The Real Fake Car Job - Recap

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Gabe Erickson is on the golf course when a landscaper, Kyle Davis, finds him and demands his money. As he advances on Erickson, two government agents tell Kyle to stay back. The agent in charge, Marshal Ellie Rose, tells Kyle that he's mistaken and the man he's attacking is Jim Cole. Kyle has no choice but to walk away.

Later, Kyle meets Nate at the restaurant and explains that Erickson wiped out his landscaping business and he was out of work until his buddy set him up at the golf course. He talks about how he and his family had built something they thought would last, but Erickson stole their investment money. Erickson was arrested a year ago on a $130 million stock scam but he hasn't been tried, and Nate wonders why he's out and free.

The team meets and Alec brings up the security footage from the golf course. Eliot confirms that the agents are Federal marshals and Erickson is in the witness protection program. Erickson was laundering money for the mob, specifically Don Paul Brancato. Nate explains that he created Mob ties so that when the SEC discovered his stock fraud, he'd have something to trade for immunity. Alec confirms that $50 million of the $130 is missing because Erickson stashed it before he was arrested. A government memo confirms that since Erickson was recognized, WitSec is moving him in less than a week. Sophie figures that if Erickson is careless enough that Kyle could find him, the mob can't be far behind. Nate says that they need to find out who is employing Erickson and the team splits up to check on him.

Erickson goes to his job at a book store pulls up to warn him not to make contact with anyone from his past. While he goes in, Eliot takes photos of him as he annoys the customers. Meanwhile, Nate and Sophie go over what Erickson had confiscated upon his arrest and realize that he collects vintage cars. Parker and Alec go to Erickson's current home and Alec taps into his DVR programming while Parker tosses Erickson's garbage into the van. They take it back to the restaurant and Alec sifts through it while Nate confirms that WitSec has Erickson on a tight leash. When Nate admits that he doesn't know if he could handle it and that he focuses on what's in front of him, Sophie is disappointed. Alec finds boxes for model cars and Nate suggests that they create a rare-car competition and sucker him in. To pull it off, they'll need a Packard 1934 Roadster Coupe. Alec says he can handle it and makes a quick escape, while Nate and Sophie wonder what kind of $50 million backup plan that Erickson has.

Later, Nate drives up in front of Erickson's bookstore in an expensive 1953 antique car. He confirms that Ellie isn't watching and then slips out the back to admire the car. Nate boasts about it and Erickson admits that he used to be an owner, but says that it's temporary. In response, Nate invites him to the first annual Portland Vintage competition and talks about how he keeps most of his cars offshore and ships them in himself for tax purposes. He gives Erickson his card and then checks in with Alec, who assures him that everything for the competition is set up thanks to Craigslist. They've sent the owner of the Packard they plan to steal on a free trip to Bora Bora to get him out of the way.

Back at the restaurant, Nate explains that even with his $50 million, Erickson can't buy the legendary Packard that belonged to Mussolini and disappeared after the war. They found one close enough match the basic description. Alec and Eliot prepare to break into the owner's house, a ten-hour drive away, and Alec warns that there are all kinds of security systems to disarm. They'll then sell the car to Erickson, he'll access his hidden stash, and Alec will trace the account and get the rest of the money. Meanwhile, Hardison bypasses the security device and admits he could never go back to an ordinary life, and Eliot suggests that he might want to talk to Parker and see if she agrees.

The car competition begins and Ellie reluctantly accompanies Erickson to the show. She insists on reminding him about the rules and he insists that he needs a life for at least a few minutes. Parker and Sophie stage a conversation near Erickson where Parker claims that her grandfather left her a classic Packard. Sophie directs her to another dealer while Nate distracts Ellie, claiming that she's a judge and asking her to look at his car. She grabs Nate's throat and goes after Erickson, who approaches Parker and asks about her grandfather's Packard. Parker talks about how he brought the car back from Europe after the war and Erickson eagerly offers to look at it. She gives in and takes him to the nearby barn where she has it. Meanwhile, Alec and Eliot are working to turn the new car into a relic. Once they're done, they quickly get out.

Erickson examines the car and notices that some of the pieces have been restored. Nate advises Parker over the earbud to push the car and she talks about how someone important gave her grandfather the car. Her grandmother mentioned "the Palace" and Nate tells her to push some Italian names. Sophie advises not to push it, and they talk about Nate's view of the future and how he's still motivated by the past. She hopes that someday he can put his past behind him without or without her.

Erickson continues admiring the car and offers to buy it from Parker, downplaying the quality. He offers to do some research and come back later and make a fair offer. Nate goes to work and has Alec start putting down some history while Sophie and Eliot keep Ellie distracted.

Ellie is at Erickson's home calling and telling him to come back when Eliot and Sophie come by, claiming to be their new next-door neighbors. They mistake Ellie for Erickson's wife and she tries to get rid of them, and Sophie gives her a fruitcake while Eliot inspects the security system. Ellie slams the door on them but looks through the peephole and sees Sophie peering inside. The marshal then tosses out the fruitcake but keeps the bugged tray.

When Erickson returns home, Ellie demands to know where he's been and reminds him that they're to stay together at all times. As Alec and Parker listen in, he starts talking about retirement and Parker says she could never retire. He insists that he couldn't either and Parker agrees that they're on the same page. Alec realizes that Eliot told her about the early conversation. Meanwhile, Ellie warns that she never saw Eliot and Sophie move in and that their house is empty. She figures they may be hitmen but Erickson doesn't want to hear it. As he goes to his job, Ellie secretly activates the GPS tracker on Erickson's phone and gives it to him.

Alec monitors Erickson at the bookstore and taps his laptop, sending him the fake info on the car's history. Erickson soon calls the granddaughter of the car's builder in Italy and Nate has Alec divert the call. Sophie takes the call and leaves an answering machine message in Italy, and Erickson calls his friend Charlie in Manhattan. He asks Charlie to give him everything on the Mussolini Packard and Charlie nervously admits that he doesn't know much. He asks Erickson where he found it and Erickson admits that he found it in Portland. Erickson then calls Parker and offers cash for the car. He leaves with a bag containing $150,000 and Alec spots him and wonders how he got the money when he didn't access any accounts. Nate figures that Erickson has been scamming the customers at the bookstore by charging for the free wireless, and tells Alec to go to the barn and pretend to be a rival bidder so they can raise the price beyond what Erickson has in his cache. Meanwhile, Sophie and Eliot continue distracting Ellie.

When Erickson gets to the barn, Parker tells him about the rival bidder as Alec arrives.

As Ellie tracks Erickson's location, she spots Eliot and Sophie nearby. They drive past and wave.

Alec explains that he's an avant-garde artist and plans to take the car apart for parts for his sculptures. A panicky Erickson starts bidding and Alec bids up to $750,000 before dropping out. He then calls his bank for the extra $600,000 and they get the passwords from the phone tap. Alec confirms that he's leaving a recording on an Internet voicemail. Until they can get a bank location, the passwords are useless. Erickson then calls Nate to ship his new car.

Sophie and Eliot go to the hardware store and buy plastic bags, axes, and digging tools. Ellie is watching them from across the lot. Sophie asks what Eliot plans to do once he retires and he admits that he had hoped to open a restaurant. They then drive out to a field and dig a hole, and Eliot discusses corpse-hiding techniques. Sophie asks who he thinks would best cope with being an ordinary person, and he insists that he would. Meanwhile, Ellie gets word of Erickson's $600,000 transfer and figures that he's the one who hired them. She takes off and calls the Portland police.

At the docks, Nate is waiting with the car at a warehouse and Parker and Alec are on their way. Nate then leaves a message on Erickson's asking where he is.

The police arrive to arrest Eliot and Sophie, and they realize that Ellie has slipped away. They quickly take off and call to warn Nate... just as Ellie draws a gun on him. She handcuffs Nate to a chair and explains that she figured that Erickson hired Sophie and Eliot to kill her. Erickson arrives and wonders what she's talking about. While Eliot and Sophie try to outrun the police, Alec tells Nate that they're on their way.

Erickson insists that he didn't hire anyone, and Nate explains that Erickson bought the car and hired him to ship it. She punches Erickson and complains that she didn't sell out the government just for Erickson to blow everything on a car. He reminds her that he paid her $5 million to get him out of the country after he testified, but she won't collect for two years. Ellie complains that now the government will find his hidden money and prepares to shoot him. Erickson says that if she shoots him then it will look like she screwed up her assignment, and Nate points out that with Erickson dead Ellie won't get her $5 million. Ellie decides to shoot Nate and use his corpse to fake Erickson's death and get Erickson out of the country so she can collect her money.

As Parker and Alec head for the warehouse, Nate whispers for them to get there quickly and bring in some of Alec's orange soda. He then starts giving them advice on how Erickson is in a transition period and echoes Sophie's advice to stop looking to the past. Sirens sound in the distance and Nate tells Ellie to think about the present. Meanwhile, Parker and Alec sneak in and spot mobster Brancato and his men. They traced Erickson via Charlie and are there to kill Erickson.

Eliot and Sophie head for the warehouse with the cops still on their tail. As Erickson and Ellie argue over whether to release Nate so the cops don't think he's their hostage, Brancato and his men come in. When they got to Portland, they traced Erickson's phone via the GPS that Ellie turned on. Erickson is ready to shoot them but trips over the bag of money and fires a shot into the ceiling, knocking out the lights. Everyone hides and goes for their guns, and Alec pulls Nate out of the way and frees him. Nate then empties out the soda bottle and starts filling it with vegetable from the nearby tanks. Eliot and Sophie come in and Eliot starts taking out the mobsters, while Sophie tells Nate that the exit will be clear in five minutes.

As he works, Nate explains that older cars ran on vegetable oil and that they'll drive the Packard out. While they head for the car, Erickson makes a run for it and Brancato chases after them. Ellie grabs the bag of money and runs off. Erickson offers Brancato the entire $50 million from his Cayman Island account and Nate overhears him as he starts up the car. They drive off and Erickson is forced to dive out of the way, and Eliot and Sophie open the exit door and walk out after the Packard. The police arrive and arrest Erickson, while Brancato sneaks out.

Later at the vintage car competition, Nate meets with Brancato and explains that they recovered the $50 million. He explains that they want to return the money to Erickson's victims and Brancato says that he doesn't want the money and doesn't want to cause trouble with Nate. When he asks about Ellie, Nate says that he'll take care of her.

At the airport, Ellie is heading out of the country when FBI agents arrest her, search her bag, and find the $600,000... along with Erickson's phone and the activated GPS tracker they used to find her.

Nate asks Brancato to leave Erickson alone in the prison. The mobster wants Erickson dead, but Nate explains that Erickson is losing his immunity and will go to jail. He figures the best revenge is letting Erickson suffer in prison. Brancato admits that his organization lost sight of the fact that they were originally established to enforce law when the police couldn't and agrees to Nate's plan.

Later, Nate meets with Kyle and gives him his money, and the landscaper says that he's looking forward to the hard work as long as he can come home to the people that care about him. Once he leaves, Alec tells Nate that they returned the car and wonders how Nate predicted all five things that had to work for the con to come off as planned. Nate admits that he only planned three but refuses to tell him which three. He then joins Sophie at the bar and she mentions what he said about putting the past behind him. He says that she was wrong about one thing: he does want her with him when he gets over the past.