The Broken Wing Job - Recap

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In Tokyo, the team, minus Parker, goes after a rare statue. After disposing of the guards, the team recovers the statue. They go to work while Parker keeps calling from their headquarters in Portland despite the fact she tore her ACL. She's confined to six weeks of bed rest and going stir crazy. Alec is forced to sign out when the system overloads and he assures her that she'll be fine.

Amy, one of the restaurant staff, comes up with Parker's food. When Parker objects, Amy points out that she works for Alec and doesn't have a choice. Parker goes back to watching TV, exercising, and generally being bored. She finally accesses the security camera feed for the brew pub and watches as Amy chats with the bartender. However, Parker spots two men who are acting suspiciously. Amy comes in and they discuss the couples on the monitor. Amy shows Parker her sketches of the customers, including one who orders Chicken Parm every day and then sends it back, and Parker says that they're good. However, Amy admits that her father doesn't approve and wants her to take over the family business, and comments that her father owns a lot of businesses. She talks about the two men, who call each other V and K, and explains that they always pick the same table every day and tip just enough to not be conspicuous. Once Amy leaves, Parker checks the video files and confirms that the two men are always sitting there.

Parker tries to put together everything and writes everything on the board, and realizes that they're thieves. She tries to listen in on them but discovers that Alec hasn't put in a microphone. She calls Eliot in Tokyo but he tells her relax and adapt, and then goes back to fighting. Parker hobbles into Alec's workshop, gets a bug, puts it in a flower vase, and gives it to Amy to put on the thieves' table. They talk about a big event that they'll have to hide out afterward, but Amy pours water in the vase before Parker can hear the rest.

Next, Parker hobbles through the vents to the table above the thieves. She then lowers a bug down on a thin thread and goes back to the office to listen in. They talk about how they'll be bootlegging in on a VHF frequency but then decide to stick to burners because of the cloud overhead. Parker continues to watch and listen, and watches the man send back his chicken parm yet again. The thieves figure after twenty minutes they'll be out and set for life. Zooming in further, Parker sees a map with the street corner outside of the brew pub, and discovers that the there's a jewelry store across the street within view of their booth. She also spots one of them carrying a concealed gun.

Next, Parker tries to put together a pinch phone and calls Alec for advice. He talks her through it and then goes out to the reception that he's attending in disguise. Parker calls Amy up and explains that the two men are robbing a store and using a gun, and she wants Amy to use the pinch phone and clone their cell phone. When Amy suggests they call the police, Parker says that would just cause panic and claims she knows about it from reading blogs. Amy objects and Parker admits that she's been bossy but really needs her help. She's seen how Amy does a lot of charity work and how Alec hired her because she's one of them. Amy takes the pinch phone and reluctantly agrees to help, once Parker assures her none of it is illegal.

Downstairs, Amy goes up to the table and spills coffee. When she reaches to wipe it up, one of the thieves grabs her hand and stops her. Amy reaches into her pocket and activates the pinch phone, but Parker discovers that she's hacked into everything's phone. She can't resist seeing what all of the customers that she's been watching are really doing. The chicken parm man, James, is a surgeon who lost his wife Emma and is ducking work. Amy comes back in and Parker confirms that the two thieves have been receiving coded texts from a man named O. The waitress confirms that the one man, V, always orders two coffees to go and Parker gets an idea. The thief grabs another bug and has Amy put it on the bottom of one of the coffees to go. V leaves with the coffees and Parker confirms that he's taken them to the alleyway just outside the brew pub.

Parker hobbles outside and sees V giving the coffee to a man in a van. She confirms that it's a getaway van and goes back to headquarters, where Amy realizes that the coded texts are the timing splits in a race. When Amy mentions the daily trash run, Parker checks the splits against local schedules and discovers that's when an armored car arrives at the jewelry store. The thieves get a greenlight text message and Parker realizes that they're robbing the store that minute.

The armored car pulls up to the store but V and K don't move. Parker realizes that they're bird-dogging and tries to go, but she and Amy realize that she can't do it. The waitress offers to help and Parker gets ready to talk her through it. She then sends Amy down and the waitress walks near the thieves' table. Meanwhile, Parker sends one girl a photo of her boyfriend cheating on her. They fight and Amy is passing nearby and the couple knocks her pitcher onto V's shirt as he walks out... just as Parker planned. It delays him just long enough to miss the transfer. As Amy comes up, Parker tells her that they'll the thieves will try again in 24 hours. Amy wants to call the police but Parker admits what they've been doing isn't legal. However, she assures Amy that the thieves aren't that good and that if the two of them don't stop the robbery than someone will eventually get hurt. Amy agrees to help and asks what the plan is.

Parker calls Nate to ask how he would handle the situation but it's a bad connection and he assures her that she can handle it. He then goes back to relaxing with Sophie and they both figure that Parker can handle it. Meanwhile, Parker works out the splits are the times needed for each stage of their plan. She has Amy plant tables in strategic locations and makes sure that no one is sitting at them. The talk turns to Alec and Amy figures that he's too smart to just be running a restaurant. When Amy suggests that they seat a shy couple next to each other, Parker gets another idea.

The next day, Parker watches from the bar as Amy takes V and K the coffees to go. V takes them out to his two accomplices in the van and tells them to be ready at 2:30. Amy takes the trash out twenty minutes early so she'll be ready at 2:30. However, once she's outside, Parker sees a text confirming the thieves are going 20 minutes early. She hobbles downstairs and discovers that V and K have left, and realizes that Amy is the target because her family is rich. Parker checks the video monitors and spots V and K tossing Amy into the van. However, when they check on their accomplices in the van, they discover that they're unconscious because Parker drugged their coffee with her pain pills.

As V and K toss out their unconscious comrades, Parker gets outside and frees Amy. The two men go in after her and set off the fire alarm. The couple that Parker set up bumps into each other and star to leave together. However, they both draw guns when V and K come in, because Parker discovered that they were both with Seattle PD. The male officer checks the back while V and K shoot the female officer. James comes over and offers to treat her while K locks the back door. V spots the security cameras and realizes that they've been under surveillance the entire time. Upstairs, Parker and Amy watch on the monitors and Parker warns that things are going to get a whole lot worse.

V and K break into the upstairs headquarters and Parker shuts the lights off. Parker takes out K and then disarms V. She brings up the lights and they both go for the gun. Amy tosses Parker her crutch and she uses it to knock V unconscious. Afterward, the police take the two men away but Parker has them wait long enough for her to gloat.

James comes in the next day and discovers that the bar is empty. Amy says that it's a slow day and escorts him to his usual seat, and Parker sits down next to him. She points out that he saved a cop and asks what the story is about his ordering a chicken parm every day. James explains that his ailing wife always insisted on making it for him because it made her happy, and Parker says that she would have been proud of him for stepping up. She then tells James that they're going to find her a new favorite dish and the staff brings out a dozen meals for him to try.

That night, Parker and Amy are watching Night of the Living Dead together when the rest of the team return from Japan. They tell Parker that it was boring and Nate, noting the bullet holes, asks how things went. She tells them that it was boring there, and Alec figures she's talking about the movie and says she can't be possibly bored. They watch it from the beginning and the rest of the team joins in, and Nate secretly assures her that she did a good job.