The Lonely Hearts Job - Recap

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Nate and Eliot are drinking at the bar when two armed men in suits come in and ask for Nate. Eliot takes them out but their boss comes in and apologizes for not calling first. He calls his men off and sends them out, and introduces himself as Walt Whitman Wellesley IV. Nate knows him as a CEO and Wellesley warns that Nate is at risk if he doesn’t help him. When Nate explains that he helps people against CEOs, Wellesley breaks into tears and insists that Nate has to help him. Eliot realizes that they need a people person and goes to get Sophie.

Wellesley explains that his wife disappeared four days ago and believes that she’s been kidnapped. Nate notes that there’s no sign of foul play and figures that the wife, Lacey, left him. Wellesley doesn’t believe it and explains that his first wife died after 37 years. He just went through the motions for two years until he met Lacey and restored him. Nate doesn’t believe it but accepts the case when Wellesley agrees to owe him a future favor.

Back at the apartment, Nate and Sophie argue over true love and whether Wellesley and his wife had it or not. Sophie figures that Nate doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Alec checks Wellesley’s record and confirms that he donates a lot of money to charities. Lacey “bought” Wellesley at a charity auction and withdrew money from her checking account the same day that she disappeared. Sophie concedes that she’s a grifter but thinks that Wellesley’s still sincere. Alec has checked and confirmed that a lot of women who married men after meeting them at charity auctions, the men died in a series of mysterious “accidents” shortly thereafter. There’s another auction the next day at the Hamptons and the team heads out.

At the auction, Nate works the bar while Sophie poses as a duchess. Parker takes photos of the women and feeds them into Alec’s facial recognition program. Alec and Eliot are eligible bachelors, a software engineer and an oil baron. The auctioneer, Oscar, begins the charity while Eliot bets Alec a steak dinner on whoever gets the highest bid. Sophie has Parker drive the bidding up and Eliot focus on a particular woman to get her to bid. He picks an attractive woman named Chantale, who is soon bidding against Parker and Sophie. Chantale finally wins with a $10,000 bid. A photographer, Meredith, takes photos of them and Chantale trips. Parker doesn’t get a match on the face.

Alec is up next for auction and another woman, Bree, starts the bidding. Parker can’t resist driving the bidding up but Bree finally bids $15,000 and wins. Meanwhile, Meredith talks with Sophie briefly and then goes to take a picture of Bree and Alec. Bree trips the same way that Chantale did, and Meredith trips as well when she approaches Nate at the bar. Oscar approaches Sophie and flirts with her, explaining that he organizes the charity events. Sophie realizes that there’s a group of women at the charity, including Bree, Chantale, and Meredith, that are all using the same soul-gazing seduction technique. She warns the guys to be on their toes because all of the women involved are grifters. Nate tells Sophie to take point and she tells Parker to start cloning cell phones while the guys distract the women.

Parker works the crowd and checks with Sophie, and they discover that all the cell phones are burners with no GPS or records. Nate tells Parker to start a fight with Bree so that the leader of the ring will show him or herself. Parker promptly punches her as Sophie points out that Nate meant to start an argument. Alec finally pulls Parker away and Nate and Sophie spot all of the women meeting with Meredith. Nate approaches her and reveals that he’s figured out what she’s up to. She figures that he’s a con man as well and Nate suggests that they partner up. Meredith wants him to prove he can get any lady he wants within 24 hours and picks Sophie as his target. Nate goes up to Sophie but Oscar gets there first and invites her to have a drink with him. Meredith gives Nate a number to call. Nate has Eliot follow Sophie and Alec follow Meredith.

Back at the beach house they’re using for a base, Alec returns and tells Nate that he lost Meredith’s town car. He hacked her GPS and has calculated that she lives at one of two possible addresses. Nate sends Parker to check out the addresses while Alec notices that Nate has muted Sophie’s comm channel. He turns it on long enough for them to hear Sophie making her real life. Nate hastily leaves and they figure that Sophie is Nate’s challenge.

That night, Sophie comes in and wakes up Nate. She wonders if Nate is jealous and he denies it, but Sophie suggests that he might learn a few techniques on seduction from Oscar. Nate insists he knows how to date, but she says that they’re not dating and tells him that he has to make it believable that he can seduce a woman. When he tries to script things out, Sophie tells him that it has to be spontaneous. She starts to crawl into bed with him but then backs off and says that she needs to get her beauty sleep for her hot date with Oscar.

Late the next day, Eliot shows up to tell Nate what Oscar and Sophie were doing and the fancy restaurants they went to. Sophie arrives and Eliot slips away. He meets with Alec and insists that the bet is off because the auction was rigged, but Alec persists and Eliot agrees to make him a steak dinner. Alec hacks the next restaurant that Sophie is going to and sets up Eliot as a chef and himself as a wine expert. Eliot figures that he’s going to have to teach Alec about the wines again.

At lunch, Nate sits down at the table next to Sophie and Oscar’s. Meredith sends Nate an earbud and warns him that she’ll be listening to everything he says to Sophie. Alec brings a wine over to Sophie and Oscar and stumbles through a conversation about wines, with some prompting from Eliot via earbud. Meanwhile, Parker checks the first address and discovers that it’s a marine with too many boats to check for Meredith’s files. She heads for the second address.

Alec spills the wine on Oscar and he heads to the restroom to clean up, at which point Eliot takes him out. After a while, Nate sits down with her and offers to pay for the check when Oscar doesn’t return. They flirt back and forth and Nate invites her out for Italian ice. Meredith follows them while listening in, and notices Eliot paying a street guitarist to play romantic music.

Parker breaks into the second address and checks the files and the computer. Meanwhile, Nate sits Sophie down at an outside table and Meredith figures that a cool breeze will give her a chill. Nate immediately offers his coat, further impressing Meredith with his improvisational skills. Parker calls to tell Eliot that the second address is a front. However, she does notice a portrait of Lacey and Alec figures they can get Lacey’s fingerprints from it.

A father and daughter are playing baseball near Nate and Sophie. Nate gives her catching instructions and then admits to Sophie that his father Jimmy used to take him to baseball games. He admits that it was the only time that his father actually was a dad too him. Nate tells Sophie that she’s beautiful and escorts her to her car while Meredith shuts down the comm. He tells Parker, posing as a taxi driver, to meet them. Nate then shuts down the earbud and tells Sophie that he picked her but not the others and they kiss. Parker picks up Sophie and drives away, and Meredith pulls up and tells Nate to get in the car and celebrate their partnership with her before he can turn his earbud back on.

Eliot meets with the others and they get a fingerprint from the portrait. A record-check confirms that Lacey is really Christina Varada and Alec comes up with an address. Parker drives them there in the taxi at top speed.

Nate negotiates a 75/25 split as they arrive at Meredith’s boat at the marina.

Sophie and Eliot visit Christina and reveal that they know her name, and she says that she didn’t contact Wellesley and asks if they’ve hurt him. Eliot explains that Wellesley sent them and Christina breaks into tears.

Nate pours champagne to celebrate, but Oscar steps out and Meredith explains that he’s her partner.

Christina explains that she fell in love with Wellesley and sent Meredith $2 million. She wanted out but Meredith threatened to tell Wellesley and arrange an accident if Christina contacted him again. Christina planned to tell Wellesley the truth but hadn’t worked up the courage yet, and she didn’t know anything initially about Meredith’s murder scheme.

Nate manages to activate his earbud but Oscar draws a gun on him and Meredith tells him to hand it over. She puts it in a glass of champagne and Alec realizes that something is wrong when it goes on and off. Meanwhile, Nate tries to bluff, explaining that he hoped to get her files and some of her girls to run his own gang. His teammates get to the marina and Parker and Eliot start searching while Alec tries to track Nate’s GPS.

Meredith tells Nate that he’s too vulnerable to love, but doesn’t believe in it herself. She leaves and listens as a gunshot goes off and then a body hits the water. However, Sophie steps out and reveals that she heard Nate’s conversation with Meredith on the boat even after she destroyed the earbud. Nate walks up, much to Meredith’s surprise. She doesn’t know that Nate disarmed Oscar as he fired a single shot, and then Eliot showed up to take him out and toss him into the water.

Nate tells Meredith that they have her files, since Parker stole the memory card from the camera where Meredith hid them. They also have her fingerprints and will warn the authorities that she was involved in the murders. Nate tells her to run and Meredith makes a hasty exit.

Later at the bar, the team reunited Wellesley with Christina. They share a toast to true love and a delivery man arrives with packages for Parker and Sophie. Parker gets a Venus Fly Trap and Sophie gets flowers, and they figure that Alec and Nate sent them. The two guys look at Eliot, who just smiles and winks as he walks away.

Back at his apartment, Nate gets a call from Jack Latimer, who tells him that he has a company that has stolen a patent from an engineer. He wants the team to recover the patent, but Nate knows that Latimer will be investing in the company’s competitor. Nate refuses to play along, figuring that it’s a con, and hangs up. Latimer then calls someone and warns that Nate isn’t playing along so now it’s war.