The Radio Job - Recap

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FBI assault teams move in on the U.S. Patent Office in Alexandra, VA. Nate watches from a window inside the building.

Twelve Hours Earlier

Nate goes to see Jack Latimer at his company, and leaves a message for Sophie that he won’t be able to meet their Friday night dinner date. He then confronts Latimer, who tells him that after Nate refused to help him, he went with the next man on his list. The investor admits that something went wrong and his hired man is now trapped. Nate figures the new guy, who he clearly knows, didn’t like the price that Latimer was paying and plans to negotiate, but Latimer tells him that the man will be arrested on Monday. When he hears that, Nate shrugs, says that it isn’t his problem, and leaves.

Sophie arrives at Nate’s apartment and discovers that he’s packing. He tells her that he has something personal to deal with and leaves. Sophie promptly calls in the others and Alec tracks him to the U.S. Patent Office in Alexandra. Nate has the building’s security plans on his computer, plans that were sent to him by Latimer. Alec figures that there are any number of valuable patents kept on file because of the government’s classifying them as a risk to national security, and warns the team that the office has automated motion sensors as well as CCTVs wired into a master computer designed to detect unauthorized movement. Parker figures that Nate couldn’t have broken in on her own and points out how they can get in via the skywalk over a glass walkway to the next building.

The team quickly catches up to Nate in Alexandria as he prepares to break in. He explains that he was going to set off the fire alarm and pose as an arson investigator, and doesn’t want their help. Eliot and Alec remind him that anything that involves Latimer involves them as well. They head for the roof with Parker and she prepares to drop Alec down through the skylight on a harness. When he realizes what they have planned, he protests but they drop him anyway, being careful not to touch the walls or windows and set off the motion sensors.

Once he’s in the building proper, Alec makes his way to the computer center and loops the video so that the computer can’t detect the team. However, he warns the others that the video only has a two-hour buffer. Nate and Eliot go to the archive office and discover that someone has already broken in. Nate tells Eliot to let him handle it and Eliot reluctantly agrees. Inside, Nate finds his father Jimmy going through the files and listening to a right-wing talk show host on the radio. Jimmy insists that he isn’t trapped and dismisses Nate’s concern, pointing out that he shipped him off to Ireland the last time they met. Nate tries to warn his father that Latimer is using him to set the team up. However, Jimmy explains that Latimer is paying him $2 million to steal a patent application and puts his gun down on the table.

When the rest of the team arrives, Nate says that they have to help his father and then tells them that Latimer wanted Jimmy to steal a patent application that was sent in 20 years ago. Jimmy only has a name and an address, but over 500,000 patent applications on paper to sort through. To find out what Latimer is up to, they have to find the patent. While Alec and Sophie go to the storage warehouse, Nate has Parker help Jimmy find the patent application. Nate then calls Eliot, who is doing a sweep of the basement. Three men attack him without warning and Eliot takes them down.

Alec makes his way to the warehouse where the government stores prototype inventions sent in by inventors. He’s intrigued and amused by all of the gadgets, including a robot butler/vacuum and a strap on mechanical pregnancy stomach. Sophie insists that they have more pressing problems and leads him off.

Eliot ties up and interrogates the three thugs and calls to tell Nate that they are local ex-convicts. Their unknown employer hired them to take the patent application from Jimmy and kill him, and they snuck into the building when the team came in. When Nate figure they’re working for Latimer, Eliot ntoes that Latimer has his own team and he wouldn’t have to hire local talent.

Alec and Sophie find the document scanner for the archive and call the chief archivist, Nelson M. Bartholomew, at home. Claiming to be with the Inspector General’s office, Alec bluffs Bartholomew into giving them the protocol for the applications. Once they have it, Nate and Parker go to the proper section but discover they still have several cabinets to go through. As they prepare to leave with the files and sort them out in Boston, the FBI pull up outside and surround the building.


FBI Special Agent Dennis Powell puts his men into position, while Nate tells Eliot that they need his father’s gun and a clean phone. Eliot tosses the phone out the window and Nate talks to Powell, scrambling his voice. He tells them that he’s a government protestor and has Eliot fire a few shots out the window, and then tells Powell that he has hostages. Nate makes his demands and gives him an hour, and then tells Sophie that they need her on the outside so she can get intel for them.

As Alec sets up a fake ID for Sophie, she wonders if it will be enough and he points out what will really seal the deal. Nate “releases” her a few minutes later, wearing the fake pregnancy stomach, and the FBI get her clear of the building. Powell confirms her identity and Sophie tells him that she doesn’t know how many hostages Nate has, and that he kept repeating a series of seemingly random numbers. While Powell calls in a profiler, Sophie contacts Nate via earbud and tells him the FBI deployment. Nate figures that they’ll have to set up a radio play and Parker and Alec go to get what they need. Jimmy complains that he didn’t want Nate’s help and that he only was in trouble before with the mobs because Nate set him up. When Nate refuses to believe it, figures that Jimmy came back to create another legend for himself, and warns that Latimer was going to double-cross Jimmy, Jimmy finally snaps at him and tells him that Latimer threatened to kill Nate if he didn’t steal the patent. Surprised, Nate tells his father that he doesn’t need or want his help, but Jimmy tells him that he has to do it because Nate is his son.

One of the thugs in the basement wakes up and starts to cut himself free.

When Sophie learns that Powell is ordering his men to move in, he tells her to tell the FBI agent that the numbers are from the Koran. When he gets that information, Powell has no choice but to call in Homeland Security because terrorists may be involved. Special Agent Elaine Delacourt arrives and takes command, just as Nate counted on.

While Parker drives a scooter through the warehouse, Alec tries to put together what he needs for a radio play from the prototypes.

Eliot checks out the computers and confirms that the thugs didn’t set off the motion sensors, meaning that someone has set the whole thing up. He warns Nate, telling him that whoever is involved knows Nate’s style and is using Latimer.

When Sophie realizes that Delacourt doesn’t believe she’s an innocent hostage, Nate tells her to get out. Sophie secretly spills a bottle of water and claims that her water has broken. Powell, eager to get one over on Delacourt for usurping his authority, tells the EMTs to get Sophie to the hospital and they leave before Delacourt can stop them.

Alec and Parker set up their equipment and Nate tells Eliot to get into position. Jimmy argues that Nate is making things too complicated but finally admits that his old smash-and-grab tactics don’t work anymore. He figures that Nate is right and that he’s too old to handle being a criminal anymore.

The team goes into gear and Sophie gets out of the ambulance at the next stoplight to get the van. Eliot calls Powell and claims that he’s an off-duty Boston cop who got stuck in the building. When Powell isn’t convinced, Eliot tells him to go with his gut, one cop to another. The FBI agent accepts his story and warns Delacourt, who doesn’t believe him and prepares to send her men in. Powell warns Eliot. Who warns Alec and Parker. They set off their inventions, simulating gunfire, and the FBI agents drop back. Delacourt gets on the radio and demands to know who Eliot is. He’s on the walkway and the three thugs, who have freed themselves, attack him. The FBI agents see the fight and figure that Eliot is legit, and Delacourt orders the agents to stand down. The thugs haul Eliot out of sight and he then takes them out, calls Powell, and tells him that he’s okay.

Jimmy finally locates the patent application and Nate realizes that it’s a water filter for a dam. They don’t have time to figure out why Latimer needs water technology, and Alec unlocks the glass walkway that they’ve had sealed up until now via the security system. Sophie is on her way in the van, and Eliot discovers that the last phone call the thugs received was from Rockford, IL. Eliot then calls Powell and tells his men to stay away from the west exit because the terrorists are heading that way. The motion sensors at the west exit go off and Powell orders his men there. As they go through the walkway, the team crawls across on the second floor of the walkway. Meanwhile, Powell discovers that the robot butler-vacuum has set off the motion sensors, figures that it’s an IED, and blows it apart. They find Eliot’s three thugs and figure they’re the terrorists, and that Eliot has closed the case for them.

When Nate and the others get out through the neighboring building, they’re surprised to discover that a crowd of civilians have gathered. One of them tells Nate that a man called the right-wing talk show and said that he was tossing a million dollars off the roof of the building. Nate realizes that Jimmy set them all up and has slipped away in the confusion. As Sophie pulls up, Nate finally realizes who is behind Latimer and set the whole thing up. As they drive away, Nate has Alec trace Jimmy’s call to the radio station, but Jimmy calls to tell Nate that he has everything under control. He ignores Nate’s warning and hangs up, and Alec traces the call to the Baltimore waterfront.

At the waterfront, Jimmy enters a warehouse and finds his contact waiting for him. The men hesitates and then tosses Jimmy a case with the money. He confirms that the $2 million is in the bag but reminds the man that Nate’s safety was also part of the deal. The man agrees and Jimmy tosses him the patent. At that point another man steps out and knocks Jimmy out. The first man calls his boss and warns him that Nate didn’t show up the way that they planned.

Nate has Alec trace the ownership of the warehouse in the area. He recognizes one of them, Tobin-Casey, and explains that it’s a shell company belonging to the man who set everything up. Nate calls Jimmy, who wakes up. Jimmy figures that it’s a simple double-cross, but Nate warns him that it’s more complicated than that. Jimmy, still dazed, looks around and realizes that the warehouse is rigged to explode. As Nate pulls up, Jimmy orders him as his father to stay out, and that it’s the first time he can be a real father to Nate. Nate ignores him and runs toward the warehouse, and Jimmy tells him to tell people stories about him, including the fact that he loved his son.

As Nate approaches the warehouse, the bombs inside reach 0 on the countdown. They explode, taking out Jimmy and most of the warehouse and blasting Nate back. His teammates run to him and confirm that he’s alive but dazed, and he stares at the warehouse in horror.

In a cell at the Renton Federal Penitentiary in Rockford, IL, Victor Dubenich hangs up his cell phone and smiles in triumph.