.

Geoffrey meets with Nate and Alec and explains that the chip will revolutionize the computer industry. FluidDyn can’t release the chip because they don’t have the R&D logs, but Donnie claimed that Geoffrey attacked him after being passed over for a promotion. As Alec and Parker go to Donnel’s home, Nate explains to Eliot and Sophie that Donnel stole the chip and plans to sell it on the black market. He’s been going to Russia for the last three months. Donnie lives in a high-tech house and is heavily in debt for the renovations. They listen into his conversation with the contractor and watch as his daughter Molly comes out and her nanny Daria accompanies her. Nate realizes that the mother is dead just by looking at Donnie looking at Molly. Sophie figures that Donnie is compensating for the loss of his wife by taking control of his house. Nate is sure the chip is in the house somewhere and plans to set up an invitation.

Donnie comes home and finds Nate and Sophie preparing to renovate the house next door to Donnie. Sophie wants to put up a 30’ spire and Donnie warns her that the neighborhood zoning codes won’t allow it. Alec designs a new house and Parker breaks into put the plans into the Zoning Commission’s office. When Donnie comes in to check, he finds the plan there and the assistant says that Sophie bribed the board. Donnie goes to see Sophie and threatens to sue her employers unless she comes work for her.

Sophie accepts and the team checks out Donnie’s house. They confirm that he has a panic room and that he won’t let anyone inside except himself and his daughter. Alec, posing as an electronic expert, explains that he can make it a smart house and rig it all for remote control, even his vehicles. Donnie agrees but says they can’t have access to the panic room. Alec warns the others that he can’t tap into the feeds to see the safe from the proper angle, and Nate tells him to put a button cam on Donnie’s glasses. Eliot arrives posing as the replacement for Donnie’s normal bodyguard and Donnie sends him to check on Molly.

When Nate tries to check out the panic room, Daria sees him and sends him away.

Eliot finds Molly sitting on a hill looking down at a nearby carnival. She insists that every game is rigged and that cheating is the only way to win. Molly explains that it’s her father’s philosophy and he thinks all of life is rigged. She doesn’t have any friends because her father keeps her isolated and is obsessed with the reconstruction because his wife started it. Eliot says that he can show her how to beat the rigged carnival games through hard work and offers to demonstrate.

Alec hacks Donnie’s medical records and then asks Parker how she’s feeling. She has no idea why he’s asked. Parker then bumps into Donnie, knocks off his glasses, and gives them back while attaching the button cam. Donnie gets a call and goes to the panic room to take it. He tells the caller that it’s secure and to meet him that night. However, before he opens the safe, Donnie takes off his glasses. Alec complains to a green robot drone sitting on the table next to him. Meanwhile, Donnie mutters an apology to Geoffrey before putting the chip back in the safe.

Alec and Nate go over the audio from the button cam and realize that the panic room has a breath lock. Nate calls Eliot to tell him they have a new plan. Meanwhile, Parker finds the robot, Parker 2000, and complains to Alec. He explains that it’s an automated safe-cracking device but she storms off.

Eliot has Molly blow up balloons and demonstrates how to beat the dart-throwing game at the carnival. While Molly throws darts, Parker sneaks by her and steals one of the balloons. When Eliot offers to show her how to do it over the shoulder using the mirror, Molly admits that she doesn’t like mirrors because of what she sees in them. Daria comes in to take Molly to the carnival. As they talk, Daria gets a call from Donnie saying that they’re running late and should leave. The nanny finally agrees to take Eliot with some prodding from Nate.

Nate and Sophie stage a fight and ask Donnie to decide which of their design plans to go with. Parker goes to the panic room and uses the balloon with Molly’s break to get inside. The Parker 2000 goes in with her and Parker objects. She doesn’t believe that it can work 6.5 times faster than her.

At the carnival, Eliot shows Molly how to win at the games.

As Nate and Sophie stall Donnie, Alec tries to get Parker to attach the Parker 2000 to the safe. She refuses. At the carnival, Daria steps away to take a call from Donnie. Molly notices that Eliot is talking to Parker via his earbud and he explains that it’s security. She asks to try and he gives her a spare earbud but tells her to wait until he tells her to use it. Daria comes back and tells Molly that her father wants her.

Parker finally agrees to attach the Parker 2000 to the safe and it cracks it in a matter of seconds. She gets the chip and gets out just in time. Meanwhile, Eliot goes to check on Molly and discovers that she’s disappeared. A screaming Daria tells him that three men took the girl. Eliot turns her to go back to the house and then notifies the others. Nate figures the Russians want the chip and want Molly for leverage. He tells the team that they are resetting and are going to recover the girl. He tells Eliot to do his worse if he’s engaged.

Nate and Sophie confront Donnie and inform them that they’re working for Geoffrey and that Donnie has to listen to them if he wants to get Molly back. Nate takes a call from the Russians and the man at the other end hangs up. Donnie prepares to call the police but Nate tells him that the Russians will call back.

Molly contacts Eliot via the earbud and tells him that she’s in somewhere dark. He tells her that he’ll come for her and will bring her home. Eliot then asks her to listen carefully and she tells him that she’s near the spider ride.

The Russians call back and tell Nate to bring the chip to the carnival in one hour. When Nate hangs up, he tells Donnie that the Russians are testing them to see if they need to negotiate. Alec directs Eliot to the janitor’s closet to get some chemicals. Sophie goes over the maps and pinpoints the storage shed near the spider ride, and warns that the Russians will put a sniper on the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel, the sniper insists on riding yet again.

Eliot gets the chemicals and dumps them into a kitchen grease cooker. There is an explosion and the carnival workers evacuate the staff. Alec has called to tell the police and fire department that it’s a false alarm. Donnie arrives and insists on going. He admits that he forgot that Molly lost a mother when he lost his wife, but Nate assures him that they’ll bring her back. The team goes into the carnival and split up.

Alec goes to the security shed and accesses the cameras. He watches as Eliot takes out one man and confronts another by a ride. As they fight, a third Russian activates the ride and has it slam into Eliot, knocking the hitter out.

Nate meets with the Russian man who claims he’s in charge, but then Nate asks to see his boss... a woman. Daria emerges and wonders how Nate knew. She’s unaware that after Daria said that Donnie called, Nate had Sophie stole Donnie’s phone and confirmed he didn’t make the call. He also noticed a tattoo on Daria’s arm and a matching one on the Russian man’s neck. Nate asks for proof that Molly is alive, and Daria points out that a sniper has a gun trained on him. In response, Nate checks his watch, counts to three, and then Daria looks to discover that Parker has taken out the sniper, tied him up, and is training his rifle on her.

Sophie talks to Molly over the earbud and puts Donnie on the line. He assures her that everything is going according to plan and he’s hired the best to bring her back safe and sound. Once they’re reunited, Donnie tells her that it’ll be the two of them together.

Eliot wakes up staggers to the storage shed.

Daria points out that if Parker kills her, they can’t find Molly. Eliot gets to the shed and informs the others that the Russians moved Molly. Daria insists that she wouldn’t hurt Molly, and has spent more time raising her than Donnie. Meanwhile, Eliot tells Molly to give him a clue. She says she doesn’t like what she sees, echoing her earlier words, and Eliot realizes she’s in the House of Mirrors.

Nate hands over the chip and tells Eliot to wait, but Eliot refuses to wait. He enters the House of Mirrors and spots a mercenary, Roper, holding Molly. Eliot goes after the girl but, wounded and confused, falls easy victim as the mercenary attacks him.

Daria drives off in her car.

As Molly calls for help, Roper attacks Eliot repeatedly. Finally the hitter closes his eyes, gets up, and dodges all of Roper’s blows. Once Eliot opens his eyes, he knocks Roper into a mirror, breaking it and revealing Molly and the last Russian. Eliot knocks the last man and leaves with Molly. Father and daughter are reunited.

The team goes to the parking lot where Daria is stranded, locked in her car with the engine dead. Earlier, Alec rigged the car with the electronic remote system and shut her down when she tried to leave. Alec grabs the chip and they leave before the police can arrive.

Back at the bar, Geoffrey thanks them for recovering the chip and has heard that Donnie has turned over a new leaf. Alec suggest that Eliot go to a hospital, but he explains that he hired a nurse. The nurse, “Nurse Gail,” arrives and Eliot leaves on her arm. Sophie asks Nate if he’s okay, and he says he always is. And Eliot explains that he based Parker 2000 on her and built it as a gift to her. Parker falls in love with it and decides to rename it Hardy, much to Alec’s disappointment.