The Grave Danger Job - Recap

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Alec finds himself in a small dark chamber. His cell phone rings and the man at the other end tells him to look around. Alec soon realizes that he’s in a coffin.

Two weeks earlier, siblings Roger and Ann Newton confront a funeral home director, Darlene Wickett. She invites them into her office to discuss their situation, and then has her sons Emery and Gideon beat them. Emery tells them to walk away and forget about the money.

Ann Newton goes to see Nate and explains that her father died of pancreatic cancer last month. He arranged for his funeral in advance, but when they talked to Darlene, she claimed that she had never heard of her father or the $15,000. Darlene took advantage of Ann’s father and there was no contract, and they’re in debt to another funeral home when they buried their father. Ann wants revenge on Darlene and knows that her father is at peace. When Ann leaves, Parker pops up from the booth and asks how Ann can know that he father is at peace, and Nate tells her that it’s faith.

At the briefing, Parker is distracted and Nate says that she’s just being distracted. Darlene and her sons embezzle money from grieving mourners. They have operated in several different states and have bulletproof aliases. Darlene has stolen $500,000 but it’s not in any bank. The records show that she recently bought a wall safe. Alec and Eliot get the floor plans and Nate says that they can blend in during the weekend funerals and steal a funeral.

Nate and Sophie pose as mourners while Alec goes in as a prospective client. He meets with Darlene in her office. Alec is clearly uncomfortable dealing with death and funeral homes. Parker sneaks in inside of a body bag and starts searching for the safe using a metal detector. Eliot goes to another chapel as a mourner, but discover that it’s for a cop, not an ex-con. Alec didn’t realize that they switched the schedule. Eliot quickly switches tracks and poses as an undercover cop.

Darlene shows off the newest coffin, the Admiral, featuring a keepsake nook in the top. Parker and Eliot turn up nothing and Parker heads for the bedroom. Eliot warns her that the Wickett brothers are guarding the stairs. When they head for the basement, Eliot warns Parker, who is climbing up the outside wall. When she slips and falls in front of the chapel window, Nate and Sophie are forced to distract the mourners by rambling on about the deceased.

Parker gets into Darlene’s bedroom and finds an envelope filled with identity papers of Darlene’s customers. However, there’s no sign of the $500,000. Nate realizes that Darlene is running a second scam and tells Alec to scrap their back story. Alec says that his dead great-aunt immigrated from Haiti and never had any kind of financial records. Meanwhile, Eliot sees a Hispanic man, Javier, enter the funeral home. Darlene is called away and goes to meet Javier. Eliot watches as Javier pays Darlene $6,000 and she says she’ll have a Haitian immigrant with no insurance for him in a few days.

Back at headquarters, Nate explains that Darlene is cherry-picking clients whose identities she can sell for profit. Eliot figures that Javier isn’t into the ID business and there must be more to it. As the team prepares, Sophie notices that Parker is distracted. The thief explains that faith isn’t enough for how and wonders how Sophie can care about others, knowing that they’ll die someday. Sophie tells her that part of the thrill is lowering walls and feeling vulnerable, and Parker says she feels that thrill when jumping off of buildings.

Sophie calls Darlene posing as a neighbor and says that someone is parked across the street, watching the funeral home and taking pictures. It’s Alec, and Darlene and her sons follow him to a diner where she listens in as Alec tells Nate that the Wickett Funeral Home isn’t a good buy, and that he knows that they’re running an identity scam. Darlene gets a look at Nate’s credit card as he pays the bill and confirms that he runs a chain of funeral homes.

Once Alec leaves, Darlene and her sons confront Nate. When she threatens to have him arrested, Nate says that he can nark on her to the police and they’ll both go in jail. Darlene says that they shouldn’t fight and that she specializes in directing the deceased’s relatives to her funeral home. Once she has them, she nickel-and-dimes them. Darlene wants Nate to sell her identity papers from his funeral homes and wants a thousand names. Nate counters with an offer of a hundred and Darlene agrees, offering him $500,000. She then calls Javier, who is running a drug smuggling operation, and she raises her price to $10,000 a name. Javier agrees but then tells his lieutenant Eduardo that they’re going to confront Darlene.

As Nate and Alec arrive, Emery removes the money from the safe in the chimney. Nate realizes that the fireproof chimney blocked the metal detectors. Darlene gives them the $500,000 and Nate hands over the papers. However, Javier and Eduardo barge in and try to take the names. Darlene and her sons run off, while Nate hides the money under a chair. Javier tells Nate that he’ll get him more names, says that he’ll be taking some collateral, and knocks Nate out. By the time Eliot gets there, Alec is gone. Eliot finds a knife and confirms that Javier is with a Mexican drug cartel. They notice that the Admiral coffin is gone.

Javier calls Alec and tells him to call Nate and have him drop off the new batch of identity papers at an anonymous location. Once he does, they’ll talk about getting Alec released.

Nate and Eliot return to the office as Alec calls Parker. He informs them that Javier took his earbud and the cell phone that the drug lord left him doesn’t have a GPS. Alec gives them Javier’s number and Eliot warns that Alec only has 30 minutes of oxygen left. Nate figures that even if they give Javier the fake identities, the drug lord will let Alec suffocate to tie up the loose end. The team tries to work out where Alec could be given travel times from the Wickett Funeral Home. There are dozens of open fields, but in broad daylight Javier would bury the coffin in a cemetery. There are four cemeteries within range and Eliot tells Alec to concentrate. He hears water switch on and off and they realize that it must be sprinklers. Nate realizes that Alec can hear something else.

The police and an ambulance are summoned to a diner. Both of them received calls to go there... and they hear someone steal their vehicle.

Alec manages to reach his car keys.

Nate and Eliot take the stolen police car while Sophie and Parker drive the ambulance. As they run the sirens and drive to the cemeteries, Alec starts to panic. Sophie tells Parker that she’s the only one who can walk him through how to handle being trapped in a confined space. Alec manages to regain control and begs Parker to stay on the phone for him.

Alec doesn’t hear Nate and Eliot as they approach the first cemetery in the police car. However, he hears the ambulance siren as Sophie and Parker arrive at the second cemetery. Meanwhile, Nate calls Javier’s number but hangs up as soon as he answers. He hears the ambulance siren, meaning that Javier and Eduardo are watching Alec’s coffin. Nate tells Sophie and Parker to go to the back of the cemetery while he and Eliot distract Javier. Nate drops off Eliot and confronts Javier, and Eliot ambushes Eduardo while Nate knocks Javier out.

Parker and Sophie start searching for fresh graves but there are too many so they start looking for fresh footprints. Meanwhile, Javier wakes up, grabs his gun, and goes off after Nate.

Alec removes a compass memento from the nook and sees it spin as Parker passes overhead with the metal detector. He tells her that she’s found him and should start digging. Sophie and Nate join her but Javier arrives and fires at them before they can unearth the coffin. Parker draws Javier’s fire while Alec runs out of air. She tells him to take a deep breath and hold it, and says that he has to make it through because he’s her friend and she needs him. Nate tackles Javier and Parker grabs his gun. She tells Alec to move to the left and then fires through the coffin lid, letting in air. They get the lid open and everyone embraces Alec except for Parker. She looks at Alec for a moment and then walks away.

Later at the bar, Nate gives Ann her money and more to cover her bills, and says that her father would be proud of her. She wonders what happened to Darlene.

In Florida, Darlene applies for a new license. However, it turns out that Parker made copies of the fake IDs she found and Sophie sent them to the Massachusetts authorities. The Florida authorities arrest Darlene for using the ID of a dead woman.

As for Javier, Nate planted the fake IDs on the drug lord at the cemetery. Alec tracks Javier via the stolen earbud, which has a GPS on it. When they locate Javier in Texas, Alec notifies Homeland Security, who arrest Javier and his men. He then goes to see Parker in the bar and thank her for not hanging up the phone. Alec kisses her on the cheek and walks away.