The White Rabbit Job - Recap

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At Dodgson Energetics in Oxford, OR, CEO Charles Dodgson III is preparing to downsize the company. He tells his assistant Mr. Carroll to assist the plant manager, Alex Liddell, if he has any problems. Alex reluctantly goes to the floor and calls off the numbers of the people being let go. One woman, Edith, breaks into tears and slaps Alex, and he sends everyone else back to work.

Later, Alex meets with Nate and Eliot and explains what is happening. He insists that the company is fine but Dodgson is shutting it down for some reason. If it goes down then Oxford will go with it. Eliot suggests killing Dodgson and Nate tries to cover. Alex explains that at first, Dodgson was a sympathetic employer, and he wants the team to fix him and make Dodgson the way he used to be.

Later, Nate tells the team that they're going to do what Alex asked, and to do so they're going to run the White Rabbit con. Eliot and Alec object, saying they don't transform bad guys. When Parker wonders what they're talking about, Alec explains that the White Rabbit is an impossible con job because the conman has to get into the target's dreams. Nate says that Sophie has successfully pulled it off and she admits that it's possible with the help of some sedatives that Eliot. Alec and Eliot still object, saying that they will be changing someone into something else, but Nate thinks that they save Dodgson and the town of Oxford.

The team watches a newscast of Dodgson five years ago when he was enthusiastic and everyone loved him. Alec explains that he became the company CEO four years ago. Three years ago they developed a high-tech broadcast alpha battery and Dodgson started making cuts. Parker asks how they're going to run the con and Alec explains that Dodgson has no family and no personal life. Nate figures that they can switch in Eliot as his car service driver and Alec says that he's been tracking Dodgson's movements and learns that he goes in for secret behavioral therapy at the Nemnich Medical Group to deal with panic attacks. Nate tells Sophie that she'll take point and decide if and when they go ahead.

Dodgson arrives at Nemnich and finds Sophie waiting for him. She explains that she's sitting in for his regular physician, and says that she's been reviewing his dream logs. Sophie offers to solve his panic issues in ten days and Dodgson agrees. He sits down with her and says that his father had the same thing, and that he could control him. Sophie says that she can cure him with guided dream therapy but Dodgson walks out. She checks in with Nate, who says that Dodgson is about to have a panic attack and gives the word to Parker.

Eliot is driving Dodgson back and Nate tells him that they're go. Parker walks in front of them and Eliot hits her while he's talking to Dodgson. He gets out and helps her up, and Dodgson begins to panic. When he arrives at the office, he finds Alex waiting for him. Alex warns that DE will go under in a year, and Dodgson explains that he's making the company leaner to make it appealing to buyers so he can dump it in six months. He informs Alex that he's dead weight and fires him on the spot. Once Alex leaves, Dodgson takes some pills and then calls Sophie and says that he's reconsidered.

Back at Nemnich, Dodgson comes in and starts describing his problem, and Sophie sedates him. Eliot then hauls him out to the warehouse where Alec has set up his "dreamnasium." They place Dodgson in a virtual set and Alec begins.

Dodgson finds himself in the castle of Hamlet. Eliot is dressed as a warrior and gives Dodgson his lines. The CEO staggers out into the hallway to the next set and Sophie comes in and leads him to the virtual set of her office. She explains that he's dreaming a lucid dream and Dodgson discovers there's nothing outside the windows. Sophie leads him out into a digital illusion of DE and Alec warns Sophie that she can't touch anything.

They come to a R&D lab and Dodgson says that nothing is there. Alec confirms that Dodgson closed it up when he first took over and Nate figures that they can Dodgson to look inside and give him hope of the future. In the set, Dodgson refuses to open the R&D doors and Sophie assures him that it's perfectly safe. He goes back to his office and Alec warns them that they don't have a virtual set of office. Nate has Alec switch it to the castle set and sends Parker in. Dodgson sees the transformation and tries to work out what's going on. Parker comes in and gives him another sedative.

Sophie meets with the others and says that they to get Dodgson to open the door. Nate figures that they should let Dodgson go to his office as long as it leads to him opening the door. Alec gets the floor plans of the office and Nate tells Sophie to start pushing Dodgson.

Twenty-four hours pass and Dodgson wakes up to discover that he's in his office. Sophie welcomes him to Stage 2 and explains that now that he has acclimated himself to the dream state, it's time for him to take control and overcome his panic attacks. Dodgson says to start and Sophie tells him that they already have. She levitates a metal ball as the walls stat flying apart, revealing the sky beyond. Faceless people demand to know why Dodgson is hurting them. He runs out of the office only to find himself in a battlefield under fire. As the figures close in on Dodgson, Sophie tells him that they want Dodgson. He makes his way back to the factory and the chained R&D doors. However, he turns away and runs back to his office. Sophie tells him that he has to listen to her and offers her hand. Once he accepts it, Sophie tells him that she's just a guide and to find out what he really wants, he needs to open the R&D doors.

Dodgson reluctantly goes to the R&D lab and starts to open the door. However, he panics again and refuses, ignoring Sophie's warnings. She drugs him unconscious and tells Nate that they have to talk. Eliot takes Dodson home while Sophie figures that at some level Dodson knows that the virtual set isn't real. Nate agrees and says that they have to make it real.

The next day, Dodgson goes to the plant and tells Carroll to move up the sale to the next week so he can forget about it. Carroll warns that it will take more than a week but Dodgson says that it isn't about the money. He figures that his father would have sold it in a heartbeat but he went slow to give the workers time to find alternatives

Eliot drives Dodgson home and he goes to bed. The hitter applies a sedative patch and then takes him back to the plant. Sophie is in the back with the unconscious Dodgson, pretending to be a drunk party girl, and the guard lets what he assumes is the boss' new girlfriend in. Dodgson wakes up on the factory floor and Sophie and Alec introduce themselves. They compliment Dodgson on how he's gotten the factory into place and say they have to see the alpha battery before they can buy DE.

Dodgson sees Parker walk by with the battery and follows her down the stairs. He demands to know who she is and Parker says that she's a worker taking the battery for a walk. She tries to pull away but Dodgson calls her "Patience" and says that he has to get her out of there. Parker drugs him and wonders who Patience is.

Parker, Eliot, and Alec take Dodgson back to his house and look for any clue to Patience. Alec downloads Dodgson's computer files and they go back to the warehouse. One of the files has photos of Patience Mortell, Dodgson's second cousin and a party girl. They grew up as kids and went on hiking trips in Europe together, and disappeared after Dodgson took over DE. Alec has confirmed that she died in a car accident after she was drinking. While Eliot complains that Alec should have found out about Patience, Sophie tells Nate privately that she never completed the White Rabbit. It went bad halfway through and the experienced team started arguing and making mistakes. Sophie warns Nate that she nudges people but getting inside of a man's mind is different. Nate insists that they're helping him and the team will be fine, but Sophie warns him that she doesn't know how it will fall out. As Nate tells her that she's better and smarter and shouldn't feel guilty, he gets an idea.

Nate has Alec pull up the date of Patience's crash and plays back the security footage at the factory of the same day. Dodgson is in the R&D lab and received a call. He ignored it and the next day Dodgson closed the R&D wing. Nate figures that Dodgson felt guilty for ignoring Patience and working on the alpha battery. Everything since then has been guilt, and each time Parker was in play, Dodgson had a panic attack. Nate figures that they have to get Dodgson to stop feeling guilty and Sophie takes Parker away for a makeover.

The next morning, a tired Dodgson sits in as Carroll covers the bidders. After the meeting is over, Carroll warns Dodgson that he's not at his best and he needs to be there as the face of the company. Dodgson agrees to talk to them and Carroll gives him a time-released stimulant to help stay awake. Dodgson takes it while Carroll has a security guard follow Dodgson and see what he's been doing.

That night, Eliot takes Dodgson back to his home. They drug him again and then wake him up again in the factory. Parker walks by, dressed as Patience, and Dodgson follows her to the locked R&D door. As Dodgson hugs her, Sophie tells Parker to take the lead and she asks why Dodgson is sad. She assures him that he's there for her but Dodgson wonders why she looks different and realizes that she's dead. He runs off and Alec finds the bottle of the energy shot. As Alec wonders whether they need to pull the plug, Dodgson runs into the office they're using to monitor the operation.

Carroll and his men arrive at the gate and Eliot warns the others and then tells Carroll that Dodgson has a woman inside. They don't believe Eliot and figures that he works for one of the bidding companies. Nate tells Eliot to stall but Carroll knows that someone cancelled Dodgson's car. The assistant has the security men attack Eliot and he takes the three men down. The elderly gate guard draws a gun and Eliot tells him not to bother.

Dodgson tries to take control of his "dream" without success and runs out. As Alec and Sophie chase after him, Nate tells Eliot to keep stalling.

Parker joins the chase and follows Dodgson up to the roof. The door closes behind her and locks so that Alec can't get to her. Meanwhile, Dodgson goes to the edge of the roof and tells Parker that he doesn't know what's real anymore. He asks Parker if he's dreaming then or now, and figures that if he jumps then he'll wake up rather than die, because someone can't die in a dream. As he steps off, Parker tells him that he's not dreaming.

On the floor below, Alec grabs a wrench and prepares to break the mechanical lock. Sophie tells him to stop and trust that Parker can see it through.

Dodgson insists that he can't get hurt and warns Parker to stay away. She sits down at the base of the ledge but he falls back. Parker grabs him and promises him that it's not a dream, but Dodgson tells her to let him go so he can fall and "die," and then wake up. She pulls him up, yanks off the wig, and tells him that Patience is dead, life sucks, and that's the way it is. Dodgson insists that she doesn't understand and that he's alone, but Parker says that she lost someone and was alone, but realized that she wasn't. People thought she was crazy but she knew better, and Parker says that his people sent them because they care about him. Dodgson says that he never wanted the business, and Parker tells him that it's his life and he has to choose.

A week later, Alex meets with the team and says that no one has seen Dodgson in a week. The team hasn't seen Parker, the last person with Dodgson before he disappeared. She said she was going to check on one of the bidders, a Finnish car company. The Finns arrive at DE and Carroll escorts them in. Dodgson is addressing the employees, admitting that he lost sight of how he wanted to turn the company around. He apologizes for hurting them and says that recently he had an intervention.

The Finns come in and Dodgson says that he has something to show them. He opens the R&D doors and ushers everyone in. He powers up the battery and says that someone reminded him that they can make the future. Dodgson announces that they're partnering with a hybrid city car manufacturer, and they'll need a lot more employees. Parker watches from the door and Dodgson sees her and smiles as she slips away.

Outside, Nate admits that the con technically failed. Sophie insists that it worked and that they took the truth and brought it out, without going over and joining the mark. Parker joins them and asks if they're good. Sophie asks her if she's good and Parker says that she is.