The Low Low Price Job - Recap

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In the town of Apple Springs, Tabitha Delavega enters into her family grocery shop and finds an inspector and her former classmate, Oscar, writing her up for another safety violation. He warns her that the city is going to shut her down if she doesn't get them fixed and leaves.

At the brewery, Eliot is complaining about how Alec is having him convert everything green... including a new compost heap. As they talk, Eliot notices Tabitha sitting at a table by herself. He goes over to talk to her and Tabitha explains about how she's been running the store her father built ever since he died. She doesn't know how much longer she can keep it open because a Value!More store is opening in the neighborhood. Three more have opened in the city and in each case, all the local stores were forced to close down. Tabitha figures that the city officials are being paid off because Value!More got the area rezoned without a hearing. Now the local stores are getting hit with trumped-up violations to drive them out.

Caroline Cowan, Value!More regional team leader, and her assistant Anna arrive in Apple Springs neighborhood and assess how long the stores will last. She sees Tabitha's store and says that it doesn't have long. They go to the new Value!More store and Caroline tells Anna that it's her last business trip. She plans to get a corporate office and plans to have Anna help her by getting the store up and running in two weeks.

Nate and Sophie arrive at the conference room as Eliot explains to Alec and Parker that he wants to save a small town. He explains that Value!More is going to destroy Apple Springs and that they should stop it. The others point out that the stores do a lot of good, but Nate admits that he's been tracking Value!More for a while. He's confirmed that they bribe local officials for low taxes and avoid paying health insurance by refusing to hire full-time employees. However, Nate hasn't gone after them because they're too big and have no weak spots. Eliot figures they should take down the one store and Nate figures that they'd have to close the store before it opens... and it's opening the next day.

Eliot infiltrates the store as an employee and gets hidden footage of Caroline as she supervises the workers. They confirm that she was sent in by corporate and Alec sets up surveillance on her. Parker and Nate go to Caroline's cheap motel room and plant bugs. Nate has checked and confirmed that Value!More has only lost three stores. One was due to a land dispute and he figures that their way in. They slip out just as Anna arrives with Caroline's luggage. Meanwhile, Alec sets Sophie up with the ID of an environmental activist.

As Caroline gets the sign set up out front, Anna points out Sophie sitting on the edge of the parking lot, taking soil samples. They go over and ask Sophie to leave, but she tells them that everyone there is being slowly poisoned to death. Sophie shows them her tests, hands out masks, and says that the land is contaminated with cadmium from an old silver mine. Caroline points out that they had a full environmental survey done, but Sophie explains that they disturbed the mine when they built the parking lot. She warns that everyone in the area will have symptoms and warns that the EPA will be all over it. Caroline orders her off the property but Sophie says that she'll take it to the city council. Once Sophie leaves, Caroline figures that they have to hush the whole thing up before it scares off the customers.

At the city council meeting that night, the mayor has Caroline speak first before Sophie can get up. Caroline talks about community values and Value!More's stand on family. Meanwhile, Alec confirms that Sophie's alias has been flagged online. Caroline tells the mayor that Sophie is an eco-terrorist and the police start to move in. Alec sets off the fire alarm and Sophie makes a quick exit. As Eliot, Nate, and Sophie drives away, Nate figures that they have to set up a union scare so that Caroline will shut down her store rather than risk the entire company.

The next day, Eliot is among the workers as Caroline leads everyone in a cheer. She then goes out and cuts the ribbon to let everyone in. Eliot complains to an older employee, Martin, about his paycheck and then says that a union organizer is holding a meeting that night. As Eliot goes off, Martin says that he used to work at his father's hardware store and Eliot talks about how his father worked there as well. Martin admits that he had to shut down his store when Value!More open up in his neighborhood and he suffered from diabetes.

Eliot and Martin go to the break room and Eliot puts up a sign for a pickup football game. The assistant manager, Bryan, comes in and asks Martin to unload some supplies. Eliot volunteers to take his place and Bryan tells him to keep it off the clock, and also orders him to tuck his shirt in. After Eliot leaves, Caroline spots the sign and realizes that it's a coded advertisement for a union meeting. She tells Anna that they have a traitor inside and have to stop him.

Anna plants surveillance cameras everywhere and Alec intercepts the signals. Caroline and Anna then watch on the cameras and spot Eliot putting up another sign. However, Caroline figures that they should give him enough rope to hang himself... and whoever he's working for. Eliot goes out to an RV in the parking lot and Caroline follows him. She listens in as Eliot and Nate stage a conversation about how many people they've recruited. Nate assures Eliot that they're about to make history.

Nate comes back later and finds Caroline waiting for him. She tells him to stay away from her employees but Nate is unimpressed. Meanwhile, Alec and Eliot watch on the cameras they have in the RV and Alec asks Eliot if what he said about his father was true. Eliot finally admits that it was a little hole-in-the-wall shop and that his father wanted him to run the place. However, Eliot needed to get out of there and change the world. He joined the service when he was 18 and they fought the night before he left. Eliot admits that Apple Springs is just like his hometown and focuses on the conversation. Nate tells Caroline that once he gets 30% of the workers to sign union cards, he'll have a rep down to hold a vote. She orders him off but Nate points out that she has no legal recourse to get him to move.

That night, Eliot gets everyone to the brewery with free beer and Nate talks up the union. Caroline and Anna come in and Nate assures the workers that there's nothing she can do to them. He makes a speech in favor of the union but Caroline interrupts. Nate gives her the floor and Caroline says that she's shocked that they didn't come to her with any problems. She tells everyone that they have to stick together and refuses to let the union take their money and tear them apart. Caroline offers them 30% off for the next month and a barbeque, and the crowd cheers her. Once the employees leave, Nate admits that he admires Caroline's technique and says that the third store closed due to bad luck... and Eliot suggests that they make their own bad luck.

The next morning, Nate sets up in the briefing room and watches on the cameras. At the store, Caroline greets the shoppers and watches as they pour in and grab merchandise off the shelves in quality. Parker and Alec are manning the counters and starts checking the customers out. They all have coupons for 90% off on big-screen TVs and Caroline confirms that they all came via email. Anna confirms that the barcodes are valid and that they have no choice but to honor them.

Next, Sophie takes in her acting troupe and has them set up as a flash mob. They all removes their coats, revealing employee uniforms, and treat the customers poorly. By the time Caroline catches on, customers start leaving. Next, Alec uses an electromagnet to move an empty cart, scaring away another customer.

Bryan comes by and tells Martin to pick things up. The old man collapses and Eliot rushes to his side and has someone call 911. Once the EMTs take Martin away, Nate tells his teammate to keep on point. Eliot ignores him and confronts Bryan, who insists that Martin will be fine. When the hitter threatens to tear his arm off, Bryan takes a swing at him and Eliot pins him to the wall. He then explains that the only reason he isn't breaking things is because Martin wouldn't want him to. Bryan fires him and Eliot just turns and walks away.

Caroline is trying to relax in her office as Bryan brings in the sales figures for the day. As Caroline's boss, Mr. Halliward, calls, Anna tries to explain but Caroline is surprised when her boss already knows that the store had record sales. Caroline takes credit for the TV sale coupons and Halliward says that he'll be attending the barbeque the next day. Nate and Sophie, watching on the surveillance cameras, realize that their plan backfired because the customers bought lots of other product along with the TVs. Sophie admits that she doesn't think they can destroy the store, and Nate realizes that Caroline is the one person who can.

Later, Alec and Eliot break into Caroline's motel room, substitute their own light bulbs, tamper with the thermometer, rig the showerhead, steal her cosmetics, and dose her makeup and sleeping masks with chemicals. Alec finishes by attaching a small beeping device to the phone.

When Caroline tries to sleep that night, the lights flicker. She puts on her sleeping mask but the chemicals in it keep her awake. The phone beeps intermittently and she can't discover where the noise is coming from. After a restless night, Caroline looks in the mirror and discovers that her face has puffed up. The shower doesn't work and she's forced to brush her hair with a makeup brush and brush her teeth with q-tips.

At the store, Anna sees Caroline and gasps in horror. She shows her boss a mirror and Caroline realizes that her face is covered with boils. Parker comes in and announces that she's quitting because she's allergic to something in the store. She complains about the same symptoms that Sophie described, including a funny taste, and Caroline orders her out. The manager drinks some of her juice and discovers that it tastes like dust, since Alec has substituted his own special mixture. Caroline sends Anna to get Halliward at the airport while she applies more makeup.

At the in-store barbeque, Martin shows up and thanks Eliot for what he said to Bryan. He wishes he still had his hardware store and admits that Eliot would be a handy guy to be around. Meanwhile, Caroline calls the mayor and ends up in voice mail for the third time. She leaves a message about their donations and the possibility that the land is contaminated. Halliward arrives and asks for a tour, and Caroline takes him around the store.

While Caroline takes Halliward to the break room, the team sit in the food court and make bets on when she'll crack. Meanwhile, Halliward invites Caroline to join them at corporate headquarters and she immediately accepts. However, he explains that he wants her to stick around town for six months so that they can see how well her strategy pays off in the long run. Caroline starts rambling about how the store isn't safe. Alec broadcasts Caroline's conversation with Halliward to the store monitors as she talks about the land is contaminated and they bribed the mayor. The customers start leaving the store in droves and Anna runs in to warn them. A disgusted Halliward leaves to call corporate. Caroline turns and sees the team standing in the aisle, gloating.

Two weeks later, EPA teams are closing down the store and Halliward dismisses the store as a lost cause. Meanwhile, the team walks down the street and takes in the local shops that are now bustling. Everyone who got laid off has a job and Nate has secretly bought the building and donated it to the local high school as a theater. As Alec and Parker head for the candy store, Eliot sees Martin working at Tabitha's store. He goes over and Tabitha thanks Eliot for his help. He asks if she's like to have dinner with him in a couple of days and Tabitha agrees.

Outside Oklahoma City, Eliot goes to a suburban home and takes a six-pack of beer inside with him. He knocks at the door and calls to his dad, but gets no answer. Eliot leaves the beer on the step and starts to walk away, crying.