The Corkscrew Job - Recap

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In a vineyard outside of Portland, one of the workers, Sam, collapses. One of the co-workers, Betty Carter, runs to him and confirms that he's not breathing. However, one of the foremen, Leonard, comes over and tells everyone to get back to work while they take care of it.

Later, Kristin Knox meets with Nate at the restaurant and explains that the autopsy showed heart failure. The next day, a lawyer from the winery visited her and said it wasn't her fault, and paid her $1,000,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Nate figures that the winery has a secret and promises to find out what the secret of Sam's death is.

The workers are back in the field and Leonard drives by to remind them that he's got plenty of people looking for work if they don't pick up the pace. He then yells to the new guy, Eliot, to fill out his paperwork and pick up the pace. Once Leonard leaves, Betty warns Eliot that the foreman can get rough. As they work, Betty explains that she works the harvest for two weeks as they share a bottle of water. Eliot says that his friend Sam Knox worked there and Betty abruptly turns and goes.

Eliot checks in with Nate back at base, who tells him to find out what he can about Sam Knox while they get someone on the inside. Meanwhile, Alec goes over the non-disclosure agreement and figures that it's intended to intimidate Kristin. Sophie figures that Sam wasn't the winery's first victim.

Parker goes in as an intern at the Bee Meadow Winery plant and Sophie explains that she's been working with the thief on internalizing her roles. Meanwhile, Parker greets her fellow intern and the owner, Frank Madigan, tells them that they'll be doing grunt work so he can increase the output 1000% and they'll get college credit. Parker complains that she isn't going to get paid and Sophie warns her that she's just playing a role. Nate tells Sophie to have Parker dial it back, while Alec confirms that Madigan bought the winery, fired all the staff, and hired part-times. He used to run a chemical manufacturing plant with a poor safety record and paid off people to keep silent.

Nate figures that Madigan is up to something if he's going to increase the production that much and checks the financials. Madigan has taken out a loan to buy the winery and put up his wine collection as collateral. The jewel in his crown is a bottle previously owned by Thomas Jefferson, the only one of its kind. Nate figures that once Parker and Eliot find out what Madigan is up to, they'll use the bottle as leverage. Sophie is eager to steal it but Nate points out that if they do then Madigan will get an insurance payout. What they need to do is make the collection worthless so the bank will withdraw the loan and Madigan will lose the winery.

Alec reluctantly drives to the winery, warning Nate that he does beers, not wine. Nate assures him that he'll make a great vintner because it's just alcohol geek, but Alec isn't convinced. Out in the restaurant, Sophie meets with the previous winery vintner posing as a blogger and tries to find out why he was fired. As she finds out all the reasons why he was fired, she feeds it to Alec, who tells Madigan the exact opposite. The owner hires him on the spot and introduces him to the interns. Alec harasses the interns to keep up his cover, much to Parker's disgust. Once Alec has his computer brought in, he installs carbon dioxide monitors and gives Parker a list of supplies and tells her to take as much time as it takes.

In the fields, Parker meets Eliot and complains about all of the work. They spot Leonard and Parker points out that he has a punchable face. Eliot agrees.

At the restaurant, Nate warns Sophie that Madigan is an expert chemist and will be hard for her to fool. She figures that she can deal with it because it's just a matter of ego and status, and says that there's fake and there's fake. Nate wants to know the difference but she just walks away.

Sophie goes to the winery and approaches Madigan at a wine-tasting. She wants the job of pourer but he refuses, and Sophie suggests that he hire her if she can sell a case of wine to anyone in the room. Madigan warns that they're just lookers but agrees to give her a shot. He picks the toughest customer for her to try and sell.

Parker and Eliot check the fields and Nate explains that the most common causes of worker death are dehydration and hypothermia. The weather has been warm and all of the workers get a steady supply of bottled water. Leonard pulls up and tells everyone to get back to work, and Eliot figures that the foreman may be tough but he's not killing people. As Eliot and Parker talk, Betty overhears them and leaves.

Madigan picks himself as Sophie's prospective customer and she picks out a bottle of wine and describes its qualities. When Madigan refuses to buy the first one, Sophie figures the vintner held back a special bottle for the staff and finds it tucked away. She then wraps the bottle so Madigan can't see it and pours him a glass. Madigan admits that he's impressed and Sophie shows him that it's the same bottle as the first one, and that he tasted what he wanted to taste based on her story. Madigan explains that the previous owners only made 20,000 cases a year. He plans to make 200,000 cases at half the cost, not as good but good enough to sell, and asks if Sophie is onboard. She promptly agrees and pours him another glass of wine.

Eliot and Parker check the fertilizer canisters and discover that someone has changed the labels. Whatever is inside, isn't fertilizer. Parker take a sample and they tell Nate, who tells them to get it to Alec and then has Parker run the paper trail. Eliot sets out to keep the workers from using the fake fertilizer while Nate tells Alec and Sophie to go to work with a swap-and-whisper campaign.

Sophie is selling out the supplies and taking pre-orders, and Madigan invites her to join him at the winery ventilation tower for a celebratory drink. He describes carbon dioxide poisoning, a byproduct of wine manufacturing, and explains that they used to open the doors to air out the place. Sophie asks about his rare wines and Madigan offers to take her to his cave. He takes her downstairs, unaware that Sophie has a button-cam, and Alec monitors it while preparing to shut down the lights. Sophie admits Madigan's wine collection and he finally shows her the Jefferson bottle. As she looks at it, Madigan explains that it has a unique number and can't be opened without breaking the seal. Alec realizes that it will take days to crack it. As Parker joins him, Nate tells him to make the real bottle look fake while he comes up with a plan.

Next, Sophie begins the whisper campaign by dismissing the Jefferson bottle and moving on to another. When Madigan wonders why, Sophie explains that her old boss went on a quest to find the same bottle and found it in the collection of a Saudi prince. Madigan figures that it was fake but Sophie says that the boss triple-checked and had it authenticated. She talks about how half of her ex-boyfriend's collection was fake and Madigan is clearly uneasy.

Eliot goes over to the workers and tells them that he's been ordered to move the truck with the fake fertilizer. He revs up the truck and spills the canisters, apologizes, and drives off. Alec checks the sample and tells Eliot that it's some kind of experimental fertilizer and can cause heart failure in humans. Meanwhile, Parker checks the computer and Alec tries to talk her through it. It doesn't go well but Alec can't help because he's busy spoofing Madigan's computer to make him think he bought a fake bottle. He sets up Nate as Sophie's former boss with impeccable breeding.

Madigan sees Alec's fake articles and calls a wine auditor, Dan Snyder. Alec intercepts the call but Parker warns him that she's triggered a system wipe. He runs to her station and manages to stop the wipe just in time. Parker has him bring up the logs of the fertilizer usage but he discovers that Madigan has already deleted the info. However, somebody already copied it.

Nate calls to tell Kristin what they've learned and asks if anyone else from the winery paid him a visit. She confirms that a woman stopped by and Nate thanks her and then has Alec pull up the security footage. They spot the woman that has been talking with Eliot and confirm her identity, and Alec discovers that she sent OSHA an anonymous tip. Leonard has put Betty on a suspect list and she's worried about Eliot because she figures that he's with Madigan.

Parker and Alec spot Leonard going by and get out just in time. He sees the computer file on Betty and figures that she's been snooping around again. He meets with Madigan, who tells him to shut down Betty while he meets with the auditor.

Snyder arrives and sets up to test the Jefferson wine. Nate knows that he'll perform three state-of-the-artist tests and they go to work. Sophie starts by assuring Madigan that the bottle is real and offers her moral support. She kisses the bottle for luck and then Snyder does the visual inspection to spot anything that doesn't match. He's unaware that Sophie put on an invisible film with a laser-printed letter on it over one of the existing letters.

Next, Snyder tests the glass, which has to contain manganese to prove valid. Parker approaches Snyder and Madigan and offers them some wine. Madigan orders her to get out while Parker secretly slips a lens into the spectrometer to botch the manganese test.

Leonard takes two of his men into the vineyard to find Betty. She tries to disguise herself with a hat and jacket but they spot her and pursue.

Snyder uses a Geiger counter for the third test. All wine bottles after 1947 have trace amounts of cesium radiation, and Alec has secretly dipped the auditor's gloves into a slurry containing the isotope. Nate congratulates them and figures that the auditor will tell the bank and the loan will fall through. However, Snyder declares the wine genuine even though it failed every single test.

Eliot tracks Betty and calls in to confirm that Leonard and his men have taken her. He tells Nate that he's going after her, while Nate realizes that they did too good a job of undermining Madigan's confidence, so he bribed the auditor. Sophie approaches Madigan outside and congratulates him, but he's examining the bottle nervously and tells her to go home because they're closing early and sending everyone home.

Parker and Alec check their monitor app and discover that Madigan has taken all of the CO2 monitors offline. They realize that Madigan plans to make it look like Betty tried to sabotage the monitors and then died. Alec tries to fire up the HVAC system but they discover that Madigan sabotaged the system. They head for the ventilation tower and open the door manually, and Alec warns Eliot that the air will get thin.

Eliot goes after Betty and takes out one of Leonard's men. Leonard dons an air mask and prepares to attack Eliot, who is slowly asphyxiating. Meanwhile, two more guards find Alec and Parker. They take out the guards and head up into the tower.

Leonard describes Eliot's symptoms and assures him that he'll be unconscious in thirty seconds. Eliot rips off his mask and throws him into a vat.

Parker gets to the top of the tower with the last guard in pursuit. She manages to open the doors while Alec takes out the last guard from behind. Down below, Eliot goes to Betty and makes sure that she's okay, and then carries her out. Nate figures that they've won and explains that Madigan will have to unload the bottle now that he knows it's a fake.

Madigan soon contacts Nate and offers to sell him the bottle off the books. Nate points out that Madigan shut down his winery but the owner claims that it's just a misunderstanding with OSHA. As soon as Madigan hands over the bottle, the FBI show up and arrest Madigan. Nate explains that Snyder confessed to faking the authentication. The FBI agent tells him to keep it since it's fake, and Madigan realizes too late that it's the real one.

Later, Nate meets with Kristin and Betty and turns over all the evidence they have on Madigan. Betty assures Kristin that Sam was a good man and that with the money the team gave them, they bought the winery and it's 100% employee owned. As Nate leaves, Sophie asks where he got the money and he tells her that he found a buyer for the Jefferson bottle. He pours a toast in memory of Kirstin's father and in honor of good friends. Sophie adds "with hope to the future" and drinks, and she's surprised at the quality of the wine. She realizes that Nate sold the bottle and kept the wine, but he doesn't confirm her theory. Nate only suggests that the buyer he found will never try the wine. As Sophie wonders if it's the real Jefferson wine or not, Nate assures her that he knows what's real and what's fake.